While Biden Continues His Smears, Trump Meets with Kyle Rittenhouse

As President Joe Biden continues his refusal to retract false allegations of white supremacy against Kyle Rittenhouse, President Donald Trump is stepping in to do the right thing.

DOOCY: "Will the president ever apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse for suggesting...that he is a white supremacist?"@PressSec deflects, claiming that President Trump "refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups." pic.twitter.com/JrldQZSiXf
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Trump invited Rittenhouse to Mar-a-Lago this week after a jury found he acted in self-defense against a band of criminal adults in Kenosha last year.

GOATs pic.twitter.com/Yjr72unlvE
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 24, 2021

Thank you, President Trump. It was an honor to meet you.

Thank you for supporting the rule of law and the God-given right of self-defense. #KyleRittenhouse pic.twitter.com/wPJ3b0ecqt
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Trump discussed the visit with Fox News host Sean Hannity Tuesday night.

“Kyle I got to know him a little bit…really a nice young man and what he went through, that was prosecutorial misconduct. He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead. If he didn’t pull that trigger, that guy that put that gun to his head in one quarter of a second, he was going to pull the trigger. Kyle would have been dead. He’s a really good young guy. He’s 18-years-old,” Trump said. “He should have never been put through that. That was prosecutorial misconduct.”

President Trump On Meeting Kyle Rittenhouse

“Really a nice young man.”

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A Conservative Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time to count our blessings and give thank.

Despite the Biden presidency and all its onerous permutations, conservatives do have things to be thankful for. In addition to the perennial acknowledgment and thankfulness extended to members of the armed services, law enforcement, and fire and rescue first responders, here are some right-wing thank-yous I’d like to offer as we head into the heart of the holiday season.

I am thankful for Glenn Youngkin and Virginia. The win there was an earthshattering rebuke of an off-the-rails Democrat agenda. May it presage a cleansing 2022 Red Wave. The cranberry sauce on this blessing is the pleasant void created by the absence of Terry McAuliffe.

Ancillary thanks go to former General Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli for making it close in the blue bastion of New Jersey. And while we’re in the Garden State, thank you to truck driver and concerned citizen Edward Durr, who took on the Democrat machine and ousted one of its main drivers, State Senate President Steve Sweeney.

I am thankful this year for Senator Rand Paul, and his exposure of Anthony “gain-of-function” Fauci. When dogs—the stately beagle, no less—were reportedly harmed in Fauci-funded experimental research, whatever shreds of sympathetic credibility left in the doctor’s aura dissipated like supporters at an election night rally for Hillary Clinton.

The only thing that could have made it worse for Fauci is if Golden Retrievers had been the experimental subjects.

I am thankful for the full exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse. As Sean Hannity said on his radio show, it was among the biggest “no-brainers” in the history of the universe. Rittenhouse was lawfully defending himself. He might have ended up dead, like Portland Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, slain in the street in cold blood by a far-left radical. There was tension while the jury was out; you never know how the verdict will come down. They got it right.

I am personally thankful for Newsmax TV. It was hard leaving Fox News after twenty-four years, but as a day-one Trump supporter who believes the election was stolen in several key swing states, I had no choice. IMO Newsmax looks and sounds like a Trump-era, America First conservative channel should look and sound.

I am cautiously optimistic, and thankful, that the US Court of Appeals in the Fifth Circuit issued a stay on Biden’s attempt to implement a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees. COVID-19, while very real, has been coopted by the left and used as a blunt instrument to force the kind of compliance that they hope will set the stage for future tyrannical control. The stay offers hope that the partisan hegemonic coronavirus campaign has peaked, and that a big recalibration is coming. The Biden Regime’s patience may be wearing thin, but the Supreme Court will likely have the final say.

I am thankful that the far-left Marxist Democrats who now control the party will ignore topical comedian Bill Maher when he warns that their insane “woke” agenda is steering them over a cliff.

