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EDM (Trance, house, dubstep, techno, Hi-NRG) replacing Rock music What’s next?

It’s hard for people around this county to comprehend that rock is going away. Country music and hiphop could be next. I was listening to EDM since 2002 like ATB, John Digweed, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren. Long time  before the ‘rock is dead’ articles appeared.

9. For all of the attention paid to the ever-elusive 18-to-34 demographic, there just hasn’t been enough reason over the last decade for major labels to continue chasing them, particularly those outside the standard pop market. In the 50s and 60s, this demographic was the biggest get for rock and roll, as noted by the pandemonium caused by Elvis and the Beatles. And sure, this age group is still considered the biggest overall seeker of new music, but that doesn’t always translate to a consistent cash flow. And thus, simply getting the young demo to hear the new music isn’t enough. So the rock industry has shifted its targets to the entrenched middle grounds, aiming to satisfy those who very rarely seek out new music, because those are the people who will really latch onto a particular band and buy the crap out of their merchandise.

8. The internet has given us many wonderful things, including more variety of entertainment than a child growing up in the 70s could have ever dreamed possible. Games, movies, and yes, music, have all had a ballooning of availability thanks to the World Wide Web. But with a seemingly endless pile of music shoved onto our laps, we’re now living the curse of “the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.” Except, unlike the assumption posited by Willy Wonka (er…Roald Dahl), not everyone is living happily ever after. This overwhelming abundance has made it almost impossible to sustain a decent attention span. It’s become more and more difficult to really immerse yourself in any particular band, because there’s always another similar-sounding band just around the digital corner, and maybe they’re even a little better, and boy you’d really be remiss if you didn’t at least give them a listen to compare. And it’s also killed the idea of the giant, rock star world tour, because unless you’re the Rolling Stones, most fans seem content to look up a clip of the concert on YouTube and call it a day.

7. Supply and demand is the basic tenant of all commerce, whether that product happens to have any artistic merit or not. And since we’ve already established that there is far too much new music being generated for any one band to really corner the market, that means that most of these up-and-coming bands now have to settle for a pittance. It was recently assumed (and even more recently disproved) that the best way for a new artist to get their music heard, and thus, get more money in their pockets, is by using the many facets of the digital age to their advantage. Online radio stations like Pandora, for instance, could help bands introduce themselves via similar-sounding artists. Other streaming music services such as Spotify act in a similar fashion, almost like a dating service for musicians and their possible fans. The problem is that Pandora has become increasingly influenced by the record companies, and are now filling up the bulk of their “suggestions” with already established artists. The little guys, ironically, are now finding it harder to get into the mix, which seemed to be the initial point of the service. And forget about making any real money off it even if you’re lucky enough to squirm your way into their catalogues. Pandora only pays artists $0.001 per stream. (Spotify’s price points are only slightly better.)

6. Touring costs have been driven up significantly over the last decade, to the point where it’s becoming damn near impossible for up-and-coming bands to get their live music heard to enough people to pay for their food during the tour. That coupled with the aforementioned notion that too many younger listeners are choosing to stay in their homes and watch a bootlegged concert that someone filmed using their iPhone (who probably wasn’t even paying attention to the show), on their laptop instead of going out to a show. Even if there’s a small cover charge to get into the venue that’s hosting a bunch of live music, much of the younger crowd scoffs at it. So now lower tier bands are finding it harder to fill the seats. Even established rock artists are finding it hard to sell out club gigs, while the perennial megastars (U2, Stones, Chili Peppers) might still be selling out arenas, they’re playing shows much less frequently to raise the demand.

