Wisconsin and Minnesota are ‘hell’

Many days I wish I were a Canadian. This country is so politically correct, that I cannot get any Facebook comments. The new normal really sucks. If I move out of this country, I would finally get Facebook comments from people in theory. I am sick of staying positive in front of people. I am going to be lower middle class the next 20-30 years in America without acquaintances so why not be Canadian? Everybody has their excuse to not spend time. All I need is facebook wall comments.

There is nobody around to sue or go to court for my cruel and unusual treatment infringement and this is a problem. Nobody has time for me or can volunteer setting aside time for me anymore. I’m too old for leisure! Obama creates the 5 year plans Obama’s Marxist-Leninist. The Frankfurt school’s Critical theory in videogames. Cannot just say that in public! Cannot just call Americans communist. Why the fuck not? The democratic party makes up this progressive facade for its real name “Social Democratic Workers Party”. Cannot just say Obama does bureaucraic collectivism in public. Cannot say that our Degenerated workers state degenerates to collapse. The Smith Act is of course useless!

The reason why USA spending so much is the 5 year plans. Gosplan committee making those 5 year plans in NASA, oil, healthcare, etc, etc? I need to win social arguments to get attention.

I don’t remember 5 year plans under President Bill Clinton for some reason! I think Democrats were third way back then!

I get this crazy progressive complement that I’m patient [probably until hell freezes over ]!

Canada doesn’t seem all that dangerous. I heard the world is the most dangerous since 1776.

American Negro in the Communist Party

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