Police State

You know I always wanted to move to Canada or Australia. In the next 25 years, the white Caucasian population will decrease a lot and become a minority. The popular culture in degenerating and American power is decreasing. The Christian population also decreases in the 25 years. Anyhow, less people will believe in Christian god. You just don’t recognize this country. This atheist REM thinks that my Judo-christian value doesn’t reign superior to anything else like it would in 1990s. This country is becoming complete backward (USSR-like) to what I’m use too. It’s declining as we speak. I have to get away before 2030 before this is complete shitty. The current generation stealing from my generation. I’m unsure the Canadians do it this badly. It doesn’t read like Canada’s or Australia’s GDP national debt is nearly as bad as United States.

This new United Socialist States of America culture doesn’t seem to get on people’s nerves, just a few.

When I say I dislike America, I meant that there are better lifestyles in the commonwealth of England for Caucasians.

I can get a lot more Facebook comments in Canada or Australia and meet a lot more Caucasians. This country’s mainstream citizens doesn’t know too much about marxism-leninism, NEw Party, Committees of Corresponse is and doesn’t care.

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