I give thanks to the growing number of America First Republican candidates who are stepping up to primary the GOP rinos who aided and abetted Joe Biden’s trillion-plus dollar infrastructure bill. The bill would have, and should have, passed on Democrat votes alone, but for the yay-sayers who handed the Democrats a bipartisan talking point.

Godspeed to the challengers.

I am especially thankful that Kamala Harris has not gone anywhere, done anything, or even said anything that positively addresses the real problems facing the nation. Because if she had, it might have ameliorated the solidified perception of her vice presidency as an unequivocal train wreck.

Finally, I am thankful that Joe Biden did not die in office this year, sparing us, at least temporarily, the frightening prospect of Harris afflicting the Oval Office with her callow incompetency. Biden is obviously not running the show, but if he passes, it will be a case of Katie-bar-the-door.

As you grow older, the years seem to flash by evermore quickly. It seems as if I only just recently put away the 2020 Christmas ornaments. Now it’s time to unbox them again.

There are political developments for conservatives to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but, pausing to reflect upon 2021, the hastening of time might be a good thing.

‘Thank You for Publicizing This’: Democrats Reveal Top Profession Among DNC Donors

The Democratic Party boasted on social media about the fact that teachers were the No. 1 “DNC donor-reported occupation” this year—a move that critics say Republicans should use in future campaign ads.

“Fun fact: The number one DNC donor-reported occupation this year is a teacher,” the Democrats said on Twitter.

The confirmation comes just weeks after Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election in a race where education was among the top issues to voters.

This tweet should be in every republican add for 2022.— Joe Arimathea (@JoeArimathea) November 22, 2021

Thank you for publicizing this, plz keep doing that. https://t.co/ef8VWUgfl5— Cernovich (@Cernovich) November 22, 2021

Exactly. https://t.co/d9SnYb1ZRc— Michael Knowles (@michaeljknowles) November 22, 2021

Fun Fact: You lost Virginia because of this. Keep up the great work! https://t.co/7qRe4Wx9pd— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) November 22, 2021

This should tell you all you need to know about what is wrong with our education system. https://t.co/zXjxGHLEAZ— Ned Ryun (@nedryun) November 22, 2021

Apparently clueless as to how voters felt about the education issue, Mculiffe brought in American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who kept schools closed for over a year, as his final surrogate. The decision had disastrous effects on children. 

Terry McAuliffe is making closing arguments to Virginia voters alongside Randi Weingarten, the teachers union head who kept schools closed longer than necessary.

Days ago, new data showed what that did to kids of all backgrounds. Here are Fairfax’s #s:https://t.co/lNXVBEANDT pic.twitter.com/bmrmqRcgIX— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) November 2, 2021

According to emails, the powerful teachers union also influenced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on school reopenings. 

Pray for Joe Manchin

Lost in the nationwide grieving by the mainstream media over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges stemming from defending himself against violent rioters last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin was the U.S. House’s passage Friday of the most massive consumer fraud since Bernie Madoff gave creative accounting advice to crooks at Enron.

I’m referring, of course, to the fraudulently-named “Build Back Better” bill …which should more accurately be described as the “Biden-Harris-Pelosi  Blueprint for Bankrupting America while Encouraging N’er-do Wells to Sit At Home Drinking Colt .45 Malt Liquor and Watching Netflix while Attaching Themselves like Barnacles to Hard Working Taxpayers” Act.   Kinda long for a bumper sticker, but Joe wants to destroy all gas-powered cars anyway.

Tuning in to C-SPAN Friday and watching Speaker Pelosi and AOC and members of The Squad and the Congressional Black Caucus literally gyrating and hula-dancing on the floor of the House after stabbing

331-million Americans in the back with their Leviathan of out-of-control spending was a depressing sight to behold. A raucous celebration of how they had just taken the first step in a process which would condemn untold, unborn generations of Americans to crushing debt while they fed their lust for power surely represented one of the darkest days in American political history.CARTOONS | AF Branco View Cartoon

Biden and his soulless automatons in the House keep prevaricating that Build Back Better “is fully funded and won’t add one cent to the Federal deficit.”  Secondly, the pricetag for this outrageous spending spree has been fixed by Democrats—and their handmaidens in the media like Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow and Wolfe Blitzer—at “$1.7-trillion.” 100% false and they know it.

