Bar hopping 2014

Here are some bar hopping photos I have taken while in St. Croix County. Wisconsin has 3580 bars in the state which is 3rd highest in the country. Since its Wisconsin, I can literally say my friends are there at any given time and most people will believe me. It’s slick. I see bar photos like this all the time on Facebook (52 weeks a year). It’s mainstream.

 photo 522517_344398702343502_1157417822_n_zpsf85e58b5.jpg

 photo 734224_344398339010205_1364742965_n_zpsd65baf36.jpg

 photo 1146651_756191037730254_181004397_n_zps76eaaad4.jpg

 photo 252925_10150278838922275_3361065_n_zps5b613cc9.jpg

 photo 414950_10150594173707275_241083544_o_zps0d18f458.jpg

 photo 339117_10150612872347275_105762592_o_zps878b1fa8.jpg

 photo 1039768_10151803224272275_579236663_o_zpsfd02171f.jpg

 photo 882005_344398459010193_1522080805_o_zps36c53758.jpg

 photo Online041714BUS_NRN_HelpingSAMs_zps803d8d94.jpg

 photo 943573_592877407397740_1078711501_n_zps74127620.jpg

 photo 1897948_794571647236945_950631750_n_zps39601645.jpg

 photo 1901535_782037261823717_1606099129_n_zpsfe5708f5.jpg

 photo 1185685_782013941826049_1246202926_n_zps590937d7.jpg

 photo 1187253_10203403526788219_124048372_n_zps76bcd1ef.jpg

 photo 1911917_10203403526588214_1978496511_n_zps0391cc03.jpg

 photo 10176138_800668813293895_4354326047797098497_n_zps7bc3d6e6.jpg

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