Critical Theory used in the Public Schools Communication Theory

COMTH Communication Theory – Sem. Course (Value: 1⁄2 credit – Language)Grade 12

This semester course engages students in a critical overview and analysis of present-day newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and film, along with research of the development of those mediums over the last century. Media stereotypes will be researched and analyzed. In addition, the literary elements of film will be studied. Effective research, presentation and analysis will be studied as students participate in a minimum of two rounds of cross-examination debate. Numerous analytical papers will be written and presented, and a weekly, out-of-class critical blog is required.

Proof Public school using new criticism, structuralism, reader response criticism, marxist criticism, feminist criticism for their theory” or critical race theory by Derreck Bell.  This is terrible.  Doubled with the New Party, Committees of correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. The Republican Party isn’t on the ground.

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