Installed PC-BSD 10.0


I have stable Radeon R9 270x drivers for the PC-BSD 10.0.  Some RC
releases had Radeon drivers, but some RC releases didn’t.  PC-BSD 10.0
had  RC1 – RC7 before RTM release.

New features for PC-BSD 10:

  • PC-BSD is now 25-30% faster.
  •  PC-BSD 10 dual boots with GRUB 2.0 so it can boot with latest Linux or Windows 8.1.
  •  ZFS version has been updated.
  •  MATE 1.6.1,
  • Cinnamon Desktop Environment,
  • KDE 4.10.5,
  •  XFCE 4.10
  • LXDE.
  • Works in Virtual Box and VMware Player fine.  Installed in 20 minutes!

4 thoughts on “Installed PC-BSD 10.0

    1. iainthegreat Post author

      Install Linux Mint 16 and then PC-BSD 10 last. Linux Mint 16 GRUB does not recognize ZFS (no drivers). Linux Mint 16’s GRUB only recognizes Unix File System (UFS) of old PC-BSD 9.1.

    1. iainthegreat Post author

      Yes, it can. PC-BSD installs both real mode boot loader and GRUB. PC-BSD 9 real-mode bootloader “Other” option gave me Linux’s GRUB bootloader with Linux or Windows 8.0/8.1 as options. The real-mode boot loader can take over and recognize Windows 8.1 if GRUB fails.


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