5 Reasons the Video Game Industry Is About to Crash

#5. We Put People Who Don’t Know Gaming in Charge

Not to stereotype here, but the type of person who knows how to make an awesome video game about fighting dragons with a giant chainsaw tends not to be the same type of person who is an expert in business and finance. So if you look at the CEOs and executives of game studios today, you won’t find many that actually have professional experience working as game designers. And that would be fine, except for the fact that, due to the way games are made, these guys wind up making the creative decisions. It’s similar to the problem with big movie studios, only much worse.

The result is that the gaming industry is driven by aphorisms. For example, it’s an entrenched belief that the only truly successful games are branded titles, sequels, and reboots — that’s what the reports tell them. So what I found was that there was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy at work. I was once told point-blank by a non-gamer CEO that “there’s no market for sci-fi games” in a certain genre — at the time, fantasy games dominated that market. And who’s to say he was wrong? When has switching from fantasy to sci-fi ever worked out?

It’s not that they know nothing about games; it’s that they know just enough to be wrong. Ever go to a game forum and notice how every player thinks he’s better than the designers? That combat would be perfectly balanced if the developers would just change that +2 to a +3 for his class? Now imagine that those people are running the business, and you have a pretty good idea of what the problem is — creating a perfect game looks easy from the outside, in the same way that from the outside it seems like it’d be really easy to make a snake. And those outsiders are in charge.

So why not just have the money folks focus on the business end of game design and let the actual designers do the designing? Well, it turns out “the business end” includes deciding how many hours of content are in the game, whether you have linear progression with lots of levels, how the DLC is going to work, whether powerful items get sold in the cash shop, whether the game is a first-person gritty realistic shooter with RPG elements or an action RPG with gritty realism and lots of guns … basically, everything that matters. The people who have the most experience and actually know what they’re doing are basically just polishing the ideas that the execs come up with.

We don’t like it any more than you do. I can tell you that professional game developers are some of the most hardcore gamers you’ll find, but for the most part, they’re just not allowed to work on the kind of games that interest them (I consider myself lucky to have dodged the bullet and gotten to work on a licensed property that I deeply loved). And while a professional developer will instinctively know — and I’m just pulling stuff out of my ass here — that it’s awful to require an online connection to play a single-player game or it’s asinine to have pre-order DLC before the game’s console is even out, the execs will think those are great for the bottom line, and they make the rules.

“Historically, the best thing about SimCity games is the Internet.”

And it’s only getting worse, because …
#4. Budgets Have Gone Insane, and That’s Making Innovation Almost Impossible

Nobody feels sorry for corporations, so when you hear EA or Activision groaning about how games cost too much to make, it feels like the consumers won. “That’s right, now put it on a gold-plated disc and do a little dance while you’re handing it to us, Mr. Blizzard!” But these budgets are, unquestionably, making games worse.

Let’s say you’ve been put in charge of planning a child’s birthday party, for some reason — maybe you lost a bet or something. You’ve got one day to plan, a $50 budget, and five people to help you. Not a big deal, right? Put some balloons in the yard and hire a clown. Done. But what if that party was for a rich kid and your budget was $50 million? Do you think that makes it easier or harder? Let’s put it this way: Instead of five friends helping you, it’s 500 strangers, and all of them have different ideas about what a party should look like. How long until you see your first fistfight break out? How far into the party before you hear yourself scream, “OK, who hired the stripper?!?”

Well, in the world of game development, this change from small-scale projects to massive productions happened overnight — the average game costs freaking 30 times as much as it did in the days of the original Sony PlayStation. Back then, the average game could be made for $800,000 on the low end, but by the PlayStation 3 era, the number had ballooned to $28 million. With the new consoles, that’s going to go up again. At this point, it’d be cheaper to just create real zombies to chase people around.

In the older, simpler days (way back in the 1990s), you probably had a core team of a dozen developers and one or two vision holders who could keep the entire design in their heads. The producer had about nine months of planning until launch. Fast forward to today: Star Wars: The Old Republic cost upward of $500 million. Games require massive teams (some of them in another country) and years of development, and that’s not including the umpteen false starts during preproduction. And this change happened too fast for studios to adapt — they’ve refused to change with the times and are still operating with the same basic structure.

Not that it’s any easier on their end. Remember, it not just the development that’s changing so fast, it’s distribution as well — today, studios are competing in a market that’s permanently saturated by $3 indie games on Steam and the nostalgia-driven GoG.com. Time-honored marketing strategies don’t work anymore, and the industry is struggling to find a replacement. Even though it feels like prices have gone up, if you take inflation into account, right now games are the cheapest they’ve ever been. Add it all up, and most studios are one failed game away from bankruptcy.

So from the gamers’ end, it’s easy to complain that the market is saturated with first-person shooters (the new consoles are picking up that banner with Killzone: Shadow Fall, Titanfall, and Destiny, in addition to the uninterrupted stream of Call of Duty and Battlefield games), but the fact is that the market is utterly reliant on those games’ sales. The consistent success of go-to franchises like Madden NFL is probably the only thing separating the current industry from a 1983-style crash right now. It’s not that they’re playing it safe by going back to the same well again and again — they’re doing the only thing that will let them survive.
#3. Publishers Are Gaming the Review System

Raise your hand if you’ve paid $60 for a heavily promoted game that got near-perfect review scores, only to find it to be a frustrating, cookie-cutter mess that had you doing a mental inventory of all of the things you could have bought with the cash instead (“three remote control flying sharks!). Do the critics, like, get a different version or something?

This is a huge problem from the consumer end — games are a much bigger time and money investment than movies, books, or any other media, so having honest reviewers you can rely on is crucial. You’re trying to get an opinion on what might be the only game you buy for the next couple of months, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that critic scores and user scores just don’t sync up. Call of Duty: Ghosts currently has a score of 74 on Metacritic — not a fantastic score for a AAA game with that kind of budget, but check out the average user score: 2.3.*

Is that just a bunch of young gamers throwing a tantrum because they thought the game would have actual ghosts in it? Well, read the reviews — the critics’ write-ups boil down to “It’s a recycled version of the old games, but still good,” while the users’ consensus is “$60 is a lot to pay for recycled material, guys.” You can see that same divide with lots of games — Total War: Rome II had a respectable 83.5 score at launch (currently down to 76), but the user reviews? 3.9/10. Mass Effect 3 is at 89 for critics vs. 5.0 for users, the latter group being way less forgiving of an ending that rendered every previous choice in the franchise meaningless.

