Marxist COWs Invading

You know if anybody elects Barack Obama than the United States will be subject to international courts which will regulate every military object or weapon we build, and reduce sovereignty. It’s Troskyist and unconstitutional. So I was meeting Tom who said that people are hurting from the bad recession; therefore, he just act on Frankfurt School critical theory and all of this. He agreed wemust separate from our parents and agreed with the Frankfurt School, marxist organization funded with US tax dollars. You know what I did? I got rid of him and found somebody new. Tom even was Troskyist-like when he said believed that the US should be a commonwealth of a government with a Vanguard party somewhere else in the world like Shanghai . He likes the marxist idea where the Vanguard party is a new class and having a classless society. Tom was a part of University of River Falls, and is influenced by Center of Wisconsin Strategy. Itself created by Joel Rogers who was involved the marxist-leninist ‘New Party’. I’m seeing someone not radical. My former friend Randy was slowly moving towards the Marxian. His best friend voted for Barack Obama, the marxist-leninist politician. He complains about $5 gas prices, but believes in Obama’s fairness to Democrats in a marxist way. Democrats are only a far-left party.

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