Nintendo Wii U not working and PS4/720 too late to market?

ccording to 01Net’s report, the hardware powering the Wii U simply isn’t up to scratch to do what Nintendo needs it to: Namely, run not just the console, but beam data to its fancy touch-screen controller as well. Apparently developers working on the console are having to use “tethers” to ensure serviceable communication between the Wii U and its controller, but even then things still aren’t working that well, and progress is reportedly halted daily with repeated software updates for the pad.

Xbox 720 and PS4 could be years too late on the market.

CNN news thought that Wii U is an accesesory for Wii.

Videogames look so much more interesting than Hollywood at this point. There isn’t anything out that excites me. I end up buying some old 1950’s “Twelve Angry Men” and John Wayne boxsets. New shows are complete trash.

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