Barack Obama’s Deleonist second term and campaign

I knew about the Leninist Committees of Correspondence and the New Party, the Council of Governors right? That was his first term.

Obama’s current platforms seems more 19th century marxist-deleonist than marxist-leninist/maoist (first term).

According to the De Leonist theory, workers would simultaneously form Socialist Industrial Unions in the workplaces, and a socialist political party which would organize in the political realm. Upon achieving sufficient support for a victory at the polls, the political party would be voted into office, giving the De Leonist program a mandate from the people. It is assumed that at that point, the Socialist Industrial Unions will have attained sufficient strength in the workplaces for workers there to take control of the means of production.

The De Leonist victory at the polls would be accompanied by a transfer of control of the factories, mines, farms and other means of production to workers councils organized within the industrial unions. De Leonists distinguish this event from the general strike to take control of the workplaces.

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