So why do the critic scores skew so much higher? Well, behind the scenes, studios are doing everything they can to obtain the highest Metacritic score possible at launch — some teams even get bonuses for hitting Metacritic targets. From the publication’s standpoint, those reviews exist to bring website traffic. That traffic turns into revenue from advertisements … that were purchased by the studios whose games are getting reviewed.

If you give the game an award or especially high praise, the publication could appear on that game’s box — the reviewers aren’t paid, but they get valuable exposure. Basically, the publishing companies are paying the review site’s bills by buying ads and handing out free publicity, so from the struggling writer’s perspective, it’s bad business to give bad reviews.

Journalists are invited to the studio or a rented room at a convention. They play the most polished level and/or segment of the game for a couple hours, maybe over the course of a few days. Drinks and meals are on the house. Keep in mind that they’re getting dropped into the middle of the game somewhere, because complicated gameplay that builds on lessons learned in previous levels would be extremely frustrating, whereas you want the journalists to experience fun and excitement. So we’re talking graphics, simple combat, flashy cinematics, and controlled linear environments that look really good — as long as the journalists never stray from the path, which is why there are marketing execs looking right over their shoulders and telling them where to go. And it’s amazing how intuitive level design becomes when the guy who designed the level is there to explain it.

But that disparity between user scores and critic scores is going to catch up with us, and it won’t just be the critics who get bitten in the ass. If the gamers don’t have any critics to trust, they’re going to stop buying games the day they come out. And since the industry puts so much emphasis on launch day box sales, that’s going to look an awful lot like a crash to the people in charge.
Every gamer has had the experience of seeing some amazing preview trailer for a game set to come out a year or so later, only to have the game arrive and look nothing like that preview (although some are worse than others):

Well, think about your hypothetical child’s birthday party earlier. Imagine going through that hectic process, only to find that the guest list changes about once an hour. Suddenly you have to accommodate more kids. The backyard you planned to use isn’t big enough. The one clown you hired won’t be enough to terrify all of them. So you rethink your plans, some of which means re-doing work you’ve already done. Then, an hour later, it changes again — this time it’s not just more kids, but different kids. Some of them have peanut allergies. Each little change means you have to completely re-think what you’re doing.

Well, in the world of video games, it’s the hardware that’s changing under our feet — beyond having new consoles every few years, new video cards for PCs are arriving constantly. To use each feature on a given video card, you write render code, and sometimes you’re writing render code for hardware that isn’t even out yet. Remember, it can take several years to make a game, and in that time the available hardware is going to change multiple times. You can be pretty far along in the process and still be unsure of how the graphics are going to look … in an industry where the main selling point is graphics.

So, once the coders figure out how to implement the features, the artists have to make assets, and then designers are given all of those beautiful set pieces and told to “add gameplay.” Put it all together, and 80 percent of the work on a game generally gets done in the last 20 percent of the schedule. Up until then, it’s all promises: hardware developers promising that their shit will be able to do what they say, level designers promising they’ll be able to use it, programmers promising they won’t have too much stuff to fix, and the whole time the company is releasing promotional material that they totally promise is what the final game will look like.

Right now we’re in the middle of a new console launch — these periods are the worst of all. Remember, all of the games available at launch started development long before Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo even knew what their consoles were going to look like. It takes so long for developers to catch up and figure out the hardware that by the time the true power of a console is discovered, it’s time to start all over — an unfortunate reality that is apparently deliberate.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that, for the vast majority of studios in the game industry, working conditions are awful, and the burnout rate is pandemic. The frantic period before a game releases is called crunch time, and it’s marked by 60- to 80-hour weeks. And “crunch time” can last up to a year. No, it’s not as bad a job as that guy who has to crawl up the constipated elephant’s butt at the zoo, but it’s bad enough that it’s hurting the games. The best and brightest veterans get driven away.

It’s easy to see why. Around your late 20s and early 30s, most people are looking to settle down and start a family. This means a stable, secure job that doesn’t demand 12-hour days plus weekends, with no overtime and the looming threat of layoffs after the project ships. Producers and programmers can easily work on commercial software for banks or oil companies, and designers can easily transition into anything related to front-end user experience — and in both cases, they’ll be making way more money for way less work.

So the game industry is exporting experienced game developers while importing businessmen with no game industry experience to oversee the starry-eyed inexperienced juniors who remain. The only ones who tend to stay behind are the artists, because they’re stuck with highly specialized skills (like animating boobs), which skews the industry’s expertise in that direction.

The result of all of this isn’t that games are going away — it’s just that the industry may look very different a few years from now. That might not be a bad thing.

the new American dream

American dream has changed. It used to be a college education, a steady job, a nice house (and a family to fill it), and a better financial picture than your parents. There is a new American Dream that is still about “doing better than your parents” but not in a financial sense. This dream is about fulfillment.

Boston-based artist, Ariel Freiberg, just got engaged, and she and her fiancé are gearing up for this new dream. “We were brought up to think it’s important to own a piece of property. It’s how you build your life in this country. But buying a house is not a major goal for us. It is not what will make our lives secure and it will not help us define ourselves.”

“The idea of the American dream is taken out from under us,” explains Anya Kamenetz, blogger and author of the book Generation Debt. “There used to be a contract with employers — healthcare, pensions, predicable employment,” but today there are none of those guarantees.

Additionally, the cost of a college education is far outpacing inflation, making it more difficult to make this first steps toward the American Dream, according to Tamara Draut, author of Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-somethings Can’t Get Ahead. The average student loans come to around $20,000, which means $200 a month out of an entry-level paycheck. On top of that between 1995 and 2002 median rents in almost all major cities have increased more than 50%.

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech about how “a lot of kids don’t know what work is” and young people “think work is a four-letter word.” These were not renegade words, but rather an expression of the prevailing attitude among her fellow baby boomers.

The boomers mistake a rejection of their American Dream as a rejection of reality. But here’s some news: Young people know that work is a reality for everyone. It’s just that everyone needs to work toward something; so young people have a new American Dream.

“The new American Dream is much more entrepreneurial,” says Kamenetz. “And it’s about shaping ones own destiny: mobility, flexibility to do your own work and the ability to have a career as an expression of who you are as a person.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you craft your own version of the new American Dream:

1. Cushion an entry-level salary with a move back home.
The first step in restructuring the American Dream is to save money to ensure flexibility. Moving back with your parents is smart if you can do it. Most jobs are in big cities, and starting salaries simply cannot pay the rent in those cities. People who are not able to get subsidized housing from parents are much more limited in terms of their early career choices.

2. Get comfortable with risk taking.
The new American Dream is for risk takers. This is actually not groundbreaking in terms of the American Dream. For immigrants, the American Dream has always meant risk-taking. But today young people are taking risks that parents would have never dreamed of, like playing contact sports without any health insurance and signing up for a mortgage with a freelance career.

