The world in a down-ward liberal spiral, maybe even a Troskyist/Frankfurt School governed US society (we all know VI Lenin and Leon Trosky scored high on SAT test) where there is no money in the treasury. The greater good is a free market society with a healthy treasury that has centre-left, centre-right politics over state-capitalist society.

State-capitalist society is basically just a vision of VI Lenin had in the USSR in 1910 that was inevitable. Liberals think it is great because the government brainwashes citizens, taxes citizens very highly, and citizens cannot do whatever he/she want to do. The public sector always costs the private sector taxes so the private sector has to be many times larger; therefore, all the jobs need to be in the private sector. We don’t have free houses. Trosky believed in soviet democracy with the Revolutionary Socialist party and proletarian internationalism, and some Trot variants (1) (2) (3) believe USSR was state-capitalist. In The Anti-Œdipus, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari followed up 3rd Reich’s problem: “why did the masses desire fascism?”, which led them to a critique of Freudo-Marxism (aka Frankfurt School).

Help out Wisconsin like voting out Obama and Polisi, we’re like bankrupted Greece BTW!

Evidence shows that Barack Obama and Nancy Polisi want Deflated Permanent Revolution created by Tony Cliff.

An attempt to elaborate an exception to the theory was made by Tony Cliff of the Socialist Workers Party , in his “Theory of Deflected Permanent Revolution“. In his 1963 essay Deflected Permanent Revolution he develops the idea that where the proletariat is unable to take power, a section of the intelligentsia may be able to carry out a Bourgeois Revolution. He further argues that the use of Marxist concepts by such elements (most notably in Cuba and China, but also for example by regimes espousing Arab Socialism or similar philosophies) is not genuine but is the use of Marxism as an ideology of power.

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