If the U.S. Senate (that’s where your prayers for Joe Manchin are urgently needed) rubber stamps this atomic suppository for taxpayers just passed by the U.S. House, the actual price tag—and this is a VERY conservative estimate—will be just shy of $5-trillion. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget pegs to cost at $4.9-trillion if temporary tax credits and programs are made permanent through 2031.  So Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and AOC and the rest of the irresponsible budget arsonists on Capitol Hill were deceptively sneaky with their protestations that BBB would “not add a single penny to the deficit.”  Right. It will add a minimum of $1.5-trillion in deficits over just the first five years.

But that’s only the beginning of the non-stop wasteful spending Democrats plan to octopus-wire throughout America. If the floodgates of the U.S. Treasury are flung open, look for Enhanced Child Tax Credits, Free College Tuition, and Expanded Broadband Connections for teepees on Tribal Lands. Like Dr. Mengele crafting newer and more evil ways to vivisect humans during the Third Reich, Pelosi and her Fifth Columnists used sneaky Washington budget tricks like “sunsetting” programs after a few years and funneling money to their union cronies like Randi Weingarten and the UAW through “pilot programs” which would allow Democratic tentacles to wrap around the Free Enterprise system and crush it like a grape.

More subsidies for ObamaCare..more Federal tax dollars siphoned from the taxpayers to help fund baby-killers like Planned Parenthood. The sky’s the limit. Why stop at Universal Pre-K? Why not slip in subsidies for more giant John Kerry-approved windmills and free electric shopping carts for Seniors. And since they nightly defend and give nodding approval of the insane Biden Administration plan to give $450,000-per-person to illegal aliens who broke our laws sneaking into the United States, no reason for Pelosi to think she can’t count on the “media” to support additional doles and reparations for Antifa and BLM rioters who may have cut themselves or gotten hangnails while looting and burning liquor stores and minimarts across the nation. When it comes to House Democrats, there is literally no idea too nutty or too farfetched to not make the basis for another Build Back Better boondoggle.

So now BBB slithers across the Capitol, where literally the only person standing between the America we all love and the nightmare of a Red Dawn brought on by “Build Back Better” is the senior senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin.

Throughout the Summer Manchin resisted pressure from The White House (although that’s minimal at best since compared to Joe Biden a busboy at Denny’s is a more imposing figure) and Democrats in Congress (Manchin would be more scared of an elderly Walmart greeter wearing a “How May I Help You?” vest than any of the nonentities in the Democratic Senate Caucus.) He’s even ignored screaming lunatics who yelled at him on his houseboat Almost Heaven moored in D.C. and another band who temporarily blocked his car. Riddle me this:  is there no security for U.S. Senators anymore?

Manchin is “skeptical” of adding to the deficit. And he’s no fan of an Administration that has declared war on coal…his home state’s #1 industry.  If he stands on principle and means what he keeps saying, his “no” vote will be enough to “Kill Back Better” on the spot. But he is—after all—a Democrat.

In the old parable of the frog and the fire ant, a frog was asked by a venomous fire ant to carry him across a raging river. “No,” said the frog, “because if I do you’ll sting me with your toxic venom.” But the fire ant protested, “I won’t. If I did, we’d both drown.” So the frog started across the water and at the halfway point, the fire ant stung him. As he began to sink, the frog cried,  “Why did you sting me?”  And the fire ant replied, “It’s just my nature.”

Scripture calls on us to pray for our leaders. So I am lifting up Joe Manchin in prayer. He needs to be covered in prayers especially in the midst of this budget crisis in Washington. I pray—and encourage you to join me—that Senator Manchin would receive God’s wisdom and defy the skeptics who think he’ll “cave in the end.”  Let’s all pray for his strength to stand up to unGodly pressures and with his single, powerful vote pull America back from the abyss.