3. Protect your time.
The American Dream of Baby Boomers came at the expense of personal time and family time. Success is not having more things than your parents. It’s having more time. More time for hobbies, for travel, for kids. “It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about living your life on your own terms,” says Barbara Stanny, financial coach and author of Overcoming Underearning.

4. Don’t assume personal fulfillment requires a small career.
Sure, the new American Dream has nothing to do with financial studliness. But don’t sell yourself short in the name of personal time. “Higher earners with balanced lives don’t work more hours, they are just more focused,” says Stanny. “To make more money you don’t have to work more hours. There is a difference between settling for a low income and taking a job to feed your soul.”

5. Buy as small a home as you can.
You preserve the most options for your future if you can buy a home on one income. “The advice used to be: always buy the most expensive house you can afford because it’s an investment. Today it’s different. Buy only the amount of house that you need so it doesn’t become an albatross around your neck.” says Phyllis Moen, author of Career Mystique: Cracks in the American Dream.

6. Make decisions by looking inside yourself.
Be aware of the tradeoffs you’re making. For example, big cities are exciting and filled with career opportunity, but you pay a high premium for living there.

When talking about her decision to stay in Boston, Freiberg says, “There’s a certain vibration living in the city that feeds me and my fiancé — this inspiration is something that we can’t get in the suburbs.”

Choices are difficult today because the new American Dream is not as measurable as the old one. You cannot look at your bank statement or count your bedrooms to assess your success. The new American dream is about fulfillment, which is a murky, slippery goal, but young people like Freiberg know it when they feel it, and you will, too.

Early adult life is best if you are lost .

It used to be that the smart kids went to graduate school. But today, the workplace is different, and it might be that only the desperate kids go to graduate school. Today there are new rules, and new standards for success. And for most people, graduate school is the path to nowhere. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Graduate school is an extreme investment for a fluid workplace. If you are graduating from college today, you will change careers about five times over the course of your life. So going to graduate school for four years—investing maybe $80,000—is probably over-investing in one of those careers. If you stayed in one career for your whole life, the idea is more reasonable. But we don’t do that anymore, so graduate school needs to change before it is reasonable again.

2. Graduate school is no longer a ticket to play. It used to be that you couldn’t go into business without an MBA. But recently, the only reason you need an MBA is to climb a corporate ladder. And, as Paul Graham says, “corporate ladders are obsolete.” That’s because if you try to climb one, you are likely to lose your footing due to downsizing, layoffs, de-equitization, or lack of respect for your personal life. So imagine where you want to go, and notice all the people who got there already without having an MBA. Because you can do that, too, in a wide range of fields, including finance.

3. Graduate school requires you to know what will make you happy before you try it. But we are notoriously bad at knowing what will make us happy. The positive psychology movement has shown us that our brains are actually fine-tuned to trick us into thinking we know about our own happiness. And then we make mistakes. So the best route to happiness is one of trial and error. Otherwise, you could over-commit to a terrible path. For example, today most lawyers do not like being lawyers: more than 55% of members of the American Bar Association say they would not recommend getting a law degree today.

4. Graduate degrees shut doors rather than open them. You better be really certain you know what you’re going to do with that degree because you’re going to need to earn a lot of money to pay it back. Law school opens doors only to careers that pay enough to repay your loans. Likewise, your loan payments from an MBA program mean that you cannot have a scrappy start-up without starving. Medical school opens doors to careers with such bad work-life balance that the most popular specialty right now is ophthalmology because it has good hours.

5. If you don’t actually use your graduate degree, you look unemployable. Let’s say you spend years in graduate school (and maybe boatloads of money), but then you don’t work in that field. Instead, you start applying for jobs that are, at best, only tangentially related. What it looks like is that you are asking people to give you a job even though you didn’t really want to be doing that job. You wanted another job but you couldn’t get it. No employer likes to hire from the reject pile, and no employer wants to be second choice.

6. Graduate school is an extension of childhood. Thomas Benton, columnist at the Chronicle of Higher Education, says that some students are addicted to the immediate feedback and constant praise teachers give, but the work world doesn’t provide that. Also, kids know how to do what teachers assign. But they have little idea of how to create their own assignments—which is what adult life is, really. So Benton says students go back to school more for comfort than because they have a clear idea of what they want to do with their life.

7. Early adult life is best if you are lost. It used to be that you graduated from college and got on a path. The smart kids got themselves on a safe path fast. Today there are no more safe paths, there is only emerging adulthood, where you have to figure out who you are and where you fit, and the quarter-life crisis, which is a premature midlife crisis that comes when people try to skip over the being lost part of early adult life. Being lost is a great path for today’s graduates. And for most people, graduate school undermines that process with very little reward at the end.

Dan Ariely, economist at MIT, found that when people have a complicated choice to make—and there is a default choice—they pick the default nearly every time. So if your parents or friends went to graduate school, you are likely to do the same, not because it’s good for you personally, but because choosing the alternatives seem more difficult. But making exactly that kind of difficult choice is what your early adult life is all about. So don’t skip it.