5. If the central argument for why it’s so difficult for new rock bands to get noticed today is because there’s no longer any money in it, then that’s short-shrifting the idea that rock and roll was supposed to be more about art than commerce. Obviously, no one should be living in poverty for the sake of their art, which may be what they’re getting at with that argument, but shouldn’t the lack of big time money help weed out those who are only in it for the money? In theory, that’s exactly what’s happening. It just happens most of these legitimate “artists” aren’t receiving any kind of notable exposure. Because there’s your Catch-22: Stay true to your artistic integrity or “sell out” for more recognition. But even the lines of what constitutes a sell-out have been completely revamped in this new age. After all, what musician hasn’t authorized at least a song to be used in an advertisement or a movie. It’s one of the most efficient ways to earn income nowadays. But that’s not to say “selling” your song to pop culture will get you noticed…

4. Unless you make music that can fit neatly into the mold of pop radio’s ever-narrowing standards, you’re unlikely to experience the kind of mainstream success that would make you a true star. And that’s why you see fewer and fewer “rock stars” coming to the forefront–or even the middle–of the music crowd. That’s not to say that some rock bands don’t do very well for themselves (largely because of rigorous touring), but you’d be hard-pressed to name a true rock star that’s emerged in the last couple of decades. Maybe Jack White? Truthfully, in terms of sheer popularity, the closest thing we have to a figurehead is Chris Martin. Or, possibly even worse, Adam Levine. But those guys are, at best, pop icons who occasionally dabble in rock sub-genres. They don’t make traditional rock and roll.

3. The full quote from Gene Simmons about the sorry state of rock music is as long-winded as it is churlish, but here’s a snippet:

“The death of rock was not a natural death. Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered…You’re better off not even learning how to play guitar or write songs, and just singing in the shower and auditioning for The X Factor… Where’s the next Bob Dylan? Where’s the next Beatles? Where are the songwriters?”

Well, if we’re using Dylan and the Beatles as the definition of rock and roll, there’s certainly no shortage of them out there. Singer-songwriter types pop up constantly, it’s just rare for them to get the kind of radio play those other two examples quite frankly lucked into back in their day. But herein lies the main problem: What the hell constitutes rock and roll?

2.op rock, punk rock, soft rock, hard rock, indie rock, acid rock, garage rock, alt rock, art rock, surf rock, space rock, rap rock, skate rock, glam rock, goth rock, folk rock…there’s even Viking rock. So just what the hell do people even mean when they’re talking about rock and roll? It seems to be more about an attitude than any clear genre boundaries, but it’s still worth exploring what types of bands usually fall into the category. We give bands like Guns N Roses and AC/DC a lifelong pass onto the hollowed grounds of rock and roll, even though their styles are closer to blues and heavy metal than the sound of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The fact is, there hasn’t been a “pure” rock and roll band in mainstream music for a very long time. Really, ever since the first major pop-rock groups came onto the scene in the 60s (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc…), rock and roll was already becoming a thing of the past.

1. Most of the time when you hear someone talking about “rock and roll,” they’re using it as an interchangeable term for “classic rock.” That’s to say, the music chosen from the album-oriented rock format from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that radio stations have decided to grant the tag of “real” rock music. But that’s not even the most popular time span for rock and roll. Honest-to-goodness rock and roll exploded in the late 40s and lasted for another decade or so before getting diluted and splitting into dozens of sub-genres. Most music historians agree that the purist form the of the genre pretty much fizzled out in the waning years of the 50s. Once The Big Bopper, Richie Valens, and Buddy Holly went down in that plane crash, that was pretty much the final nail in the coffin of “traditional” rock and roll. (“The Day the Music Died” should really be called “The Day Rock and Roll Lost Its Way.) But it doesn’t matter. The spirit of rock and roll has lived on in various forms ever since, even if it’s not exactly the same as it used to be. So…maybe we should all stop trying to recapture something that was already lost more than 50 years ago?

Frenzy as ‘object bigger than Jupiter heads towards Earth

Amateur astronomers have been tracking what they believe to be a comet as it increases in size and brightness in our atmosphere.

Dubbed PANSTARRS (C/2017 S3) the phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye until the end of next month.

Austrian skywatcher Michael Jager posted a photo on his Facebook page of the glowing ball as it falls from space.

Conspiracists believe a huge comet heading to Earth is Nibiru SECURETEAM10

NIBIRU? Conspiracists are convinced it is not a comet

“It’s almost twice as wide as the planet Jupiter”

Michael Jager

He said: “The comet’s atmosphere is 260,000km in diameter, almost twice as wide as the planet Jupiter.

“These dimensions make it a relatively easy target for backyard telescopes.”

But conspiracy theorists think it could be far worse.

