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The Plan for a One-Party Marxist-Leninist State is on Track

“We are facing a communist revolution in America,” says analyst Trevor Loudon, as a real “blue wave” enabled the national Democratic Party to pick up as many as 40 House seats, hold the Senate Republicans to 52 seats or so, and is now threatening to put conservative states such as Florida, Texas, Georgia and others permanently into the Democratic Party column. He argues that this “Rainbow Conspiracy” strategy, unless countered by conservative organizing and education, provides the eventual basis for a socialist one-party state. How can millennials and suburban women be convinced to oppose socialist and communist schemes? Who will the Democrats run for president in 2020? Watch this explosive interview to find out.

Trump calls democrats un-american and treasonous & use 18 U.S.C. § 2385 + 68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844 on Democratic Party


The Democrats are Marxist-Leninist, and this is the definition of invasion

our Lenin statue in Washington state everyone!!  It’s official.


Japan is a horrible, racist place to work

In Japan, the social status of Foreigners is at the absolutely rock bottom. You can’t get any deeper even if you try to dig down, it’s the absolute rock bottom, and no, you can’t climb up either, you are stuck there, because your social status is determined not by who you are, what you know, what you can do, what you have done, or any of that, it is based on your appearance. If you look foreign, you are foreigner, and it doesn’t matter even if you are a rocket scientist, even if you have won 5 nobel laureate prizes, even if you are a born and raised in Japan, non of that matter. They will treat you like a dirty dumb pet who can’t use chopsticks and doesn’t know to say spoon in Japanese.

President Trump is right about ending birthright citizenship

In this Oct. 27, 2018, photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Southern Illinois Airport in Murphysboro, Ill. Eager to focus voters on immigration in the lead-up to the midterm elections, Trump on Oct. 29 escalated his threats against a migrant caravan trudging slowly toward the U.S. border as the Pentagon prepared to deploy thousands of U.S. troops to support the border patrol. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) The Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is making another hardline immigration play in the final days before the midterm elections, declaring that he wants to order an end to the constitutional right to citizenship for babies born in the United States to non-citizens. Most scholars think he can’t implement such a change unilaterally.

With seven days to go before high-stakes elections that he has sought to focus on fearmongering over immigration, Trump made the comments to “Axios on HBO.” Trump, seeking to energize his supporters and help Republicans keep control of Congress, has stoked anxiety about a caravan of Central American migrants making its way to the U.S.-Mexico border.

His administration announced Monday it was dispatching thousands of active-duty troops to the border, and Trump said he’d set up tent cities to house asylum seekers.

Trump has long called for an end to birthright citizenship, as have many conservatives. An executive order would spark an uphill legal battle for Trump about whether the president has the unilateral ability to declare that children born in the U.S. to those living here illegally aren’t citizens. Most scholars think he can’t.

Asked about the legality of such an executive order, Trump said, “they’re saying I can do it just with an executive order.” He added that “we’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States.” A 2010 study from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that supports immigration restrictions, showed that 30 countries offered birthright citizenship.

The Pew Research Center found in a survey published two years ago that births to “unauthorized immigrants” were declining and accounted for about 1 in 3 births to foreign-born mothers in the U.S. in 2014. About 275,000 babies were born to such parents in 2014, or about 7 percent of the 4 million births in the U.S. that year, according to Pew estimates based on government data. That represented a decline from 330,000 in 2009, at the end of the recession.

An excerpt of Trump’s interview was posted on Axios’ website on Tuesday.

The president said White House lawyers are reviewing his proposal. It’s unclear how quickly he would act and the White House did not provide further details.

A person familiar with the internal White House debate said the topic of birthright citizenship had come up inside the West Wing at various times over at least the last year, but has some internal detractors. White House lawyers have debated the topic, and expect to work with the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel to develop a legal justification for the action. It is one of many immigration changes being discussed including asylum law changes, and barring the migrant caravan from entering the country.

But administration officials said there would likely be no decisions until after the midterms, due in part to the president’s trip to Pittsburgh Tuesday to meet with victims of the deadly synagogue shooting.

Legal experts questioned whether Trump has the authority to do this by executive order.

Omar Jadwat, director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York, said Tuesday that the Constitution is very clear.

“If you are born in the United States, you’re a citizen,” he said, adding that it was “outrageous that the president can think he can override constitutional guarantees by issuing an executive order,

Jadwat said the president has an obligation to uphold the Constitution. Trump can try to get Congress to pass a constitutional amendment, “but I don’t think they are anywhere close to getting that.”

