Top 10 JRPG games, back when JRPG’s used to be Awesome

Honourable mentions:
12. Secret of Mana
11. Dark Cloud 1 & 2

10. Shadow Hearts 1 or 2: Shadow Hearts 1 is scarier, its one of the best horror themed RPG’s I played. It had an interesting ring based battle system which was quite fun. I miss this series. The company that made it is now defunct| Metacritic-critic & user rating:85,91 (Shadow Hearts 2)

9. Suikoden 1 or 2: good story about geopolitics, conquest and war. Although the game had 2d graphics which kind of let it down. But it didnt stop me from enjoying the game| Metacritic-critic & user rating:82,98

8. Tales of Symphonia: my first tales game, highly addictive battle system, quite of number of side quests and very difficult optional bosses. The story was average and was quite cliche| metacritic-critic & user rating:86,90

7. Chrono Trigger: epic and addicting battle system, excellent story, just 1 optional boss in the original, I wanted more. The music in the game isn’t better than FF 6, 7, 9 or 10| Gamerankings (snes):95.1%

6. Final Fantasy IX: has the magic FF formula that always works=good turn based atb gameplay + mini games + hard secret bosses + epic stories=WIN, Square Enix seems to have forgotten this formula. Maybe if they played this game they would go “oh damn, thats why our games used to be great”| Metacritic-critic & user rating:94,91

5. Persona 4: the gameplay is ok & much better in the hard mode of the game. But what stood out is the amazing story, it has quite a lot of plot twists. I have not seen a JRPG with plot twists as good as this game| Meta-critc & user rating:90,91

4. Final Fantasy 6: this game possibly has the best story of all the FF games. I didnt think it was as good as FF7 or FF10 though, because it didnt have that many mini games, hard bosses (except the dragons, czar dragon was missing which was a shame) and this game has a few serious bugs. If you used the “sketch” ability it could potentially crash the game depending on who you used it on, and what their status effects was when you used it| Meta-critic & user rating:92,94 (gba ver)

3. Kingdom Hearts 1: what i loved most about this game is the gameplay & difficult secret bosses, this game should not be judged based on face value. Just because it has Disney characters in it, does not mean its an easy or rubbish game | Meta-critic & user rating:85,89

2. Final Fantasy VII: everything about this game is “cool”, when I first played this, it was 1 or 2 years after the PS2 came out, the graphics did not put me off. The game has a deep story, excellent gameplay, mouth watering CGI (for its time) and bad ass characters | Meta-critic & user rating:92,89

1. Final Fantasy X: This was my first FF & JRPG, so there maybe some bias here. But even then you can’t deny that FF 10 is an epic game with an excellent story, wide variety of customization and beautiful cut scenes. Not to forget the excellent emotion extracting music. Just listen to 1 tune below. If only Square Enix made FF games like FF10 and those before it again..

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