Tyler Glockner, who runs page secureteam10, speculated there is no way it could be comet as it has no tail to it.

He also added pointed out that there appear to be two objects coming from the centre of the subject.

He posted the video to his YouTube channel, where it has racked up more than 230,000 hits.

But viewers think it may be more sinister still.

Nibiru is coming and it’s real, strange weather, earthquakes and comets like never before,” one read.

Another added: “It’s a light coming from a planetary system crashing towards us.”

And a third claimed: “That is a planet, not a rock, don’t listen to them.”

The Nibiru cataclysm is said to be a future disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large unknown planet – which many believe will take place in the early 21st century.

Believers in the doomsday event also refer to the object involved as Planet X.

Claims have previously risen after a “second Sun” was spotted in the sky.

And before that, we saw similar scenes in Scotland, that apparently proved the theory.

noone cares about maturity

nobody cares about my maturity. Every object on the road whether live or dead doesn’t care about my maturity. I haven’t heard the subject in 10 years.  My social status does not change whether or not i have material things in my house.  Actually, I would get quite bored without movies or music or videogames.   My family doesn’t visit me due to political correctness/critical theory.   Its’ gotta be a mixture of Jurgen Habermas, Axel Honneth and Jean Paul Satre. It’s like recognized few in  public spheres for the upper middle who believe I live in bad faith. IE: No marriage, no children ,  My life became lonely never since Struggle for Recognition by Axel Honneth was published [1996]. Yet, I was protected by Jurgen Habermas public spheres inside the Evangelical Lutheran Church until I finished  high school in 2003.  I do not see friends out side of work due to critical theory since high school.  Wonder what their public spheres look like? The bars near my house card me [rudely] and if I meet people alone [in bars], they believe i am looking for gay sex.  Fuck the bars. I wonder about the gay bars in Wisconsin.  The world is such a pisser.

3 Reasons GameStop Corp. Stock Will Fall Further

GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) is best known as a specialty video game retailer, and although the gaming industry itself has been gaining momentum in recent years, GME stock has declined steadily.

Like others in the retail space, GME is struggling because the gaming industry is shifting more toward online purchases.

While the company has been working to diversify its revenue streams and find ways to remain relevant, I think comparisons between GameStop and failed video rental company Blockbuster Inc. are valid.

GME stock is heading lower in the short-term and unless the firm is able to pull off some kind of miracle, I think it will struggle in the long-term as well.

GameStop stock has fallen 30% since I last cautioned investors against buying it, and although the firm’s quarterly results have been relatively healthy considering all of the obstacles it’s facing- I stand by my opinion- GME stock is a dud.

1. The Used Gaming Market Will Disappear

One of GameStop’s most popular offerings is the firm’s used game trade-in scheme. The store buys and sells secondhand games, which allows enthusiasts to try a larger range of products without spending as much money.

However, as more and more companies shift toward digitally delivering games, that secondhand market for physical games will dry up.

Instead, many are expecting to see console makers offering their own subscription-based plans that will allow people to try out a range of games without requiring them to pay in-full for each one individually.

Not only would that create a recurring revenue stream, but it would allow them to cut out the middle-man distributors like GameStop.

The problem for GameStop is that the secondhand market and software sales make up the majority of the firm’s sales. Last year new and used games were responsible for around 52% of GME’s sales so a sharp decline would be bad news for GameStop stock.

2. Diversifying Too Late

My colleague Luke Lango pointed to the company’s other bets as reason to stick out the tough times. He’s not wrong. GME does have some promising segments that may be able to withstand the shift toward digital.

GameStop has been making major strides in the mobile industry, and the firm’s Simply Mac business is the largest certified Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reseller. Not only that but GME also does a great deal of hardware sales as well as accessories and collectables.

The trouble is that in order to continue building out its more profitable businesses, GME will have to rely on video game sales, something that looks very unstable right now.

It’s going to take a lot of work for GME to execute its future strategy effectively, especially if video game sales continue to decline. Hardware sales is GameStop’s least profitable segment, so depending on it to prop up a failing business is risky.

As for mobile phone and Mac sales, you almost certainly need bodies in the stores for those divisions to take-off, and right now it looks like GameStop is struggling to do that.