Project Veritas Gets Unlikely Support from Liberal Group After FBI Raids

After the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas reporters and founder James O’Keefe over an alleged diary belonging to Ashley Biden, the group is getting some unlikely support from those concerned about the Biden administration’s assault on the First Amendment. 

While expressing their objections to Project Veritas’s work, the ACLU on Sunday released a statement nevertheless discussing how “this case could have serious consequences for press freedom.”

“Project Veritas has engaged in disgraceful deceptions, and reasonable observers might not consider their activities to be journalism at all. Nevertheless, the precedent set in this case could have serious consequences for press freedom. Unless the government had good reason to believe that Project Veritas employees were directly involved in the criminal theft of the diary, it should not have subjected them to invasive searches and seizures. We urge the court to appoint a special master to ensure that law enforcement officers review only those materials that were lawfully seized and that are directly relevant to a legitimate criminal investigation.” (ACLU)

Politico also ran a report titled “FBI raid on Project Veritas founder’s home sparks questions about press freedom.” 

That [diary] made it into the hands of O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, which never published anything on the subject and eventually turned the document over to police.

An ensuing federal investigation resulted in the FBI raid on O’Keefe’s home in Westchester County, N.Y., at 6 a.m. last Saturday to seize his cell phones pursuant to a court order. O’Keefe says he stood handcuffed in his underwear in a hallway as almost a dozen agents — one carrying a battering ram — searched for the phones.

The politically fraught episode is shaping up as an early test of the vows from Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland to show greater respect for the media and to back away from the confrontational, often hostile approach favored by former President Donald Trump and his administration.

“This is just beyond belief,” said University of Minnesota law professor Jane Kirtley, a former executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “I’m not a big fan of Project Veritas, but this is just over the top. I hope they get a serious reprimand from the court because I think this is just wrong.” (Politico)

Questions have also been raised from GWU law professor Jonathan Turley and The New York Post about the FBI’s raids, with the latter saying the feds’ actions have “all the marks of a political vendetta.”

O’Keefe explained they were tipped off about the diary in question but since they could not verify it belonged to Ashley Biden, they never published anything about it and eventually handed it over to police. 

There Are Increasing Examples of How Critical Race Theory is Being Taught, and Has Been For Years

With the political relevance, Critical Race Theory (CRT) has, liberals somehow still think they have a leg to stand on to claim that it’s not taught in schools. There’s proof that it has indeed been taught, though, and deep-dive investigations from Tucker Carlson, and others, reveal it’s been an issue for years now. 

It appears that Carlson was one of the first to bring attention to CRT. 

Two years ago, on November 11, 2019, L Hunnicut wrote about how “Carlson Gives Voice To Arizona Parents In ‘Deep Equity’ Segment” for the Arizona Daily Independent News Network.

Hunnicut, transcribing part of Carlson’s episode from November 10, 2019, shared the following.

“If you don’t have kids in school you might imagine that the worst trends in American education are pretty much confined to our most liberal cities – you know in Seattle math is racist, in New York City gifted and talented programs are oppressive, in Berkeley; God knows what they’re doing. The left has abandoned education in favor of naked political propaganda. You know that, but it’s comforting to think it’s not happening near you or your children. Unfortunately, that’s not true. It is happening probably right down the street from where you are. Now an investigation by this show found a radical new curriculum in schools across the country from Arizona to Iowa. The program is called “Deep Equity. It’s produced by a for-profit education company called Corwin which is based in California. Corwin describes “Deep Equity as a teacher training program that is “aimed at producing real school improvement for equity and social justice. So how does deep equity do that? Well mainly by attacking the students on the basis of their skin color. According to “Deep Equity,” America is based on a hierarchy of various oppressions: men oppress women, Christianity oppresses Islam, English oppresses Spanish, white people oppress everyone, and by the way if you have a problem with this explanation you are yourself entrenching oppression. You’re part of the problem according to Corwin….”

