2nd Walt Disney World vacation

This is the second visit, 17 years after the first one. 
I picked Disney World, because everybody else picked it and its completely normal. The #1 vacation destination in the US. It was $3.50 for a 24 ounce Mountain Dew.

 photo Waltdisneyworld49_zps4c63de34.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld48_zps56f48148.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld45_zps90807f7f.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld46_zps6ea2958f.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld44_zps80a92391.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld47_zps9f7b3ea9.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld43_zpsfc0cce94.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld42_zpsb1954ecf.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld39_zps6c474d70.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld36_zpsc4d7f169.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld35_zpsb56607ac.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld34_zpsaf6b4286.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld30_zps432ab183.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld32_zps1d3a7277.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld26_zps269a2050.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld20_zps12480994.jpg

 photo Waltdisneyworld14_zps1cfdd25e.jpg

 photo waltdisneyworld12_zps321fb1a4.jpg

 photo waltdisneyworld10_zpsa25fecec.jpg

 photo waltdisneyworld7_zps213b387e.jpg

 photo waltdisneyworld_zps0dcce656.jpg

 photo waltdisneyworld2_zpsdc551352.jpg

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