Movies seen

1                    Black Mask                6        1996
2                    A Bridge Too Far                7.4        1977
3                    A Christmas Carol                7.9        1984
4                    A Christmas Carol                6.1        1982
5                    A Christmas Carol                7.1        1950
6                    A Streetcar Named Desire                8.1        1951
7                    A Walk in the Sun                7.3        1945
8                    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes                7.6        1939
9                    Alice in Wonderland                6.5        2010
10                    Alien                8.5        1979
11                    Alien³                6.4        1992
12                    AVP: Alien vs. Predator                5.6        2004
13                    Aliens                8.4        1986
14                    An American Carol                4.3        2008
15                    An American Werewolf in London                7.6        1981
16                    The Aviator                7.5        2004
17                    Band of Brothers                9.6        2001
18                    Battlestar Galactica                8.7        2003
19                    Battlestar Galactica                8.8        2004
20                    Black Rain                6.6        1989
21                    Dracula                7.5        1992
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24                    Broken Arrow                6        1996
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27                    The Changeling                7.3        1980
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35                    Dirty Harry                7.8        1971
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37                    Sudden Impact                6.6        1983
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72                    The Matrix Revolutions                6.7        2003
73                    This Is It                7.3        2009
74                    Minority Report                7.7        2002
75                    Mirrors                6.2        2008
76                    The Mummy                7        1999
77                    The Mummy Returns                6.3        2001
78                    My Fair Lady                7.9        1964
79                    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation                7.6        1989
80                    The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes                7.2        1970
81                    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl                8.1        2003
82                    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest                7.3        2006
83                    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End                7.1        2007
84                    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides                6.7        2011
85                    Premonition                5.9        2007
86                    Rat Race                6.4        2001
87                    Rebel Without a Cause                7.8        1955
88                    Robin Hood                6.7        2010
89                    The Satanic Rites of Dracula                5.5        1973
90                    Saving Private Ryan                8.6        1998
91                    Scars of Dracula                6.2        1970
92                    Seabiscuit                7.3        2003
93                    The Pearl of Death                7.5        1944
94                    The Fatal Hour                5.4        1940
95                    Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon                6.8        1942
96                    Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror                6.8        1942
97                    Shutter Island                8.1        2010
98                    Sleepy Hollow                7.4        1999
99                    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children                7.4        2005
100                    Spider-Man                7.3        2002
101                    Spider-Man 2                7.3        2004
102                    Spider-Man 3                6.2        2007
103                    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles                6.7        1990
104                    South Pacific                7        1958
105                    TMNT                6.3        2007
106                    Star Trek: The Next Generation                8.7        1987
107                    Star Trek: Generations                6.6        1994
108                    Star Trek: The Motion Picture                6.4        1979
109                    Star Trek: First Contact                7.6        1996
110                    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan                7.7        1982
111                    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock                6.6        1984
112                    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine                7.9        1993
113                    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home                7.3        1986
114                    Dracula                7.6        1931
115                    Son of Dracula                6.2        1943
116                    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier                5.4        1989
117                    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country                7.2        1991
118                    Star Trek: Insurrection                6.4        1998
119                    Star Trek: Nemesis                6.4        2002
120                    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace                6.5        1999
121                    Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones                6.7        2002
122                    Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith                7.7        2005
123                    Star Wars                8.7        1977
124                    Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back                8.8        1980
125                    Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi                8.4        1983
126                    State of Play                7.1        2009
127                    It                6.9        1990
128                    Rose Red                6.7        2002
129                    Silver Bullet                6.3        1985
130                    Taken                7.9        2008
131                    The Terminator                8.1        1984
132                    Terminator 2: Judgment Day                8.5        1991
133                    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines                6.4        2003
134                    Terminator Salvation                6.7        2009
135                    Omen IV: The Awakening                3.8        1991
136                    The Blue and the Gray                7.7        1982
137                    The Bourne Supremacy                7.8        2004
138                    The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer                5.5        2003
139                    The Exorcist                8        1973
140                    The Final Countdown                6.7        1980
141                    The Ghost Writer                7.2        2010
142                    The Great Outdoors                6.6        1988
143                    The Hound of the Baskervilles                7.6        1939
144                    The Hound of the Baskervilles                7        1959
145                    The Hound of the Baskervilles                6.6        2002
146                    The Hustler                8.1        1961
147                    The Long, Hot Summer                7.5        1958
148                    For a Few Dollars More                8.3        1965
149                    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly                8.9        1966
150                    A Fistful of Dollars                8.1        1964
151                    North and South                8.1        1985
152                    The One                5.9        2001
153                    The Pacific                8.3        2010
154                    The Phantom of the Opera                7.4        2004
155                    The Relic                5.7        1997
156                    The Thing                8.2        1982
157                    Meet the Fockers                6.3        2004
158                    The Thin Red Line                7.6        1998
159                    The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada                7.5        2005
160                    The Verdict                7.8        1982
161                    The Watcher                5.3        2000
162                    They Were Expendable                7.3        1945
163                    To Kill a Mockingbird                8.4        1962
164                    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life                5.5        2003
165                    Trailer Park Boys                8.5        2001
166                    Valkyrie                7.1        2008
167                    Van Helsing                6        2004
168                    Von Ryan’s Express                7.2        1965
169                    Wall Street                7.4        1987
170                    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps                6.3        2010
171                    War and Remembrance                8.4        1988
172                    War of the Worlds                6.5        2005
173                    White Christmas                7.6        1954
174                    Without a Clue                7        1988
175                    The Winds of War                8.2        1983
176                    WWII in HD                8.7        2009
177                    X2                7.5        2003
178                    The X-Files                8.7        1993
179                    X-Men                7.4        2000
180                    X-Men: The Last Stand                6.8        2006
181                    Lawrence of Arabia                8.4        1962
182                    Dumb & Dumber                7.3        1994
183                    The Hangover                7.8        2009
184                    Pan’s Labyrinth                8.2        2006
185                    Resident Evil                6.7        2002
186                    Resident Evil: Apocalypse                6.2        2004
187                    Resident Evil: Afterlife                5.9        2010
188                    Resident Evil: Extinction                6.3        2007
189                    The Wolfman                5.8        2010
190                    Mortal Kombat                5.8        1995
191                    Doctor Zhivago                8        1965
192                    The Searchers                8        1956
193                    The Guns of Navarone                7.6        1961
194                    Monty Python and the Holy Grail                8.3        1975
195                    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance                8.1        1962
196                    Rio Bravo                8.1        1959
197                    The Quiet Man                7.9        1952
198                    The Shootist                7.7        1976
199                    Rooster Cogburn                6.9        1975