“Yet according to one teacher we spoke to who is uses curriculum the “Deep Equity” curriculum forces teachers to become racial activists. Not that you need to interview anyone to find that out. It’s obvious they’re not teaching anything having to do with math or Science or English or Language. They’re teaching racial activism; certain to confuse and wound and divide our kids of all colors.”

Fast forward to 2021, and Carlson has still been instrumental, especially considering he calls CRT out by name, while also detailing how confusing it all is. 

In an op-ed for Fox News from June 24, “If ‘White rage’ is a medical condition, how do you catch it?” Carlson wrote:

In the universities, this is called “critical race theory,” so that’s the term many people go with. “Critical race theory” — that’s what we so often debate on TV. But it’s an inaccurate way to describe what’s happening. Like so much academic jargon, the phrase “critical race theory” doesn’t mean anything. It obscures, rather than illuminates. It’s designed to confuse you. What’s happening in our schools and our military and our government is both simpler and easier to recognize than that. It’s not critical race theory. It’s racism. Not “neo-racism” or “reverse racism.” Those are meaningless terms. It’s race hate, peddled by the people in charge in the hope it’ll make them more powerful. That’s all it is.  

Perhaps those who were so quick to mock Carlson for telling Brit Hume during his November 3 show that “he’s never figured out what critical race theory is,” should have read that column for context.

In another op-ed from February 19, “The far-left agenda your children are being taught every day,” Carlson reminded readers that he’s been covering the issue since his show aired, that “we have covered the way our schools are changing and the indoctrination that your kids are suffering through. Over the past four-plus years, the curricula in so many schools has turned from the extremely left-wing to the outright totalitarian.”

When it domes to “the outright totalitarian,” Carlson went on to warn in a July 6 op-ed that “If you question critical race theory, crazed ideologues will attack you and hurt your children.”

Carlson isn’t the only one addressing CRT head-on. 

Marc Thiessen has brought up the issue in multiple columns for the Washington Post. The entire November 11 column, “The danger of critical race theory,” is worth reading, but here’s a particularly important explanation:

CRT rejects democracy as a “relic of Enlightenment reason,” [Princeton University professor Allen C. Guelzo] says, and argues that White people “use tricks like democracy and the search for truth … to exploit and oppress and dominate people of color.” Don’t take his word for it. Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, authors of “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction,” state that “critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.”

Virginia has gotten a considerable amount of attention, where Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin made it a priority to discuss CRT on the campaign trail and promised to outlaw it. 

Youngkin’s opponent, meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe, constantly referred to CRT as “a racist dog whistle” and even claimed that it wasn’t taught in Virginia. As I covered last month, though, shortly before the election, the Virginia Department of Education website references CRT concepts.

Parents Defending Education recently posted a list of 20 examples where CRT is being taught in Virginia.

I was assured that CRT was not in the curriculum.

Please read my latest column: CRT Isn’t in the Curriculum, It’s the Language of the Curriculumhttps://t.co/MOZrplxJo2 https://t.co/YYjmI715g6— Larry O’Connor (@LarryOConnor) November 10, 2021

In a November 9 column for Townhall, Larry O’Connor aptly summed it up with how “CRT Isn’t in the Curriculum, It’s the Language of the Curriculum.”

This is another column worth reading in its entirety. But here’s some excerpts:

Perhaps they’re trying to hang their hats on a very narrow, semantic argument here. Since there isn’t a “Critical Race Theory 101” class in your local elementary school, they believe they can claim CRT isn’t in the curriculum. 

But it is a deception not worthy of the best liars in the media. 

No, CRT is not in the curriculum of these schools. It is woven into the very fabric of the curriculum of these schools. 

It would be easy to opt out of the CRT class. It’s a lot harder to disentangle the Critical Race Theory philosophy… no, ideology, from every part of the language and framework in the curriculum of nearly every class your kid takes at the school you pay for and apparently aren’t allowed to have any input in. 