GME has been closing its least profitable stores in order to streamline the business and cut costs, but bottom line profitability has been declining so far this year- suggesting that the firm isn’t able to generate customer traffic in its stores.

3. The Blockbuster Effect

While you might be cheering GameStop’s efforts to step away from physical game sales and build out new aspects of its business, the firm’s latest offering (a subscription-based rental service) looks eerily like something Blockbuster might have tried to do in order to coax the public back into borrowing physical DVDs.

GameStop recently unveiled Power Pass, a game rental service that lets people borrow as many physical games as they want. Interested gamers pay $60 every 6 months and they can check-out games one-at-a-time during that period.

On the positive side, $60 is cheap for gamers who often pay that price just for a single game. If the scheme is successful, it will bring traffic to GameStop locations and give GME a new revenue stream.

But the key word there is if. Do gamers really want to travel in and out of stores to pick up physical games now that companies like Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) offer the same sort of service online?

There’s a chance, like Lango said, that the longer-term looks good for GME stock. However that chance is pretty slim considering the headwinds GameStop is up against. Without a meaningful presence online or an in-store experience that draws in customers, GME looks unlikely to survive.



The mysterious Montauk Project

The hype surrounding Netflix’s Stranger Things is proving harder to kill than that creepy Demogorgon monster, and it’s only going to grow now that Season 2 is out in the world (with Season 3 inevitably coming in 2018). The fan frenzy is a testament to the megahit’s intricately layered details. While we’ve gone deep on many aspects of our favorite show from this summer, one element of the series’ backstory bears closer examination: a real-life government experiment that inspired Stranger Things, known among paranormal buffs as the “Montauk Project.”

The cultural phenomenon that we now know as Stranger Things was sold under the working title Montauk, and before producers switched the setting to a small town in Indiana, the eerie action of Season 1 was going to take place way out at the eastern end of Long Island. But the thread looped through the eight Stranger Things episodes, the idea that contact between Eleven and the Demogorgon may have opened the portal to the Upside Down, has roots in an incident that conspiracy theorists believe occurred in Montauk in 1983, and ended secret experiments that the US military had been conducting on children for four decades.

That far-fetched scenario that corresponds to Stranger Things is only part of the Long Island legend. So hold on to your Eggos — the story of the so-called Montauk Project gets even weirder than what we’ve seen on the Netflix gem so far.
camp hero map
Exposing the “Montauk Project”

Rumors that the US government had been conducting experiments in psychological warfare in Montauk at either Camp Hero or the Montauk Air Force Station began to bubble up in the mid-1980s. Preston B. Nichols legitimized the theorizing when he detailed the supposed events in a series of books. In The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time (1982), Nichols recovered repressed memories about his stint as a subject in a mysterious experiment; soon, others involved with the Montauk Project came forward to corroborate some of Nichols’ seemingly outlandish claims.

As these and other subjects recovered more of their memories, they gave numerous interviews about their involvement in experiments involving space, time, and other dimensions. Depending on the interview, and when it was documented, the scope of what was happening in Montauk is expansive enough to include many other conspiracies. As of now, the going narrative leading up to the 1983 incident begins during World War II with a much more famous covert military operation.

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) | New World Pictures
How the “Philadelphia Experiment” ties in

In October 1943, the US military supposedly conducted secret experiments in the naval shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on a quest to discover a way to foil Nazi radar so that they could safely transport supplies to the Allies in Europe. The Navy has never admitted to any of these tests taking place, but according to conspiracy theorists as far back as 1955, it not only succeeded in uncovering how to make its ships invisible to radar, but accidentally managed to cause a battleship to travel… well, no one’s quite sure. To another time? Into a different dimension? The ship went somewhere, and after the military learned about the negative effects overexposure to their version of the Upside Down had on the crew, it shut the project down.

