Greatest videogame villians

25. Ares (God of War)
24. GlaDOS (Portal)
23. Kane (Command & Conquer)
22. Mother Brain (Metroid)
21. M Bison (Street Fighter)
20. Kefka (Final fantasy VI)
19. Psycho Mankis (Metal Gear Solid)
18. Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
17. Wario
16. Andrew Ryan
15. The Master (Fallout 3)
14. Darth Malak (Knights of the Old REpublic)
13. Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
12. Wario (Wario Land)
11. Arthas Menethil (World of Warcraft
10. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Code Veronica)
9. Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat)
8. Ganondorf
7. Bowser
6. Diablo (Diablo 2)
5. Dr. Breen (Half-life 2)
4. General RAMM (Gears of War)
3. The Joker (Batman)
2. Darth Vader
1. Kerrigan (Star Craft)

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