And, as Thiessen had also explained, in “Democrats are lying about critical race theory” from November 9:

The left’s CRT denial is intellectually dishonest. Just because grade-school students are not studying academic treatises on critical race theory does not mean it is not being taught in schools. Most of these students are also not reading Karl Marx, but if they were being instructed by teachers trained in Marxist thought to see everything through the prism of class struggle, they would be learning Marxism. Well, today children are being instructed by teachers trained in CRT to see everything through the prism of race; to believe that the United States is a systemically racist country; and to believe that society is divided into two classes — oppressors and oppressed — and that which you are is determined by the color of your skin. That is critical race theory. 

Virginia may have just had a highly publicized statewide election, but CRT is hardly contained to the commonwealth. Parents Defending Education also has an “Indoctrination Map,” which shows this is particularly a problem on the East Coast.

The Gaslighting from the Democrats on Inflation Continues

The United States is facing record high inflation, as Katie covered on Wednesday, but you might not know it based on the Biden administration’s response and the gaslighting from the Democratic Party. Of all the coverage on inflation, Democrats chose to highlight Paul Krugman’s opinion piece, “History Says Don’t Panic About Inflation,” as the DNC War Room did in a Friday email about the op-ed. Further, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki framed inflation in quite the newsworthy way on Friday. 

Early in the Friday press briefing, Psaki claimed while answering a reporter that inflation has “become a political cudgel and it shouldn’t be.” 

Later in the press briefing, though, she went on to place the blame on Republicans. “I would note that we don’t have partnership from — with — from most Republicans on that.  We hear a lot of screaming about inflation.  We don’t hear a lot of solution agreements or willingness to participate in a solution, and that’s really — or a discussion of a solution.  And that’s really what we’re looking for at this point in time,” she also said.

Psaki emphasized that inflation is expected “to substantially decelerate next year,” even telling a reporter “I know you’re not talking about that, but that’s an important component here.”

It’s worth mentioning other coverage from The New York Times, in a piece by Jeanna Smialek, which, unlike Krugman’s, is not an opinion piece. In “Fastest Inflation in 31 Years Puts More Heat on Washington,” she writes:

Administration and Fed officials alike have maintained that rapid inflation should eventually fade. But they have had to revise how quickly that might happen: Supply chains remain badly snarled, and demand for goods is holding up and helping to fuel higher prices. As wages begin to rise in many sectors amid labor shortages, there are reasons to expect that some businesses might charge their customers more to cover climbing worker costs. October’s data did nothing to alleviate that growing sense of unease.

A New York Times DealBook piece updated on November 10 also detailed “Should You Worry About Inflation? Experts Weigh In.”

It’s particularly rich that Psaki would bring up former Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton and economic advisor to Barack Obama, Larry Summers, when the Biden administration ignored his warnings.

Summers made headlines earlier this week for his appearance on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” where Chris Cuomo categorized Summers position as one where “inflation doesn’t come fast, doesn’t leave fast. This is going to be with us for a while.”

As Summers went on to say about the administration, it’s “behind the curve” and “not recognizing” certain issues:

I think they’re just not recognizing just how much demand is being created by the tremendous wall of money, 15 percent of GDP, in one year, that they released, last spring.

And that, in conjunction with central bank, the Fed that keeps the interest rate at zero, that’s buying all kinds of bonds and mortgages, when, the middle of a housing boom, just sets off a dynamic that, then the thing about inflation, is you start chasing your tail.

Rising inflation, of inputs, leads firms to raise their prices. That leads other firms to raise their prices. And the whole thing spirals. It can be broken. But it needs to be broken by some kind of dramatic action. And those kinds of dramatic actions often cause recessions.

So, I think we’re speeding down the road, at a really rapid rate. It’s kind of a downhill road. And it’s not going to be so easy, to put the brakes on here. And that’s why I’m concerned.

And I think the — I think that the policymakers, in Washington, unfortunately, have, almost every month, been behind the curve.

They said it was transitory. It doesn’t look so transitory. They said it was due to a few specific factors. Doesn’t look to be a few specific factors. They said, when September came, and people went back to school that the labor force would grow. And it didn’t happen.