Hollywood got its hands on this story before Stranger Things. The 1984 movie The Philadelphia Experiment, adapted from a book about this conspiracy, follows two sailors serving on the U.S.S. Eldridge during World War II. Just like in “history,” the experiment crew finds itself and the ship blinked 40 years forward in time. Once in the future, they realize that the Philadelphia Experiment has been revived in the ’80s, but as a way for the government to make an ICBM shield. (Thanks, Cold War!) The two experiments connect through a time wormhole and the generators on the Eldridge keep the portal open as it begins to suck in matter from 1984. The Philadelphia Experiment underwhelmed at the box office, but for a select few, the movie triggered a new, and old, life.

A portal to Montauk

After seeing The Philadelphia Experiment in 1988, 57-year-old Al Bielek couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that he’d seen it somewhere before. Undergoing various forms of New Age therapies, Bielek was able to uncover repressed memories of having worked on the Montauk Project in the 1970s and ’80s; he also ascertained that his memories had been locked away to keep the experiment secret. As his memories came flooding back, he learned that his name wasn’t Al Bielek, after all; born Edward Cameron, he’d also worked on the Philadelphia Experiment with his brother, Duncan Cameron, when both men were in their mid-20s.

A few years later, Al Bielek presented his story at a Mutual UFO Network conference. The Philadelphia Experiment was real, he said, and he was the proof, having lived out the World War II section of the movie. Bielek claimed that, sometime in the 1940s, Nikola Tesla figured out how to make the U.S.S. Eldridge invisible and, in the process, opened up a time wormhole into the future that sucked in the ship. The Cameron brothers were on board, jumping off the vessel and landing at Montauk’s Camp Hero — on August 12th, 1983. The military promptly sent them back through the wormhole with a mission: destroy the equipment on the Eldridge. According Bielek, the brothers completed their mission, though that didn’t stop the government from doing more experiments on building portals into the future.

During a 1990 speech for the Mutual UFO Network, Bielek described in vague terms how he’d been de-aged, had his memory wiped, and had been forced to live out the rest of his life as “Al Bielek.” He explained how, in the early 1960s, he (as Edward) had convinced his father to have another child so they could port Duncan’s consciousness from 1983 into the sibling born in 1963. Bielek referred to this version of Duncan as a “walk-in soul.” He also suggested that a 1983 accident (as detailed as he gets) caused him to begin aging rapidly.

Bielek’s stories circulated and gained the attention of Preston Nichols, who would befriend Bielek and tell the Cameron brothers’, and his own, story. In The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, Nichols writes of his time working at Camp Hero on the secret experiments. Specifically, during the 1970s, he claimed, he’d worked with Bielek on something called the “Montauk Chair,” a piece of furniture that used electromagnetics to amplify psychic powers.

Duncan Cameron — the “walk-in soul” child version born in 1963 — was found to have psychic powers, and became the focus of many of the Montauk Chair experiments. Apparently, Duncan could manifest objects just by thinking about them while in the Montauk Chair. One of the experiments Nichols describes sounds a lot like the experiment being performed on Eleven before she opens the portal to the Upside Down:

The first experiment was called “The Seeing Eye.” With a lock of person’s hair or other appropriate object in his hand, Duncan could concentrate on the person and be able to see as if he was seeing through their eyes, hearing through their ears, and feeling through their body. He could actually see through other people anywhere on the planet.


Nichols continued to experiment with Duncan, who was such a powerful psychic that no one suspected that he was a man from the distant past inserted into a new body. He tried to harness his adept subject’s powers in the Montauk Chair to conduct mind-control experiments using special radio dishes at Camp Hero. This is where the other children come in.

In his book, Nichols writes of other boys being brought in and experimented on; some were sent through a portal into the unknown of spacetime. Stranger Things lifts this theory; the name “Eleven” suggests there are or were likely 10 other subjects. In Nichols’ book, these abductees are known as the “Montauk Boys,” and since Nichols and Bielek started speaking about their regained memories, other Long Island men have rediscovered that they were frequently abducted from their homes by Camp Hero scientists who wanted to “break” them psychologically so that they could implant subconscious commands.

After several years of experimenting with Duncan in the Montauk Chair, Nichols claims that they could reliably travel to other times and places (even to Mars). Eventually, they were able to program Duncan with some basic commands so that the poor kid didn’t need to be confined to the chair all the time. How kind.

