Taxing job creators to death.

There is a job deficit in this country. Jobs are in other countries. President Obama is slashing jobs. That’s the real reason. We’re increasing in GDP, but Democratic Party is slashing jobs by taxing all the businesses who create jobs and moving to Obamacare. It’s just not right. Some call this degenerated workers state.

Leon Trotsky always emphasized that the degenerated workers’ state was not a new form of society, but a transitional phase between capitalism and socialism (and closer to capitalism) that would inevitably collapse into one form or the other. He argued however that whether this downfall led to the restoration of workers’ democracy or to capitalist restoration would depend on whether the movement to overthrow the dictatorship of the bureaucracy was led by the organized working class. They’re taxing capitalist businesses so they don’t hire.

Canada and UK simply  have simply more jobs per million then Americans do; whereby, the personal GDP is higher.

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