PBIs are easy

My PC-BSD didn’t LIbreoffice 3.4.5 (only openoffice 3.2) so the PBI file is automatic like exe file. Can you believe that Firefox 10 is 200 MB? I also got Opera 11.61, Q4Wine and Wine 1.3.4, some console emulators.

I got the 64-bit PC-BSD 9 Isotope Edition so I installed that today.

None of my facebook acquaintances want to join Google+. I’m on Google+. Like I said, facebook is evil. I comment on this college employee’s wall, but he doesn’t return the favour. Nobody returns the favour (all Americans).

There are a lot of people, who I comment on thier wall, and they Then they hit the abuse button, It just shows how hell-ish facebook is.

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