Really Marxist-Leninist (1990 USSR style)

The President’s 5 year plans are really Leninist. Marxist-Leninist professor Derek Bell.

No wonder the CPUSA members votes Democratic Party. You don’t want the 2nd term. The USSR degenerated over 70 years and US is half the USSR size. Both countries are Superpowers. The USSR didn’t have a stock market until 1990. Romney.

Critical Race Theory (CRT): Beginning with the work of law professor Derrick Bell (Faces at the Bottom of the Well), CRT takes a much more political and social look at race relations. Very different from early theories of racism and prejudice that saw it largely as psychological (see Prejudice page), Bell and other CRT researchers see racism as deeply imbedded in the legal and social system. Thus, these writers take a clearly political look at anti-racism (fighting structural, not just psychological racism), rather than merely multiculturalism (teaching people about other cultures with the naïve belief that if we are better informed, racism will just go away—also focuses solely on individual thought and feeling and not on social change).
That’s not what General Patton thought

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