PC-BSD 9.0 impressions

I finally installed PC-BSD 9.0. For some reason I had to install Libreoffice with FreeBSD ports in install mode. This PC-BSD is very, very stable like PC-BSD 8.2 was. Remember, Linux Mint goes into coma for 10 seconds. I booted 15 times and nothing really showed up. The openSUSE 12.1 had a GRUB file which I added PC-BSD 9 script to the file. KDE 4.7.3 is pretty fast for 32-bit. I ordered a 64-bit DVD so PC-BSD 9 can use five more cores. The NTFS drivers were great this time around, because it mounted.


FreeBSD is ultra-powerful, ultra-secure and ultra-stable (more so than Mac OS 10.6!) yet unknown. It won’t win any OS politics anytime soon. I heard MAC OS 10.6 is based on old FreeBSD 5.4! The USG should take notice.

It’s like a 10/10.


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