Minnesota Nice is false

The people who I talk to say politics will doom me and yet Fox News is on 24/7 talking about Obama’s far left politics. They say that social anxiety comes from my inability to speak to people… In the real-world, Gamestop, pizza parlor clerks cannot meet with customers after work for any reason. Women shouldn’t trust strangers, because it is inappropriate. Everybody is a STRANGER now! My parents say treat everybody nice so they don’t shoot me with their handgun (in theory we’re a police state and very dangerous country) ! I trust that part. I always thought women thought they would get into an affair, kidnapped and raped by me, but whatever the real reason is pretty stupid. They must think that men are capitalist and abusive. I think I am close. I go up to people, he/she mostly say “No” after a bit of a small talk about games, and what I should buy. See, it’s their choice to decline friendship. This social anxiety of mine shouldn’t even exist. Men are attracted to their mostly cute girlfriends (aka lady friend); therefore, they don’t have time after work. If I used Karl Marx’s Manuscripts of 1844, would that explain things? ~~ Alienation of Labor for making friends! Now my parents think I have social issues, because other people don’t want to talk at work or after work and don’t want to watch movies, go to parties, and social activity WITH ME.

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