200                    True Grit                7.4        1969
201                    The Undefeated                6.6        1969
202                    Hellfighters                6.5        1968
203                    The Green Berets                5.6        1968
204                    El Dorado                7.7        1966
205                    The Sons of Katie Elder                7.2        1965
206                    Donovan’s Reef                6.9        1963
207                    The Longest Day                7.8        1962
208                    The Comancheros                6.9        1961
209                    North to Alaska                7        1960
210                    The Alamo                6.9        1960
211                    The Horse Soldiers                7.2        1959
212                    Island in the Sky                7        1953
213                    The High and the Mighty                7        1954
214                    Gran Torino                8.2        2008
215                    Blood Work                6.4        2002
216                    Space Cowboys                6.4        2000
217                    True Crime                6.6        1999
218                    Absolute Power                6.7        1997
219                    Ef: A Tale of Melodies.                7.7        2008
220                    Claymore                8.1        2007
221                    Angel Beats!                8        2010
222                    The Bridges of Madison County                7.5        1995
223                    A Perfect World                7.5        1993
224                    Unforgiven                8.3        1992
225                    Pink Cadillac                5.2        1989
226                    Pale Rider                7.3        1985
227                    High Plains Drifter                7.6        1973
228                    Joe Kidd                6.5        1972
229                    Back to the Future                8.5        1985
230                    Back to the Future Part II                7.8        1989
231                    Back to the Future Part III                7.4        1990
232                    Kelly’s Heroes                7.7        1970
233                    Where Eagles Dare                7.7        1968
234                    Batman                7.6        1989
235                    Batman Returns                7        1992
236                    Batman & Robin                3.7        1997
237                    The Dark Knight                9        2008
238                    Batman Begins                8.3        2005
239                    Batman Forever                5.4        1995
240                    Gung Ho                6.1        1986
241                    Beetlejuice                7.5        1988
242                    Chinatown                8.3        1974
243                    The Shining                8.4        1980
244                    Reds                7.5        1981
245                    The Two Jakes                6.1        1990
246                    A Few Good Men                7.6        1992
247                    Wolf                6.2        1994
248                    About Schmidt                7.2        2002
249                    The Departed                8.5        2006
250                    The Fugitive                7.8        1993
251                    Lonesome Dove                8.8        1989
252                    Volcano                5.4        1997
253                    Men in Black                7.2        1997
254                    Men in Black II                6.1        2002
255                    Rules of Engagement                6.4        2000
256                    No Country for Old Men                8.1        2007
257                    Real Genius                7        1985
258                    Top Gun                6.9        1986
259                    Thunderheart                6.8        1992
260                    Heat                8.3        1995
261                    Days of Thunder                5.9        1990
262                    Far and Away                6.5        1992
263                    Australia                6.6        2008
264                    American Graffiti                7.5        1973
265                    Blade Runner                8.2        1982
266                    Working Girl                6.7        1988
267                    Patriot Games                6.9        1992
268                    Air Force One                6.4        1997
269                    Six Days Seven Nights                5.7        1998
270                    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull                6.2        2008
271                    Firewall                5.8        2006
272                    Hollywood Homicide                5.3        2003
273                    The Godfather                9.2        1972
274                    The Godfather: Part III                7.6        1990
275                    The Godfather: Part II                9        1974
276                    Invasion of the Body Snatchers                7.4        1978
277                    Apocalypse Now                8.5        1979
278                    Sling Blade                8        1996
279                    Deep Impact                6.1        1998
280                    Gods and Generals                6.3        2003
281                    Gone in Sixty Seconds                6.5        2000
282                    Open Range                7.5        2003
283                    Crazy Heart                7.3        2009
284                    The Color of Money                7        1986
285                    Born on the Fourth of July                7.2        1989
286                    The Firm                6.8        1993
287                    Mission: Impossible                7.1        1996
288                    Jerry Maguire                7.3        1996
289                    Rain Man                8        1988
290                    Mission: Impossible II                6        2000
291                    Vanilla Sky                6.9        2001
292                    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery                7        1997
293                    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me                6.6        1999
294                    Austin Powers in Goldmember                6.2        2002
295                    The Last Samurai                7.7        2003
296                    Tropic Thunder                7        2008
297                    Mission: Impossible III                6.9        2006
298                    Hud                8        1963
299                    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid                8.1        1969
300                    The Sting                8.3        1973
301                    Three Days of the Condor                7.5        1975
302                    All the President’s Men                8        1976
303                    The Horse Whisperer                6.5        1998
304                    28 Days Later…                7.6        2002
305                    Halloween II                6.5        1981
306                    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers                5.9        1988
307                    Halloween III: Season of the Witch                4.5        1982
308                    Halloween 5                5.2        1989
309                    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later                5.6        1998
310                    Halloween: Resurrection                4.1        2002
311                    Virus                4.8        1999
312                    Escape from New York                7.2        1981
313                    Big Trouble in Little China                7.3        1986
314                    Tequila Sunrise                6        1988
315                    Backdraft                6.7        1991
316                    Tombstone                7.8        1993
317                    Stargate                7        1994
318                    Escape from L.A.                5.6        1996
319                    Mad Max                7        1979
320                    Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior                7.6        1981
321                    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome                6.2        1985
322                    Lethal Weapon                7.6        1987
323                    Lethal Weapon 2                7.2        1989
324                    Lethal Weapon 3                6.7        1992
325                    Lethal Weapon 4                6.6        1998
326                    The Man Without a Face                6.7        1993
327                    Braveheart                8.4        1995
328                    Ransom                6.6        1996
329                    The Patriot                7.1        2000
330                    We Were Soldiers                7.1        2002
331                    Signs                6.7        2002
332                    Superman                7.3        1978
333                    Superman Returns                6.1        2006
334                    Superman II                6.8        1980
335                    Superman III                4.9        1983
336                    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace                3.7        1987
337                    The Pelican Brief                6.5        1993
338                    The Hunt for Red October                7.6        1990
339                    Erin Brockovich                7.3        2000
340                    Steel Magnolias                7.2        1989
341                    Mystic Pizza                6.2        1988
342                    Courage Under Fire                6.6        1996
343                    Crimson Tide                7.3        1995
344                    The Siege                6.3        1998
345                    The Bone Collector                6.6        1999
346                    The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3                6.4        2009
347                    Ghostbusters                7.8        1984
348                    Ghostbusters II                6.5        1989
349                    Animal House                7.6        1978
350                    The Blues Brothers                7.9        1980
351                    Blues Brothers 2000                4.8        1998
352                    American Pie                7        1999
353                    American Pie 2                6.4        2001
354                    American Wedding                6.3        2003
355                    Pitch Black                7.1        2000
356                    The Chronicles of Riddick                6.7        2004
357                    Hannibal                6.7        2001
358                    Manhunter                7.2        1986
359                    Red Dragon                7.2        2002
360                    The Silence of the Lambs                8.6        1991
361                    Inception                8.8        2010
362                    Transformers                7.1        2007
363                    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen                6        2009
364                    Fargo                8.2        1996
365                    Avatar                7.9        2009
366                    Marley & Me                7.1        2008
367                    The Money Pit                6.2        1986
368                    Turner & Hooch                6        1989