“Obviously, even if he did, it would be subject to court challenge,” he added.

Suzanna Sherry, a professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School specializing in constitutional questions, said those advising Trump that he can change the Constitution via executive order are simply mistaken. “He can’t do it by himself and, in fact, he can’t do it even if Congress passed a statue.”

“I think it would take a Constitutional amendment,” she said. “I don’t see it as having any plausible legal basis,” she said.

But others suggest the president may have an opening.

Jon Feere, a senior adviser at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is among those who has long argued that that the president could limit the citizenship clause through executive action.

“A president could direct his agencies to fall in line with his interpretation of the Supreme Court’s rulings, which are arguably limited to children of permanently domiciled immigrants (the court has never squarely ruled on children born to tourists or illegal aliens). He could direct his agencies to issue Social Security numbers and passports only to newborns who have at least one parent who is a citizen or permanently domiciled immigrant,” he wrote in 2015 in an op-ed in the Hill.

In the final days before the Nov. 6 midterms, Trump has emphasized immigration, as he seeks to counter Democratic enthusiasm. Trump believes that his campaign pledges, including his much-vaunted and still-unfulfilled promise to quickly build a U.S.-Mexico border wall, are still rallying cries for his base and that this latest focus will further erode the enthusiasm gap.

Trump voiced his theory that birthright citizenship could be stripped during his campaign, when he described it as a “magnet for illegal immigration.” During a 2015 campaign stop in Florida, he said: “The birthright citizenship – the anchor baby – birthright citizenship, it’s over, not going to happen.”

The Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

The amendment was passed by Congress in 1866 during the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War. It was ratified in 1868 by three-fourths of the states. By extending citizenship to those born in the U.S., the amendment nullified an 1857 Supreme Court decision (Dred Scott v. Sandford), which ruled that those descended from slaves could not be citizens.

In addition to the debate over Trump’s authority to declare that children born in the U.S. aren’t citizens, a separate question is whether Congress could pass a law to that effect, or whether only a constitutional amendment could accomplish Trump’s apparent aim of denying citizenship to U.S.-born children of those here illegally.

Republicans in Congress continue introducing bills to end birthright citizenship, including legislation this session from conservative GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa who has aligned himself with some nationalist political leaders abroad. King’s bill has almost 50 co-sponsors in the House. King’s legislation though would likely face a cool reception in the Senate where there is no companion bill pending, and a handful of senators supported past efforts.

King said he had not discussed the issue with the president at any length in recent months, but that it had come up “in passing” several times in group discussions. He said he hadn’t personally considered birthright citizenship to be part of the caravan issue and applauded the president for connecting the issues.

“Sending this message out, it’s another component of saying to the caravan: Don’t come in here. Some are pregnant, no doubt,” he said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, now a close ally of the president, also tweeted his support for the change.

“This policy is a magnet for illegal immigration, out of the mainstream of the developed world, and needs to come to an end,” he said.

Best videogames

1 God of War

Screw Fortnite, this is the real deal. – psiddy42+44

Screw all the games here, This and Spiderman are some of the best games – B1ueNew+3

I just finished playing it, and it has the potential to make my #1 game of the year on my remix. This is a monstrous and action-packed game with and fantastic story and some of the most incredible combat sequences I’ve witnessed. – Mcgillacuddy+10

Extremely great story, great soundtrack, and overall pretty enjoyable+9


V 56 Comments VoteE

2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Way better than Fortnite – AliciaMae+65

Yes this is superior to fortnite and it hasn’t even come out yet. How do I know this? Because Fortnite is riddled with 12 year old squeakers who masturbate to Ali-A.+27

Smash is filled with a fanbase complaining about a purple luigi clone that looks like hitler not being in the game – B1ueNew+13

Screw Fortnite I can’t wait for the next smash game I played brawl and loved the story this is gonna be good for me this game is the reason I want a switch right now and mario tennis aces.+16

Best Smash game ever, it is and will be amazing. No other game really stands a chance against Nintendo’s roster. It will compete wellnew

V 139 Comments VoteE

3 Marvel’s Spider-Man

Top 5? Yes indeed it deserves to be this high, but red dead 2 and smash aren’t out yet, at least I’m voting for a game that is out – B1ueNew+6

This game has a great storyline, it did a well job. Best Spider-Man game and best game of 2018. This should be number 1. – asantalo+1