At one point, however, Nichols’ superiors told him to turn on the Montauk Chair and leave it running… through August 12th, 1983. As the story goes, by having another time-travel machine switched on, the Montauk Project successfully created a time wormhole to 1943, with power at both ends. That’s how Ed and the Duncan Cameron of 1943 came through the portal, and that events described by Al Bielek occurred.

Nichols kept the Duncan of 1943 away from the 1963 version, but quickly realized that time travel was way too complex and far too dangerous to be messing around with (torturing children, though: just fine!). He and three colleagues hatched a plan to use Duncan to shut down the project.

From The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time:

We finally decided we’d had enough of the whole experiment. The contingency program was activated by someone approaching Duncan while he was in the chair and simply whispering “The time is now.” At this moment, he let loose a monster from his subconscious. And the transmitter actually portrayed a hairy monster. It was big, hairy, hungry and nasty. But it didn’t appear underground in the null point. It showed up somewhere on the base. It would eat anything it could find. And it smashed everything in sight. Several different people saw it, but almost everyone described a different beast.

Nichols had to smash all of the equipment that powered the Montauk Chair before the beast disappeared back into nothingness. That incident, plus the successful time anchor that was built between August 12th, 1943 and August 12th, 1983, ensured that the project would be shuttered. Employees were then brainwashed and, in 1984, the lower levels of the base were filled in with cement.


Of the many bizarre stories of what happened at Camp Hero, Stranger Things only uses three of the core elements: portals, the monster, and children with psychic powers. But looking forward to Stranger Things Season 2 (which has not yet been officially green-lit by Netflix), the ongoing rumors of government misconduct at Montauk provide many creepy options for how the story of the boys, Eleven, and Doctor Brenner works out. Some testimonials from Montauk survivors make mention of alien lifeforms, either of the classic gray-skinned variety or something weirder, like giant lizard people or extra-dimensional beings that appear in a humanoid shape made of hollow glass. The time-travel element is also in play, and connections back to the “Philadelphia Experiment,” the conspiracy theory that gave rise to all the Montauk stories.

The bulk of the Montauk Project is set around the same time as Stranger Things, but true believers like Nichols and Bielek, up until he passed away in 2011, maintain that these experiments dealing with the expansion of human consciousness and future technology are still going on somewhere, somehow. In 2008, an unidentified carcass of an animal washed up on the beach of Long Island, adopting the label of the “Montauk Monster” from the early 1990s version (Cameron’s creation is commonly referred to as “Junior” now). Urban explorers still venture into Camp Hero on Long Island, where some claim you can still hear screams in the abandoned tunnels. Sporadic reports that the closed base still draws military-levels of power despite being “inactive” persist, and the truth about Camp Hero and what happened there continues to be concealed beneath multiple layers of rumor, myth, and the “fiction” of Stranger Things.

The Dulce Base


Bill Hamilton did OT 3 in Scientology about 1970 and he’s been expelled. A few years ago Bill Robertson took him the very first Sector 9 issues, so his viewpoint is more from a planetary and intergalactic scenario. Hamilton summarizes everything that he found out as follows: The Dulce New Mexico underground base has UFOs seen in the area every night. Cattle have been mutilated, cut with a laser-knife.

This information comes from people working at the base, who were kidnapped or abducted and taken there and then released. Also people who helped to construct it and people who were working with the intelligence community there. The facility is a bio-genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos by underground, the first site of the atom bombs experiments. It’s always been a high security research area for the US Government.

He says there’s an underground connection by subway or tube shuttle to the Los Alamos. OK. The research there is about genetics and research into also other intelligent species and the comparison between human and alien biology. Hamilton says that their research indicates centuries ago, that the aliens that entered into a contract with a secret group called the Illuminati.

The Sector 9 Scientology book names one of the chief implanters: someone that works in secret to control you mentally was Adam Weishaupt – the founder of the Illuminati in Germany.


The United States Government entered into a contract with the aliens in the 40’s/50’s or earlier, to exchange high technology research with to give animals and humans to the aliens. At the end of the 40’s the alien operations shifted from South America, to the United States west, because of this agreement that was made with the US Government. The aliens wanted these underground bases and because of the magnetic and plasma effects of some of the minerals of the rocks in that area were vital for them.

