Wii U tech specs

Official name: Nintendo Wii U

Graphic Processor: Sherlock Holmes: ATI R770, Shader Model 4.1 (DirectX 10.1/ OpenGL 3.3)

CPU: IBM Watson: Power 6, 4 cores, 16 threads at 3 GHz (PowerPC 476FP)


RAM: shared GDDR5 768 MB or 1024 MB

The Zelda demo re-imagined the Temple of Time from Twilight Princess and Link’s battle with Armogohma, a ghastly, colossal spider boss monster. Not playable, but interactive, I watched as Link stepped onto a polished marble floor, his reflection sharply visible as light from stained glass windows danced on its surface. The fairy Navi appeared as a softly glowing orb of light. We could see the stitching in Link’s tunic, the leatherwork of his boots and sheath in detail. Smoke pouring from flaming braziers was lit with a soft orange glow.

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