Tractor pulls scared all the people away

These farmers don’t even use recent tractors in tractor pulls, they use tractors from the 1950s through 1970 especially for tractor pulls around here. (I was going to call them rednecks, but they don’t have Confederate flags LOL :-p)   Farm tractors cost 90,000 to $140,000 the most outdated get to be in the tractor pull.  Otherwise, recent John Deere 7410 tractors from the 1990s in the corn fields. These recent John Deere and New Holland last 20 years minimum. Maybe all the millionaires own the John Deere 9RT tractors so the tractor fanbase died off. My tractor pull videos weren’t popular, only 40 views on the mediocre talent around here.  There isn’t anything that screams watch me at County fairs in this county.

Nobody wants to add a John Deere tractor on Pinterest I mean.

The remaining fanbase is all about speculation of (old school) mid-20th century technology.

Stock side

4500 nono turbo

5500 non turbo

5700 stock truck

7000 non turbo

6200 stock truck

9500 non turbo

8000 Stock diesel truck

10,500 non turbo (super trophy class)

9500 turbo

11,500 Turbo

12,500 trubo (Super trophy Class)

14,000 Turbo

Hot side

5700 light hot farm

5200 econo mod

6200 limited light super stock

6200 improved stock truck

6000 light mods

5500 econo mod

6200 light hot farm

6200 light mod

6500 light super stock

6500 light open (Glenwood City only)

6200 Street Mod Truck

6500 limited mod

6200 pro stock truck

7500 open mod

7500 light open (Glenwood Only)

8000 open diesel trucks

9500 limited pro stock

10,500 pro farm

9300 super farm

11,000 improved stock

10,000 pro stock

11,000 pro farm

11,500 improved stock


Most advanced tractor in the county right now ^

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