They have to have something that produces a high electromagnetic energy field for their saucers, so they need the raw materials for that to keep things going. Hamilton says these people who worked there said that the aliens themselves regard themselves as an old people who originally came from Earth – they were human/reptilian hybrids. They told the US government this and are representatives of an alien nation and are returning to earth to use it for a staging/operations area but didn’t reveal what for exactly. But other aliens do not agree about this.

They built in alien bases in Dulce, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada others in US, others in the rest of the world, maybe in Antarctica, Russia, Pyrenees, upper Norway etc.. There have been some very strange underground projects being done costing billions. In 1947 the residents of Dulce saw many many troops going in and out of the area, many many trucks and construction equipment and that the signs on the trucks were from a non existent lumber company in Colorado.

The bases were constructed by the Rand Corporation with a tunnelboring machine that melts the rock and then makes a smooth wall out of it for high speed shuttles to be put in. Hamilton says that there are over 100 of these secret underground places that have been constructed including one on the back of the Moon, another on Mars.


This is from the people who worked there. A construction man was asked to work at Dulce but needed to agree to chemical erasure of memory first when he finished, so he refused. Hamilton said other construction companies involved were Aerospace Companies and Bagtell Corporation – well connected with the CIA.

They are linked up with the Trilateral Commission, the power behind the government, with Kissinger and the Illuminati and also the Council of Foreign Relation people in Europe, known as the Bilderbergers. They tell elected officials what to do. Dulce has at least 7 different underground levels, and there are about 18,000 aliens down there and probably 10,000 or so humans. Level one has the control room with security and communications. There are over 3000 televisions and spy cameras around this. Then human staff housing.

Executive offices and laboratories for scientists etc.. Level 4 has mind control experiments on humans. Level 5 is the alien housing for the grays etc Level 6 has genetic large scale experiments to change human beings genetically to enable work in dangerous environments such as radioactivity, outer space and maybe even under water and that is also a zoo. They have the experiments, the results of the experiments in cages down there. On level 7 they have cryogenic laboratories – cold storage vats for the failed experiments.


Robertson said everything was apparently as written by L Ron Hubbard and as revealed by their Scientology auditing. An implanter is a person who tries to control you mentally or by inserting things into your body to control you. Genetic manipulations, but all secret. The Trilateral insignia, a black triangle on a red background, is for the Andromedans, because the gray aliens that the nations of the world have made an agreement with, including the USA are from Andromeda, the next galaxy.

The pyramid with the eye in it is the Illuminati symbol and is the Dulce base symbol. Genetic experiments have been perfected to the degree that we already have a disposable slave race of clones. From a small foetus, they make many copies of the same thing and have no parents so the Government owns them. Adult human beings looking exactly alike Maybe 6 or 7 of them all together have been seen all the same.

There are maybe hundreds and they worked in the military only. When starting this the American government asked women to do experiments in genetics, if they were sterile. And then they would remove the fetus after 3 months, take it back to the lab here and grow it up in a controlled environment in the experiment. But what they put into the womb of the woman may have been some cross between an alien and a human or 5 or 6 clones.

They had to develop it for 3 months in a woman so they could then pick it up into their laboratory technology.


The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) set up the mind control experiments to control humans and some of the products of their labs at a distance. Some had transmitters taken out of their heads and photographed them or had them X-rayed still in there. They were experimented on outside the lab to see how they could be controlled in society. In Dulce it is easier to control all of them because it is a very closed area.

There are radio transmitters there right through all the areas. But they used to have to follow people initially with transmitting devices from country to country. It is called RHIC-EDOM, Radio Hypnotic Intercerebral Control – (in the middle of the cerebral areas of the brain. When you radio transmit it you can hear the vibrations or the words or the thoughts coming through) Electronic Dissolution Of Memory is requested when asked to sign the contract for Dulce. Chemical erasure of memory or an electronic one.

In Sweden they put them in people in hospitals, or old people’s homes or to criminals. They’d drug the coffee in the jail and put one in to keep track, without permission. Oluf Palme gave permission in, when was it 73/74 to insert brain transmitters into the heads of humans covertly without telling them. This was done in US, Russia and Finland too.