369                    A League of Their Own                7.2        1992
370                    Forrest Gump                8.8        1994
371                    From the Earth to the Moon                8.9        1998
372                    You’ve Got Mail                6.5        1998
373                    Cast Away                7.7        2000
374                    The Running Man                6.6        1987
375                    Road to Perdition                7.7        2002
376                    Catch Me If You Can                8        2002
377                    The Terminal                7.3        2004
378                    The Da Vinci Code                6.5        2006
379                    Angels & Demons                6.7        2009
380                    Young Frankenstein                8.1        1974
381                    Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man                6.6        1943
382                    The Curse of Frankenstein                7.2        1957
383                    The Revenge of Frankenstein                6.9        1958
384                    The Mummy                6.8        1959
385                    The Evil of Frankenstein                6        1964
386                    Frankenstein Created Woman                6.6        1967
387                    The Gorgon                6.5        1964
388                    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed                6.9        1969
389                    Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell                6.3        1974
390                    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone                7.5        2001
391                    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets                7.4        2002
392                    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban                7.8        2004
393                    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire                7.6        2005
394                    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix                7.5        2007
395                    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince                7.5        2009
396                    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2                8.1        2011
397                    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1                7.7        2010
398                    Rocky                8.1        1976
399                    Rocky II                7.1        1979
400                    Rocky III                6.7        1982
401                    Rocky IV                6.7        1985
402                    Rocky V                5.1        1990
403                    First Blood                7.7        1982
404                    Rambo: First Blood Part II                6.4        1985
405                    Rambo III                5.7        1988
406                    Cliffhanger                6.4        1993
407                    Demolition Man                6.6        1993
408                    Judge Dredd                5.4        1995
409                    Cop Land                6.9        1997
410                    Antz                6.6        1998
411                    Driven                4.5        2001
412                    Rocky Balboa                7.2        2006
413                    Rambo                7.1        2008
414                    The Forbidden Kingdom                6.6        2008
415                    The Arrival                6.3        1996
416                    The Lost World: Jurassic Park                6.5        1997
417                    Jurassic Park III                5.9        2001
418                    The Fly                7.5        1986
419                    Event Horizon                6.7        1997
420                    Wall Street                7.4        1987
421                    Red Dawn                6.3        1984
422                    Platoon                8.1        1986
423                    Uncommon Valor                6.3        1983
424                    Ghost                7        1990
425                    Dirty Dancing                6.9        1987
426                    Road House                6.4        1989
427                    Point Break                7.2        1991
428                    Dracula                7.5        1992
429                    Speed                7.2        1994
430                    Chain Reaction                5.5        1996
431                    The Devil’s Advocate                7.5        1997
432                    The Day the Earth Stood Still                5.5        2008
433                    Bat*21                6.4        1988
434                    Mississippi Burning                7.8        1988
435                    Wyatt Earp                6.6        1994
436                    The Quick and the Dead                6.4        1995
437                    Enemy of the State                7.3        1998
438                    The Legend                7.3        1993
439                    The French Connection                7.8        1971
440                    The Princess Bride                8.1        1987
441                    Twister                6.3        1996
442                    Liar Liar                6.8        1997
443                    Shadow of the Vampire                6.9        2000
444                    Legends of the Fall                7.5        1994
445                    Nixon                7.1        1995
446                    The Mask of Zorro                6.7        1998
447                    Instinct                6.5        1999
448                    Little Fockers                5.5        2010
449                    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective                6.9        1994
450                    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls                6.3        1995
451                    The Cable Guy                6        1996
452                    The Mask                6.9        1994
453                    Man on the Moon                7.4        1999
454                    Bruce Almighty                6.7        2003
455                    Entrapment                6.2        1999
456                    The Legend of Zorro                5.9        2005
457                    Titanic                7.7        1997
458                    Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles                7.6        1994
459                    Se7en                8.6        1995
460                    Twelve Monkeys                8.1        1995
461                    Meet Joe Black                7.1        1998
462                    Ocean’s Eleven                7.8        2001
463                    Ocean’s Twelve                6.4        2004
464                    Ocean’s Thirteen                6.9        2007
465                    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button                7.8        2008
466                    Inglourious Basterds                8.3        2009
467                    Die Hard                8.3        1988
468                    Die Hard 2                7.1        1990
469                    Die Hard: With a Vengeance                7.6        1995
470                    The Fifth Element                7.7        1997
471                    The Jackal                6.3        1997
472                    Mercury Rising                6.1        1998
473                    The Siege                6.3        1998
474                    Surrogates                6.3        2009
475                    Solaris                6.2        2002
476                    Leatherheads                6        2008
477                    Michael Clayton                7.3        2007
478                    Up in the Air                7.5        2009
479                    Shrek                7.9        2001
480                    King Kong                7.3        2005
481                    King Kong                5.8        1976
482                    Tucker: The Man and His Dream                6.9        1988
483                    The Big Lebowski                8.2        1998
484                    K-PAX                7.4        2001
485                    Seabiscuit                7.3        2003
486                    Crazy Heart                7.3        2009
487                    The Rainmaker                7.1        1997
488                    Good Will Hunting                8.3        1997
489                    The Talented Mr. Ripley                7.3        1999
490                    Titan A.E.                6.6        2000
491                    The Bourne Identity                7.9        2002
492                    The Bourne Supremacy                7.8        2004
493                    The Good Shepherd                6.7        2006
494                    The Bourne Ultimatum                8.1        2007
495                    Invictus                7.4        2009
496                    Green Zone                6.9        2010
497                    O Brother, Where Art Thou?                7.8        2000
498                    Starship Troopers                7.2        1997
499                    Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation                3.5        2004
500                    Starship Troopers 3: Marauder                4.4        2008
501                    Casablanca                8.6        1942
502                    Mrs. Miniver                7.6        1942
503                    To the Shores of Tripoli                6.1        1942
504                    Mission to Moscow                5.4        1943
505                    The Fighting Seabees                6.5        1944
506                    They Were Expendable                7.3        1945
507                    The Best Years of Our Lives                8.2        1946
508                    Sands of Iwo Jima                7.2        1949
509                    Twelve O’Clock High                7.8        1949
510                    Flying Leathernecks                6.4        1951
511                    To Hell and Back                7.5        1955
512                    The Bridge on the River Kwai                8.2        1957
513                    The Longest Day                7.8        1962
514                    The Great Escape                8.3        1963
515                    Battle of the Bulge                6.8        1965
516                    The Dirty Dozen                7.8        1967
517                    The Devil’s Brigade                6.8        1968
518                    MacArthur                6.6        1977
519                    Das Boot                8.4        1981
520                    Memphis Belle                6.9        1990
521                    When Trumpets Fade                7.3        1998
522                    Patton                8        1970
523                    U-571                6.6        2000
524                    The Wild Bunch                8        1969
525                    The Alamo                6.9        1960
526                    D-Day the Sixth of June                6.1        1956
527                    Midway                6.8        1976
528                    Stalag 17                8.1        1953
529                    Windtalkers                6        2002
530                    On the Beach                7.3        1959
531                    Missing in Action                5.3        1984
532                    Missing in Action 2: The Beginning                5.1        1985
533                    Full Metal Jacket                8.3        1987
534                    Good Morning, Vietnam                7.3        1987
