HD-DVD & Blu-Ray makers join forces! More game shots | Desktop shot | looking at DVD recorders at Tigerdirect | broadband draws near

This shelf was added because of my growing game collection

first videogame shelf I had.




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Old shelf I had since 2000

The other shelf I’ve bought in 2000. Serves it’s purpose.

I added all my computer game boxes to the 2 shelves below that shelf by my TV with misc videogame software.

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My desktop today. Stardocks 1.11 is really cool. I like it a lot.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Join Forces | The Meetings are classified

There’s been quite a few stories recently (on reliable sites like the BBC and The Register) that Sony was saying it’s open to negotiations with HD-DVD to merge the two systems. It’s possible that the negotiations are going ahead.

It might be that Sony doesn’t want to repeat the problems of Betamax, Minidisc and Memory Stick, where it ended up being an expensive minority format. If company founders merge Blu-ray and HD-DVD manufactures, everyone wins with this alliance, because there’s no uncertainty of which format to purchase, and customers can go ahead and buy whatever the new format of the new alliance is called without worrying that it’ll go obsolete two years later by one of competitor’s better disc with more data capacity. This means that another higher tech ROM drive will be installed in Playstation 3s which prior to the merger was Blu-ray’s debut product.

Both HD-DVD and Blu-ray both use a blue laser, that’s how they can fit so much more onto a disc (the laser is smaller so the pits can be too). The industry had blue lasers burning data storage for 10 years, but it’s taken until now for blue lasers to be cheap and easy enough to mass produce.

Blu-ray looked like it was likely to pull ahead and be Hollywood’s media of choice.

More as it comes available.

Wisconsin (USA) life ramblings

I’ve taken a camera shot of all my videogames in their place. On Sunday, I asked my Mom to get Stella Deus Gates of Eternity for $50 at Game Stop. I own Stella Deus now. This morning I’ve been looking at DVD Recorders. This one burns DVDs in both NTSC and PAL MPEG2 codec although I don’t know whether or not it’ll burn Dual Layer DVDs. The disadvantage of DVD is that it’s not enough minutes for most movies I watch off satellite. I’m pretty sure it’s record, and it burns DVDs at default settings on-the-fly. I was looking at the Emerson Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder and the Emerson EWR10DR DVD Recorder. The EWR10DR I can buy for 120 dollars while I’ll be spending 70 dollars more on a VCR to DVD recording capabilities. With some simple cables linking the VCR to the DVD player I can do what the DVD/VCR recorders can for less money. I think I’ll record Heavy Metal episodes on DVD off the History Channel. Heavy Metal has some cool 1 hour episodes about tanks, fighters, and military ships and weapons including various range missiles and torpedoes with mega TNT! I would love to burn them on SL-DVD, and will save me a ton of money and I can spend the left over money on videogames. I’ve added a DivX movie list on my angelfire webpage.

I was also looking at how you can get a 30 inch LCD TV with 750:1 contrast level for $900 plus shipping. That’s less than my 25” TV’s original cost 5 months ago! I don’t need another LCD TV, but the future of TV sets is LCD TVs, and my next TV 5 years down the road could be a 35” LCD TV with better resolution once I find a job and can afford one in 2008. I require an Xbox 360 in November. I’m wondering if Project Gotham Racing 3 will be an Xbox 360 launch title and may be my first choice.

Confirmed X360 launch titles (updated)

• Project Gotham Racing 3
• Battlefield 2: Modern Warfare
• Call of Duty 2
• The Godfather
• Madden Football 2006
• FIFA 2006 (federal international football association)
• Dead or Alive 4
• Perfect Dark Zero (Rareware title)
• Need for Speed Underground 3
• New unannounced Namco franchise
• Kameo (another RAREware title)
• Halo 2.5

By the way, I’m getting broadband with free wireless NICs I’ll get to install sometime this month! The most noticeable change is I can stream-save 192 kbps shoutcast broadcast channels and listen to the music in real time to give it all a way to my friends for free once I can find some. Point is be my friend cause I’ll give you free music!

New games to add to collection

• Stella Deus Gates of Eternity

Final Word : Modblog, please fix the domain name server soon so my site looks gorgeous again.

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  1. Iain's Smashing Good Blog Site

    You know in People's Republic of China, companies sell HD-DVD and Bluray together in a case. They have this HD-DVD that runs a Chinese made encoder. Audio Video Standard (AVS)DVD Forum said HD-DVD, but settled on DVD instead. At the time nobody knew it.


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