The CIA, FBI, DEA are “The Secret Government” with the CFR and the Trilateral Commission and they are planning to stage an alien contact landing in the near future. Meeting them openly but it’s just a show. With genetic research on Level 6, they say it’s the most important thing that humanity’s been working on for a long time.

Taking a single human embryo, bringing it up in the laboratory to a full formed whatever all the way through. They don’t need a woman anymore to do it. The scientists think of all the endless possibilities e.g. “We can create our own race.” All the files from the experimental laboratories in Nazi Germany were captured by the Americans and they started on their implant program.

They don’t want you to know you have a spirit (or ‘thetan‘ as Scientologists say) so that you can be controlled by genetic and mind control experiments without your spirit stopping it, like a clone. One person that worked at Dulce saw human-alien and human-animal combinations in cages alive. People or humans with wings, many legs, claws for hands or different webbed feet etc. There were crosses between various species of animals in the experimental laboratories and the zoo. Many of them could cry tears and ask for help in Earth language.

The workers were told that these people were insane and genetic freaks and not to talk to them that they were involved in high drug experiments to cure their insanity. The people first believed this. But they were drugged to be quiet. Before they let the man out the top here they have to erase his memory, however it didn’t always work and some of them had recall under hypnotism. Level 7 is even worse with thousands of human experiments and embryonic humans and mixtures in cold storage or frozen down here.

They froze them when they died for experiments later on, or to find out what went wrong. Medical laboratory in universities have big jars with embryos and pieces of people sitting there in formaldehyde.


The 18,000 aliens at Dulce had a war with the people who were humans who worked there. Some humans and some aliens were killed – possibly about 30 or 40 aliens and 66 humans. The place was closed down for briefly because the aliens had taken over the place. Then the government negotiated with them again and decided to continue again because they didn’t want to lose the high technology.

Some latest inventions and discoveries are not actually invented by earth people, but they say it is. Fiber-optics, what they are changing all your telephone lines to were first found on a captured spaceship in 1958 I believe. 20-30 years later you see it coming as a new invention, by maybe Rand Research Corporation. All the ships had fiber-optics control systems. It was optical, light. Optical switches in computers are coming next. The 66 humans who were killed were mostly from the security forces called the Delta Group.

The security forces wear a symbol seen on some of the saucers and transport craft of the aliens and this is seen on the pockets of the government officials, high government officials of America. The security weapon they use there is called a flash-gun. It may be a high wavelength frequency that blinds you or does something to the body and it’s useful against humans and aliens. They use it here in agreement, in case anybody tries to get away. The security system has scales at all doors to weigh you and your ID card is put in a slot.

The elevators and lighting system run electromagnetically, installed in the wall construction.


The area around Dulce has a high number of cattle mutilations and missing people who are captured for these experiments. The aliens also need parts of the cattle for their own experiments and nutrients. They absorb nutrients through their skin because they don’t have a functioning digestion system and require large amounts of human blood and humans for their own experiments down there.

From the 50’s/80’s they increased the amounts of needed captured humans. They had an agreement with the government that all they had to do was give the name and address of the person they took to the government so that they could explain it away. But after a while they were just taking them and soon the government realized they didn’t have any defense against these people with their flying saucers and weaponry, so had to give up trying and go along with them. The aliens can die pretty easily, so they make themselves in genetic laboratories.

The spirit/thetan takes a new body, they are like herd animals or people mind controlled. The human race could transform through genetics or a one world Fascist government. However in the US Government one group is having second thoughts and want to confess what’s happening, especially those who work there – the army officers and security people with friends in the big government the rest want to keep covering it up as long as they are safe.

They are doing more experiments on how to control humans – investigating aura research, mind and genetic control through injections or food particles or biological, genetic, hypnotic and chemical ways of controlling people to induce full control of humans outside Dulce.

What kinds of humans they can put out there that are already under control. Implanters want to control people through their thoughts, but they still want you to work and consume. It easier to make you think what want they want you to, so you can’t know this.

Anyone who has gone up to Excalibur in Scientology knows all about that. They want to get the American public first through commercialization to accept this and from there start to control the whole world according to Robertson.