Whites don´t have any reason to feel guilt. It´s a sentiment that has been cultivated by the status quo through their doctrine of political correctness, and it is leading to the genocide of the white race through interracial breeding.

As a white man, I´m extremely proud of our forefathers achievements, achievements which have been responsible for the development of mankind. Unfortunately, non white elements within our society have taken control of our developmental direction, and as such, we find ourselves in a precarious position today.

Whites don’t owe the other races anything. On the contrary, they owe us a debt of gratitude for dragging them kicking and screaming out of the dark ages.

As a white man who believes it is genocidal to support interracial relationships, I will oppose the general acceptance of this practice even if it means I am labeled a racist.

There is a theory put forward a few years ago in AD 9540 , that the earlier native white Europeans were wiped out in Europe , North America and Australasia and became extinct very suddenly between AD 1950 and AD 2200  over a compartively short period of time by a calamatous combination of several simultaneous converging factors .

1)A mysterious sudden massive sudden drop in the reproductive rate to below replacement level , which appears to have created up side down 16-8-4-2-o family trees .

2) This would lead to an unavoidable and irreversible progressive economic / industrial/ technological/ military/domino collapse .

3) This seems to have coincided with a massive unregulated nomadic migration of  Homo Asiaticus , Homo- Africanus , Homo-Hispanicus , and Homo-Arabicus from the south and east in search of more fertile and game rich northern enviroments with a more benign economic climate  .


Evidence shows the newcomers had a far higher reproductive rate .

Although earlier experts have always put forward the theory that Homo Europien must have been overwhelmed by a far more technologically advanced influx of humans with a higher I.Q.  ,  new evidence has come to light which shows that the very opposite may have been the case ,  which has stirred up a great deal of controversy and ridicule in scientific circles.

The new theory is ;

”  that they were simply victims of their own success ”

The discovery of many bone fragments with evidence of multiple skull fracture and all from different locations indicates that the final demise of Homo Europien was a very violent affair .

Other theories point to an unusual genetic susceptibility as indictated by DNA samples to a form of nueorological virus which may have infected those areas of the brain which regulate the hard-wired natural survival instincts which humans use to form a sense of tribal identity , extended family ,  and normal precautionary fear of strangers reflex which exists in all present day moden humans. This would have put Homo-Europien at a evolutionary dead-end .

It maybe that this lead to Homo-Europiens inability to recognise the apperance of a new species competing for the same resources when confronted with one .


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