Greatest superheroes

20. Dr. Doom (Fantastic 4)
19. Hunter Rose
18. Captain America
17. Wonder Woman
16. The Punisher
15. Iron Man
14. Rorschach (Watchmen)
13 Death (Sandman)
12. The Hulk
11. Jesse Custer (Preacher)
10. The Thing (Fantastic 4)
9. Magneto (Xmen)
8. The Joker (batman)
7. Judge Dredd
6. Dream ((Vertigo)
5. Spiderman
4. Wolverine
3. John Constantine (Hellblazer)
2. Batman
1. Superman (but he should be #50 here)

Today, I bought my first comic paperbacks and hardcover. Xmen Days of Futures Past, the Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke. I’ll probably stop right there, because comics are defunct.

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