OPERA neutrino anomaly

OPERA neutrino anomaly has obsoleted Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, because his uses a worse then light-speed algorithm. CERN will have to create an exception using a Theory of neutrino anomaly relativity. They arrived earlier by 60 nsec. Within tthe Standard-Model Extension (SME theory), various theorists have suggested that the neutrino have tachyonic nature. The faster-than-light propagation is possible without requiring moving objects to have imaginary mass. The Standard-Model Extension (SME theory) explains how neutrinos goes faster than light speed. Nuetrinos are found in nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs. Frederick Reines and Clyde Cowan originally found nuetrinos inside nuclear bombs in 1956.

The spaceships use neutrinos so they must be plasma-based engines and we already have military astronauts in those TAW-50 fighter-bombers running on neutrinos/nuclear fission and magnetic anti-gravity mechanisms to sustain their structural stability with high MACH speeds. We can upgrade those in the near future.

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