Writing for the New York Post, Callie Patteson references several warnings Summers has made before, specifically about the COVID stimulus plan, such as an op-ed in the Washington Post from February 4, comments he made to that same outlet in March, and comments he made to Axios in May

Regardless of what the Biden administration chooses to highlight and ignore, the American people are hurting. Psaki herself admitted that inflation “is “impacting… millions of Americans no matter their political party.  And that’s certainly of concern to the President.” 

It doesn’t appear that the American people buy that, though. As I highlighted in a VIP piece last night, a recent poll from The Economist/YouGov found that a plurality of Americans, at 37 percent, say Biden “doesn’t care at all” when asked how much Biden cares about “the needs and problems of people like you.”

According to polling data from RealClearPolitics (RCP), Biden is underwater by 15.2 percentage points when it comes to how he is handling the economy. Using polls from October 16-November 9, RCP indicates that he has a 38.7 percent approval rating and 53.9 disapproval rating.

The Lynching of Kyle Rittenhouse

It’s a word you aren’t allowed to say – lynching – because leftists have claimed domain over it, making it an exclusively race-based thing, which is ironic considering the fact that it was Democrats who were lynching black people in the south. But the literal definition, at least until liberals pressure dictionary.com into changing it, is “to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority” and “to criticize, condemn, etc., in public.” While he hasn’t been killed by the liberal mob, at least not yet, what the media is doing to Kyle Rittenhouse is exactly what the second definition of lynching is.

It’s shocking that, at this point in the trial, there has really only been one person I’ve seen acknowledge they were wrong about the Rittenhouse narrative, and it wasn’t even anyone at a mainstream outlet. It was Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks. She straight up admitted she’d gotten some of the most basic facts of the case wrong in the past, without trying to qualify or justify her screw-ups. How someone who ostensibly works in news could get these basics so wrong, she didn’t say; nor did she say whether or not lawyers had advised her to “correct” the record to avoid any future liability issues. Whatever the reason, she did it. Everyone else has only doubled down.

Somehow, an event only involving white people was turned into a race issue. When you’re dumb as a hammer, everything looks like a nail, I guess. And when you don’t have reality on your side, create your own and insert something like critical race theory (CRT).

Speaking of dumb as a hammer, enter MSNBC personality and ironically named Joy Reid, who told her audience the circumstances of the trail “are almost built for an actual CRT course.” 

How does an event involving white people exclusively become about race? You’ll go crazy seeking logic in leftist thinking, just realize they will do anything to get what they want – the ultimate ends justify the means, people.

Reid and other dim bulbs on the left, Jeffrey Toobin among them, have expressed varying degrees of one of the most popular lines about the Rittenhouse case with the left at this point: “If Kyle were black, would conservatives even care about his claim of self-defense?” It’s a dumb take, and very common. Cable news is riddled with people thinking they’ve somehow stumbled onto something really unique, who collectively belch it out like it’s the first time those words were strung together. 

Georgetown Law professor Paul Butler told Joy Reid the Rittenhouse trial was “white privilege on steroids.” (Mental note: don’t let my kids attend Georgetown Law.) How? It doesn’t matter. Leftists never have to prove their allegations, they just have to make them. 

Ironically, if Kyle Rittenhouse and the people he shot were black, none of these overpaid virtue-signaling frauds would have noticed or ever said anything about the case – three people being shot, two fatally, is just a day that ends in “Y” in Chicago and not a single one of them can be bothered to give a damn about that. 

The media coverage of the Rittenhouse trial is a peek into the mind of fascism. They have only told their audiences what they wanted them to know, now the trial is exposing everything else. In an attempt to cover up their past lies, they’re now changing the subject to be about race. If Kyle is acquitted, as he should be, it won’t be because of facts, evidence, or testimony, it will be thanks to white privilege. Rittenhouse is guilty, no matter what, it’s just a matter of whether or not his skin color gets him off. 

It fits the left’s narrative about the country, which tells you a lot about them, but it doesn’t fit the reality of the country, which tells you even more about them. 

