I got a HP LiveStrong and Dual Core Turion 64 for Xmas….

I got a HP Live Strong Special Edition laptop for Xmas with an AMD Turion 64 (that’s what HP operator said) for mobile clocked at 2.2 GHz in it with 2 Benjamin Franklins ($200). The Turion is suppose to have 40% more battery life than an Athlon 64 X2 which is why he bought it. It’s been a year since I seen one. It wasn’t from Santa Clause. I typed ‘msconfig’ into Run terminal and unchecked half the stuff in the taskbar (which made the computer slower than it needed to be). It only weighs 5.3 lbs with the detachable lithium ion battery and is 3 inches thick. I’ve been playing around with the Windows GUI which is very fast.

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First PC game screenshot

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 photo laptop16_zpsb7b93af4.jpg

 photo laptop17oj_zpsfddd22d8.jpg

Other specs

1. 14” 32-bit color LCD technology
2. 986 MB of SDRAM
3. 256 MB Radeon Xpress 200 XT
4. 1280×768 resolution
5. Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Mobile
6. Floppy (of course)
7. Altec Lansing speakers
8. 4 USB 2.0
9. 5.3 LBS
10. 8x/4x DL-DVD-RW
11. 100 GB HDD
12. 802.11G integrated
13. WinXP Service Pack 2
14. Microsoft Works Office Suite (deleted)
15. iTunes 4
16. Windows Media Player 10
17. Sonic DVD Burner Software

Software I added

1. Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (open source)
2. Limewire 1.9 (open source)
3. 7ZIP file manager 4.32 (open source)
4. WinRAR 3.51 (free)
5. Microsoft Office 2003 Professional
6. VideoLAN 0.84a (open source)
7. Irfanview (free)
8. CCleaner 1.2 (free)
9. Winamp 5.12 (free)
10. An updated video driver
11. Xchat (open source IRC client)
12. Corel Paint Shop Pro X (shareware)
13. Nero 7 Ultra Edition [] (shareware)

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