535                    Hamburger Hill                6.7        1987
536                    The Manchurian Candidate                8        1962
537                    The Manchurian Candidate                6.6        2004
538                    Dr. No                7.3        1962
539                    From Russia with Love                7.5        1963
540                    Goldfinger                7.8        1964
541                    Thunderball                7        1965
542                    You Only Live Twice                6.9        1967
543                    Diamonds Are Forever                6.7        1971
544                    The Man with the Golden Gun                6.8        1974
545                    The Spy Who Loved Me                7.1        1977
546                    Moonraker                6.3        1979
547                    For Your Eyes Only                6.8        1981
548                    Octopussy                6.6        1983
549                    A View to a Kill                6.3        1985
550                    The Living Daylights                6.7        1987
551                    Licence to Kill                6.6        1989
552                    GoldenEye                7.2        1995
553                    Tomorrow Never Dies                6.5        1997
554                    The World Is Not Enough                6.4        1999
555                    Die Another Day                6.1        2002
556                    Casino Royale                8        2006
557                    Quantum of Solace                6.7        2008
558                    Never Say Never Again                6.2        1983
559                    Ben-Hur                8.1        1959
560                    House on Haunted Hill                6.9        1959
561                    House on Haunted Hill                5.6        1999
562                    13 Ghosts                6        1960
563                    Thir13en Ghosts                5.5        2001
564                    Five Million Years to Earth                7.1        1967
565                    Damien: Omen II                6.2        1978
566                    The Final Conflict                5.5        1981
567                    Psycho                8.6        1960
568                    Psycho II                6.4        1983
569                    The Birds                7.8        1963
570                    A Nightmare on Elm Street                7.5        1984
571                    Poltergeist                7.4        1982
572                    Poltergeist II: The Other Side                5.6        1986
573                    Poltergeist III                4.5        1988
574                    Jaws                8.1        1975
575                    Jaws 2                5.7        1978
576                    Jaws: The Revenge                2.8        1987
577                    Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice                4.2        1992
578                    Pet Sematary                6.6        1989
579                    Pet Sematary II                4.7        1992
580                    The Ninth Gate                6.7        1999
581                    Scream                7.2        1996
582                    Scream 2                6.1        1997
583                    Scream 3                5.5        2000
584                    Scream 4                6.2        2011
585                    Supernova                4.7        2000
586                    The Ring                7.1        2002
587                    Underworld                7        2003
588                    Blade                7.1        1998
589                    A Clockwork Orange                8.4        1971
590                    The Grudge 2                4.9        2006
591                    Underworld: Evolution                6.8        2006
592                    The Hills Have Eyes II                5.1        2007
593                    The Hills Have Eyes                6.4        2006
594                    Zombieland                7.7        2009
595                    Army of Darkness                7.6        1992
596                    The Grudge                5.9        2004
597                    The Grudge 2                4.9        2006
598                    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie                5        1995
599                    Easter Parade                7.5        1948
600                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace                6.9        1988
601                    Perry Mason Returns                7.1        1985
602                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer                7        1990
603                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter                7.1        1990
604                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception                7.5        1990
605                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion                7        1991
606                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin                7.1        1991
607                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss                7.2        1993
608                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake                6.7        1988
609                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson                7.2        1989
610                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love                6.8        1987
611                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam                7        1987
612                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder                7        1989
613                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Poisoned Pen                7        1990
614                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo                6.9        1992
615                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit                7        1987
616                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal                6.7        1993
617                    Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin                6.5        1989
618                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing                6.9        1992
619                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride                6.7        1992
620                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing                6.9        1992
621                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned Mobster                7        1991
622                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter                7.2        1991
623                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel                6.9        1987
624                    Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host                7        1993
625                    A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Grimacing Governor                6.8        1994
626                    A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Jealous Jokester                6.3        1995
627                    A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle                6.9        1994
628                    A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives                6.4        1993
629                    X-Men Origins: Wolverine                6.7        2009
630                    Old Dogs                5.4        2009
631                    Wild Hogs                5.9        2007
632                    Grease                7.2        1978
633                    Phenomenon                6.4        1996
634                    Battlefield Earth                2.4        2000
635                    Michael                5.6        1996
636                    Saturday Night Fever                6.8        1977
637                    The General’s Daughter                6.2        1999
638                    Hook                6.7        1991
639                    Jumanji                6.9        1995
640                    The Peacemaker                5.9        1997
641                    The Perfect Storm                6.4        2000
642                    Solaris                6.2        2002
643                    Michael Clayton                7.3        2007
644                    Leatherheads                6        2008
645                    Up in the Air                7.5        2009
646                    The Men Who Stare at Goats                6.3        2009
647                    Conan the Barbarian                6.9        1982
648                    Kull the Conqueror                4.8        1997
649                    Conan the Destroyer                5.8        1984
650                    Commando                6.7        1985
651                    Iron Eagle                5.2        1986
652                    Predator                7.8        1987
653                    Red Heat                6        1988
654                    Total Recall                7.5        1990
655                    True Lies                7.2        1994
656                    Jingle All the Way                5.4        1996
657                    End of Days                5.7        1999
658                    The 6th Day                5.9        2000
659                    Collateral Damage                5.5        2002
660                    Jennifer 8                6.2        1992
661                    Kill Bill: Vol. 1                8.1        2003
662                    Kill Bill: Vol. 2                8        2004
663                    Police Story 3: Supercop                6.9        1992
664                    Supercop 2                6.2        1993
665                    Revenge of the Drunken Master                4.9        1984
666                    Thunderbolt                6.3        1995
667                    Jackie Chan’s First Strike                6.6        1996
668                    Rush Hour                6.9        1998
669                    Shanghai Noon                6.6        2000
670                    Rush Hour 2                6.6        2001
671                    Shanghai Knights                6.2        2003
672                    The Tuxedo                5.3        2002
673                    The Medallion                5.1        2003
674                    Rush Hour 3                6.2        2007
675                    Armageddon                6.6        1998
676                    Zoolander                6.6        2001
677                    Night at the Museum                6.4        2006
678                    Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian                5.9        2009
679                    Marley & Me                7.1        2008
680                    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story                6.7        2004
681                    Starsky & Hutch                6.1        2004
682                    Blades of Glory                6.3        2007
683                    A Night at the Roxbury                6.2        1998
684                    Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby                6.5        2006
685                    Semi-Pro                5.8        2008
686                    Step Brothers                6.9        2008
687                    Event Horizon                6.7        1997
688                    Predators                6.4        2010
689                    Apollo 13                7.6        1995
690                    Mission to Mars                5.5        2000