This game releases months from now, it could be complete trash for all you know! – Chucklebunny+2

Spider man Spider-Man best game in the world #Spidermanisbacknew

V 31 Comments VoteE

4 Far Cry 5

This game is way better than Fortnite, everyone should know that. YOU CAN TAME ANIMALS.+18

Hey. Whoever said, YOU CAN TAME ANIMALS. By the way you can do that in Minecraft. MINECRAFT! – KingColeB+5

Remains to be quite similar to two of its predecessors, but its heart still doesn’t lose steam as this series remains to be a good time for fans and first-timers, especially in online co-op. – Mcgillacuddy+5

This is what america looks like oh yeah MERICA!new

V 17 Comments VoteE

5 Red Dead Redemption 2

Only 4 days left to release! I bet this game start a large revolution in gaming industry! Still not released but easily I can say it become one of the the best games of the history 

Red Dead Redemption was a great video game. Let’s hope that this game isn’t disappointing. – 50+1

Hasn’t come out yet, but when it does, its gonna break some records+1

Almost out! – Criznew

V 13 Comments VoteE

6 Fortnite

Fortnite isn’t necessarily a terrible game, but it shouldn’t be this high up. It is highly overrated and is riddled with 12 year olds. These kids will send you death threats if you say anything bad about the game, and they will continuously bash PUBG despite not playing the game. The comments on this entry just shows how rabid these Fortnite fanboys are.

Edit: Thankfully God of War topped this generic game. However #2 is still too high. Bring it down to the bottom 20.

Edit 2: YES! Far Cry 5 surpassed Fortnite! Drag it down further!

Edit 3: Wow, 6th place. 14 more places to go. – Not_A_Weeaboo+133

Yes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced, so there COULD be a 2018 game better than Fortnite. Or maybe there is NO SUCH thing as the “best game of 2018”. Besides, Fortnite is a 2017 GAME, it became popular in 2018. – TheYoshiPyro64+13

Not just the most overrated game of 2018, but maybe the decade. – Cyri+25

I personally think Black Ops 4, Spider-Man and Smash Ultimate are more overrated – B1ueNew+1

Battle royale is so much fun, and its free, not much more to say+22

How’s this game fun? It’s just a multiplayer Battle Royale game, and that’s all it will ever be. – IceFoxPlayz+1

It is the best game ever no questions

V 265 Comments VoteE

7 Detroit: Become Human

Finishing the game I can truly say that this is among one of my most favorite games of all time. It’s unique, charming, emotional, and diverse. The characters each have a certain tone to their storylines and playing with them will get you to grow with at least one character. If you finish with one bad ending it can hit you in the feels pretty hard (as I did with Kara) and finishing the game leaves you wanting more. The most interesting thing about the game is that each choice you make leads you to a different path and gives the game a significant amount of replay value for a single player game. It may have its minor plotholes, but it dosen’t stop it from being the masterpiece it is. Very good game from Quantic Dream. The effort wasn’t wasted and those years of development were worth it.+7

I finished the game and it was one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had. The characters, the story, the emotions, the choices, flowcharts and everything else in it dragged me into the game. I grew with the characters a lot and boy, just one bad ending from one character can hit you hard.+2

Every single choice you made leads to a different path. Even the smallest details will be affected. Powerful message, great story and such loveable characters. 11/10 would recommend 

Brilliant game with a lot of reply

V 27 Comments VoteE

8 Dragon Ball FighterZ

For one who loves the Dragon Ball series and has played nearly every of its games, this one stands out as exceptional. Screw God of War and (especially) screw Fortnite, this game is the game of the year. A beautiful art style, fast-paced gameplay, a balanced roster, simple yet strategic gameplay and a actually great story mode. This is everything you could wish for in a fighting game, plus its Dragon Ball! Is there anything bad that’s come out of the series (apart from the Golden Frieza saga and Gotenks.)+1

The year has just begun so I’ll vote for something that actually has come out. This game is marvelous, one of the best dragon ball games and actually one of the fighting game I’ve ever played. The story is something new with correct tone coming from the anime. Gameplay is fantastic and battles seem exactly lile the anime. The art design and graphics are marvelous and you get invested. Gameplay is easy to learn and also the process is very fast. There are many of options or playable modes to get invested. Every single character is fantastic (yes, even yamcha) and everything is balanced. My only problem with that is that the character rosted is very disappointing (in my opinion). Another problem is that other characters and music will be paid dlc! That’s abussive actually and it makes me think that in the future for 60 bucks we will only have the right to acess to a game but that the menu, the music, the dialogues and practically everything will have to paid separately. Nevertheless …moreAle99+2