It’s doubtful a single personality on CNN or MSNBC would mind if Kyle Rittenhouse were cleared, then killed by one of their viewers. They might not like the financial liability their employers could face, but they don’t give a damn about what destruction is in their wake about anything, let alone some white kid who defended himself from a child rapist who’d threatened to kill him and tried to take his gun, another domestic abuser beating him with a skateboard, or another “winner” pointing a gun at him.  

The narrative needs to be fed, it’s “agenda über alles” for the left, written in German on purpose. If they have to lie, if they have to put someone in harm’s way and if that harm comes to pass, they don’t give a damn. They don’t look back. The checks keep flowing, and so do their lies and the damage they do. Come to think of it, that’s why they get the checks in the first place. Their philosophy led to more than 100 million deaths in the last century, what’s a few more for the cause? 

Biden’s Communist Treasury Nominee Wants All Bank Accounts to be Controlled by the Fed

In September President Joe Biden nominated Saule Omarova to become comptroller of the currency at the Department of Treasury. If confirmed, Omarova would be in charge of overseeing banking in the United States. 

Omarova believes private bank accounts should be taken over and controlled by the Federal Reserve. 

“Imagine what it would be like instead of just a public option for deposit banking, this would be actually the full transition. In other words, there would be no more private bank deposit accounts and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the fed,” Omarova said during recent remarks. “How is it politically feasible for the central bank to take money away from people’s accounts.” 

Proposal by Biden’s Treasury nominee Saule Omarova:

“There will be no more private bank deposit accounts and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the fed” pic.twitter.com/ojQviX74Bz— Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) November 12, 2021

Omarova has also stated that in order for the country and the world to tackle climate change, governments must bankrupt the oil industry through regulation. 

Biden nominee Saule Omarova saying the quiet part out loud. On the oil, coal and gas industries:

“We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.” pic.twitter.com/luMR2HEMK9— BidenNoms, A Project of AAF (@bidennoms) November 9, 2021

Omarova is a communist who grew up in the USSR. While in college at Moscow State University on a Lenin academic excellence scholarship, she titled her thesis, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” 

If confirmed, Omarova would be in charge of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The OCC “charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks, federal savings associations, and federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.”

‘Extraordinarily Problematic’: Unvaccinated NIAID Scientist Slams Vaccine Mandates Pushed by Boss Fauci

An unvaccinated scientist running a clinical studies unit at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the agency headed by Anthony Fauci, will be making a case against COVID-19 vaccine mandates during an ethics debate within the National Institute of Health.

Matthew Memoli, who has worked at the NIH for 16 years, will make his argument in a Dec. 1 live-streamed roundtable session, which will be open to the agency, patients and the public, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“There’s a lot of debate within the NIH about whether [a vaccine mandate] is appropriate,” David Wendler, a senior NIH bioethicist in charge of planning the session, told the newspaper. “It’s an important, hot topic.”

Memoli, who emphasized that he is not “anti-vaccine,” has previously expressed the importance of vaccinations for at-risk populations, such as the elderly and obese, but told Fauci in a July 30 email that he believed mandates were “extraordinarily problematic.”

“I think the way we are using the vaccines is wrong,” he told Fauci, who, on numerous occasions, has advocated for vaccine mandates.

All NIH employees are required to be fully vaccinated by the Biden administration’s Nov. 22 deadline for federal employees. And while 88 percent of the agency’s employees have been fully vaccinated, Memoli applied for a religious exemption and has said that he would risk termination over the mandate, according to The WSJ.

Memoli believes that vaccinating low-risk populations could hinder the development of strengthened natural immunity. 

He also noted that his children are vaccinated and said he supports having the discussion on vaccines even if his view is the sole outlier.

“I do vaccine trials. I, in fact, help create vaccines,” he told the newspaper. “Part of my career is to share my expert opinions, right or wrong.… I mean, if they all end up saying I’m wrong, that’s fine. I want to have the discussion.”

This comes after an appeals court temporarily froze President Joe Biden’s mandate requiring employers with at least 100 employees to mandate their workers to get vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus testing.