Acer Christmas

AMD A6-3400M at 2.3 GHz (4 cores) AMD Radeon HD 6520G 512 MB GDDR3 6 GB DDR3 6 cell lithium ion 15.6″ 500 GB SATA openSUSE 12.1 (KDE 4.7.2, Gnome 3.2.1, XFCE 4.8.6, LXDE 0.5.8 / 3.1.2 kernel) Windows 7 I get internal wifi in Windows 7. I don’t get wifi in Linux, yet I installed broadcom linux drivers successfully via sudo /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware. Hope fixed in openSUSE 12.2! It has no 3D games, but a mirror of my 80 GB of mp3s, aotuv vorbis 5 and aac. I bought an Asus USB103 today to fix Yast WIFI detection. The Zune 30 and a Creative Zen touch 20 GB are new, not Christmas presents. Zen touch is the greatest battery longevity, cheapest, 20 GB media player in history. I got a couple of laptops to use, but this is my latest owned laptop.

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