It’s Dragon ball, there’s not much to say…the mechanics are excellent, gameplay is easy for newcomers, graphics were perfectly molded to the game, it’s like watching an episode.
Finally a Dragon Ball fighting game that worth every penny.+1

If I get an xbox one, this game will be the one I’m hunting for!new

V 10 Comments VoteE

9 Kirby Star Allies

I finally got a Kirby game and this was my first one! I was absolutely blown away by the graphics compared to other Kirby games I’ve seen people play. They brought back the helper system, which I liked. So yeah I haven’t finished it yet but I already love it! – Ravenfang+6

This game is so excellent. Excellent story, excellent visuals, game play was good. Why is this game so underrated? It’s really good and way better than a stupid game called Fortnite.+3

Kirby is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. This game is very fun and not so competitive like Fortnite – KingSlayer93316+5

This game is satisfaction, beating void soul first time in soul melter MMM!

V 14 Comments VoteE

10 A Way Out

The whole idea of a two player game where you can see the other person’s screen was amazing in itself. The game’s storyline far surpassed most game’s I’ve seen this year. The ending messed with me more than most other games, only surpassed by The Last Of Us. I was fully in crying two different times during the ending.

Spoilers Ahead: When Vincent still grabbed Leo’s hand when he was dying, though they were fighting just moments earlier, I was tearing up. But when Alex screamed “Mom”, the tears came.
If you choose to kill Vincent, when Vincent hands Leo the letter, I almost cried. But when Leo rings the doorbell and drops off the letter and Carol reads it, I started crying. – SamiBoggs+3

This is by far the best game of 2018, the story is so touching, I love the idea of bringing a 2 player campaign which makes this game very iconic, and “Spoiler alert” when Leo dies if you choose leo dying, the part where Alex confused about what’s happening and screaming “Mom” makes my cry a lot, in my opinion 9.5/10 

From what I’ve played so far, I find it a fun, good game in general that is further improved by the stupid stuff tat you can do throughout. – kempokid 

Its must be 2nd – baynaanew

V 6 Comments VoteE

The Newcomers

? F1 2018 VoteE
? Hitman 2 VoteE

The Contenders

11 Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Looking forward to this+11

Another month to go! 



12 Forza Horizon 4 Forza Horizon 4

Haven’t seen anything aside from the trailer and the demo, but this is already shaping up to be the greatest open-world racing game of all time+5

It’s a bit similar to its previous game as far as gameplay but somehow I still got hooked to it. Maybe it’s the new setting which is full of life and beauty and, in my opinion, looks even more gorgeous than FH3, especially considering the seasonal change. – Mcgillacuddy 

Hell yeah, I’m stoked – Gypsy+3

I love Forza and this game is awesome especially on xbox one x – HaloFanboynew

V 2 Comments VoteE

13 Fallout 76 Fallout 76

Looking forward to this! All the Fallout games are good.+2

The Fallout Franchise is an amazing franchise, and I am very excited for this game. 

Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong (#1 on this list) – Narek009 

The holidays are coming up, I’m getting this game. finally, fallout with

V 7 Comments VoteE

14 Celeste

One of the greatest games I’ve ever played. Beautiful soundtrack, precise controls, crystal clear graphics, and a touching story. 

It should be number 1 it’s the best game of 2018, the story is such a masterpiece, plus it has the best soundtrack I’ve heard in years 

Probably the best indie game I’ve ever played. 

One of my favourite games EVER. amazing soundtrack, emotional story and perfect level design makes this the greatest game of 2018new

V 6 Comments VoteE

15 Mega Man 11

Coincidentally it’s rank 11 on this list! – SachiyoHasegawa+1

The little Blue Bomber is back. – Drawbox+1

It looks like a cool game. – B1ueNew+1

Finally a new Mega Man game that isn’t shovelware – hugh201new


16 Sonic Mania Plus

Thank GOD this game was rereleased, so I can gush all over this game. It looks beautiful, even though it uses sprites, it’s fast paced, takes the best parts of previous games and throws out the negatives, bosses are actually quite good, plenty of replay, and unlike a certain BR game that came out in 2017, stuff actually happens!+3

Any Sonic game is automatically the best game of the year. And I don’t care what people say about Sonic Forces, that was the first Sonic game I actually played and its AWESOME! Sonic Mania is the second Sonic game I played and I absolutely LOVED IT SO MUCH! – ShadowDaHedgehog+3

“Any Sonic game” my ass. Not saying that I hate Sonic. I actually love him but this series has had a myriad of bad releases. You seriously can’t tell me that Sonic 06 was good – Mcgillacuddy+1

This would’ve been the game I voted for, but it is more of a 2017 game to me. All the zones are fun, encore mode plays nicely, Ray and Mighty fit in well and are fun to play as, and the 1.04 patch has zone transitions that were missing in the original game! This game is perfect to me, I don’t care what anyone else says. – MegaSceptile17 

I loved all sonic games but this is the best

V 7 Comments VoteE

17 Shadow of the Colossus VoteE
18 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Holy crap, this game’s like Castlevania 3 on steroids. Seeing as I love that game, I’ve been having a blast with this one. If this is what we’re getting as a sort of teaser, then I can’t wait for Ritual of the Night. – Zach808 


19 Monster Hunter: World

NEEDS TO BE VOTED MORE! This game has the best graphics, the monsters itself just create the entire excitement of the game. So many weapons and armor to choose from ( I prefer light b. gun). It has a realistic feel that just makes you feel as if you were in the game. This game had so much work and effort put in it. – RandomGenius 

Wait only at 13 under fortnite witch isn’t even a good game this is way better than anything fortnite has to offer – Dvafan2 

PubG is better+3

Its only so far downd in this list, because they don’t know how to play it or have a really bad Pcnew

V 5 Comments VoteE

20 The Last of Us Part II The Last of Us Part II

Not confirmed for 2018. – Extractinator04+3

This is definitely not coming out this year, get it off of here. – MetalFoREVer1228+1

I hope it surpasses Fortnite and Super Smash bros ultimate. People have been waiting for this game for so damn long. – Not_A_Weeaboo+2

Hoping for this to be greater than the first one,even better!new


21 Doom Eternal Doom Eternal

This game most likely isn’t coming out this year, so why is it here? – MetalFoREVer1228 

Dominate the underworld with a really big gun 

“i’m here to chew gum and kick ass” 

“Badass game with a Badass character. Things that Fortnite doesn’t

V 3 Comments VoteE

22 Warioware Gold

In my opinion, this is probably the best game out of the whole WarioWare series. – FloppyMink+1

Played the demo and it’s good! I want to play the full thing. – B1ueNew 

This game is lower than Fortnite, Kirby Star Allies, Baldi, Lego games, and Mario Tennis?
Come on! This game is better than all of them! – Drawbox+2

DCfnaf, you there? – Not_A_Weeaboonew

V 1 Comment VoteE

23 Super Mario Party

So we are October 5 today and this game just came out, I didn’t buy it but I know it brings back the same formula as the original Mario Party games, no cars, just real boards. Plus you can play mini-games online with other people!
Surely it’s great and it should be in the top 15. – MaxPap+1

I’m way more hyped for this than Smash – darthvadern+1

Super Mario Party is awesome! 

The only R E A L mario party game in this yearnew


24 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Copy of Castlevania: Symohony of the Night but 3D 


25 Just Cause 4

Hopefully it’s more like Just Cause 2 than Just Cause 3. Just Cause 4 has different biomes like Just Cause 2, and hopefully they’ll get rid of the boring challenges required for equipment upgrades, and the ridiculous load times that were in Just Cause 3.+2

Not out yet, but the hype is real. – MrCoolC+3



26 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

This is a really cute, fun game. 


27 WWE 2K19

The 2k showcase mode is finally coming back! – MrCoolC 

Really good graphics 

And I just got it. – MrCoolC 

With AJ as champion a Daniel Bryan showcase with Velocity in pumped – hugh201new

V 2 Comments VoteE

28 Sea of Thieves

It is AWESOME you go around on your pirate boat and dig up treasure a+1

Most underrated game of all time. I’ll remember this as one of the best games I’ve ever played. 

This game is so fun but it is not for everyone and still has a lot of room for improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I have gotten my money’s worth out of it but that is just for me. Make sure to play with at least one other person when you are playing because otherwise you aren’t getting the full experience of the game. Overall it is a very good game although does feel a little content empty sometimes.+1


29 Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered


Remastered game for PS4 and Xbox One that originally came out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2014 around the same time as Assassin’s Creed Unity for the former two. – POWERStarz2004 


30 Lego the Incredibles



31 Blackroom VoteE
32 Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

I don’t think this was released in 2018, unless you’re talking about the Switch version.

But seriously, I suggest someone puts this on “Best Video Games of 2014” – AlexImmortal420 

NEw fUnkY m0DE – Alapisboy+1


33 Metroid Prime 4

No way this comes out in 2018. – cringebinge+5

It keeps getting delayed so no it’s not a 2018 game. – Extractinator04+1

Pretty sure its coming out 2020 – Himalayansalt+1

1. this game is gonna suck 2. it got delayednew

V 2 Comments VoteE

34 Metro: Exodus

The trailer looked amazing, hope the game is even better. – Not_A_Weeaboo+2


35 Mario Tennis Aces

This game is actually really good! Even though it is dedicated for multiplayer, it has a bunch of single player modes, the best being Adventure Mode. Move this game to number 2 because Fortnite is too stupid and overrated.+3

This actually looks like a real Mario sports game. Unlike Ultra Smash – Randomator+1

It’s amazing, not the best mario switch game, but certainly close – darthvadern+1

Ok I am going to do a good and bad review.

1. Mario Tennis Aces
I have never played this game but I have heard that it is the best tennis game to date and after seeing youtubers play it. I agree this looks decent. I have to admit I normally don’t like tennis games but this looks alright. Adventure mode looks fun but it is also good you can do free play and other things outside the game like playing with real people from around the world. If I get this game,I will edit this and add more

Don’t get me started on this stupid,overrated game that doesn’t even look fun. All I hear is Fornite this and Fornite that. Look at these new skins. The only thing I like about this game is the dances. The weapons,skins and everything else looks rubbish. I don’t who thought of this game because whoever did was stupid. The annoying thing is in my maths class (Last year) they always talked about have you seen the new skin or weapon that is coming out or how many …morenew

V 1 Comment VoteE

36 Kingdom Hearts III

It’s the best game in the world I can’t wait till its released+1

Delayed – Dvafan2+4


37 Consortium: The Tower VoteE
38 Nintendo Labo



39 Subnautica

Footnote is better than call of duty 

It’s EPIC! (Fortnite sucks! )+2

This needs to go up to the top 5 places this is one of best games I’ve ever played the graphics the gameplay it’s just so good and what’s even better It’s an a survival game too so don’t be an idot who’s playing fortinite go to steam and buy this master piece fortinite just SUCKS don’t waste your time on fortinite 


40 Kingdom Come: Deliverance VoteE
41 Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

It’s just your run of the mill horror game that gets really popular for some reason. – Extractinator04+15

School with meth+6

This game should have been better if its made for older audiences 

The best game in the world with considerable difficulty – DeadRisingPronew

V 15 Comments VoteE

42 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Better than reignite and pub g once you get in to it 


43 Yoshi (Nintendo Switch)

It’s delayed to 2019 and now known as Yoshi’s Crafted World, I am so hyped for this, I loved Yoshi’s Wooly World so much! And this looks like a worthy sequel to it! – darthvadern+2

At this point it could be called Yoshi’s felt world – TealBoyxx+3

Delayed to 2019. – Extractinator04+7


44 FIFA 19

Messi look great in this game+2

Messi looks beautiful+2

Best game ever after playing for the first time it got to addicting 

Wasn’t Messi already featured in a FIFA game in the past? – Not_A_Weeaboonew


45 NHL 19 VoteE
46 Super Smash Bros for Switch

No waluigi = not a good game – Dvafan2+1

No Bluster Kong = NOT A GOOD GAME – DapperPickle+4

This didn’t come out yet, but I can guarantee that it will be better than Fortnite – KingSlayer93316+10

I love your videogame with fighting.Ireally love adventure mode.I play this at my neighbors

V 1 Comment VoteE

47 Ultimate Custom Night

Don’t know, bros but roblox is for brats – Penguino+2

First Fortnite, then Roblox, now this. What has humanity gone into? – Not_A_Weeaboo 

You can clearly tell this was written by some young children – Serpentofbisexuality 

Better than fortnitenew

V 8 Comments VoteE

48 Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Beautifully designed, with an intrincate, tense atmosphere and fun and enthralling gameplay mechanics, this game will expand Lara Croft’s story on a much more bigger, mature scale
Lara will be so badass after this game ends – Enmanu16