691                    Red Planet                5.6        2000
692                    Ghosts of Mars                4.9        2001
693                    The Fast and the Furious                6.7        2001
694                    Fast & Furious                6.6        2009
695                    Fast Five                7.3        2011
696                    2 Fast 2 Furious                5.8        2003
697                    Babylon A.D.                5.6        2008
698                    xXx                5.8        2002
699                    2001: A Space Odyssey                8.3        1968
700                    2010                6.8        1984
701                    The Invisible Woman                6.1        1940
702                    Flying Disc Man from Mars                5.8        1950
703                    Destination Moon                6.4        1950
704                    The Day the Earth Stood Still                7.8        1951
705                    The Day the Earth Stood Still                5.5        2008
706                    Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man                7        1951
707                    Duck Soup                8        1933
708                    The Cocoanuts                7.2        1929
709                    Animal Crackers                7.7        1930
710                    Monkey Business                7.6        1931
711                    Horse Feathers                7.7        1932
712                    A Night at the Opera                8.1        1935
713                    A Day at the Races                7.7        1937
714                    Room Service                6.8        1938
715                    At the Circus                6.9        1939
716                    A Night in Casablanca                7        1946
717                    Love Happy                5.8        1949
718                    The Thing from Another World                7.3        1951
719                    When Worlds Collide                6.7        1951
720                    Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                6.7        1953
721                    Invaders from Mars                6.5        1953
722                    It Came from Outer Space                6.6        1953
723                    Creature from the Black Lagoon                7        1954
724                    Them!                7.3        1954
725                    Earth vs. the Flying Saucers                6.4        1956
726                    Day the World Ended                5.4        1955
727                    Forbidden Planet                7.7        1956
728                    Invasion of the Body Snatchers                7.8        1956
729                    Invasion of the Saucer Men                5.5        1957
730                    20 Million Miles to Earth                6.3        1957
731                    Earth vs the Spider                4        1958
732                    Journey to the Center of the Earth                5.8        2008
733                    The Time Machine                7.6        1960
734                    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea                6.1        1961
735                    Mothra vs. Godzilla                6.5        1964
736                    Fahrenheit 451                7.2        1966
737                    Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster                5.1        1966
738                    Planet of the Apes                8        1968
739                    Beneath the Planet of the Apes                6.1        1970
740                    The Andromeda Strain                7.2        1971
741                    The Andromeda Strain                6.2        2008
742                    Escape from the Planet of the Apes                6.3        1971
743                    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes                6.1        1972
744                    Battle for the Planet of the Apes                5.5        1973
745                    Close Encounters of the Third Kind                7.7        1977
746                    Godzilla Raids Again                6        1955
747                    Cocoon                6.6        1985
748                    The Fly                7.5        1986
749                    RoboCop                7.5        1987
750                    RoboCop 2                5.7        1990
751                    RoboCop 3                3.9        1993
752                    The Lawnmower Man                5.4        1992
753                    Gattaca                7.8        1997
754                    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb                8.5        1964
755                    The Wizard of Oz                8.1        1939
756                    How to Train Your Dragon                8.2        2010
757                    Ice Age                7.6        2002
758                    Ice Age: The Meltdown                6.9        2006
759                    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs                7        2009
760                    Sherlock Holmes                7.6        2009
761                    Ghost in the Shell                8        1995
762                    Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence                7.6        2004
763                    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex                8.6        2002
764                    Macross Plus                7.9        1994
765                    Super Space Fortress Macross                7.9        1984
766                    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie                7.9        2001
767                    Akira                8.1        1988
768                    Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers                6.5        2009
769                    Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion                8.2        1997
770                    Evangelion: 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone                7.8        2007
771                    Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance                8.1        2009
772                    Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro                7.8        1979
773                    Shaun of the Dead                8        2004
774                    The Seventh Seal                8.3        1957
775                    Rear Window                8.5        1954
776                    Chinatown                8.3        1974
777                    Vertigo                8.4        1958
778                    The Maltese Falcon                8.2        1941
779                    All the President’s Men                8        1976
780                    Drag Me to Hell                6.6        2009
781                    House of Usher                7        1960
782                    Animal Kingdom                7.3        2010
783                    The King’s Speech                8.1        2010
784                    True Grit                7.7        2010
785                    Crazy Heart                7.3        2009
786                    Hoffa                6.6        1992
787                    The Social Network                7.8        2010
788                    Face/Off                7.3        1997
789                    Basic                6.5        2003
790                    Under the Mountain                4.9        2009
791                    Planet of the Apes                5.7        2001
792                    Max Payne                5.4        2008
793                    The Ten Commandments                7.9        1956
794                    Touch of Evil                8.2        1958
795                    Treasure Island                7        1950
796                    Call of the Wild                5.7        1993
797                    Julius Caesar                7.4        1953
798                    Julius Caesar                6        1970
799                    The Omega Man                6.6        1971
800                    Dorian Gray                6.3        2009
801                    The Picture of Dorian Gray                7.6        1945
802                    The Final Destination                5.2        2009
803                    The Testament of Dr. Mabuse                7.9        1933
804                    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                7.7        1931
805                    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                5.2        1973
806                    Clannad: After Story                8.9        2008
807                    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion                8.8        2006
808                    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2                8.9        2008
809                    Cowboy Bebop                9        1998
810                    Death Note                9        2006
811                    Eden of the East                7.8        2009
812                    Kôkyô shihen Eureka Sebun                8.2        2005
813                    Fullmetal Alchemist                8.7        2003
814                    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood                9.1        2009
815                    Full Metal Panic!                7.8        2002
816                    Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid                8        2005
817                    The Count of Monte Cristo                8.2        2004
818                    Gungrave                8.1        2003
819                    Last Exile                8        2003
820                    Guardian of the Sacred Spirit                8.4        2007
821                    Mushi-Shi                8.6        2005
822                    Neon Genesis Evangelion                8.6        1995
823                    RahXephon                7.5        2002
824                    Samurai chanpurû                8.6        2004
825                    Tengen toppa gurren lagann                8.4        2007
826                    The Twelve Kingdoms                8.3        2002
827                    Escaflowne                7.9        1996
828                    Wolf’s Rain                8.1        2003
829                    Trigun                8.4        1998
830                    Erufen rîto                8.2        2004
831                    Highschool of the Dead                7.6        2010
832                    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing                8.3        1995
833                    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed                7.8        2002
834                    Kidô butôden G Gundam                7.6        1994
835                    Kidô senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS shôtai                7.8        1996
836                    Gundam Wing: The Movie – Endless Waltz                8.1        1998
837                    Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam                8.4        1985
838                    Ef: A Tale of Memories.                7.7        2007
839                    Ben-Hur                8.1        1959
840                    Once Upon a Time in the West                8.6        1968
841                    Escape from Alcatraz                7.6        1979
842                    The Poseidon Adventure                7.1        1972
843                    Highlander                7.2        1986
844                    Universal Soldier                5.9        1992
845                    Highlander II: The Quickening                4        1991
846                    V for Vendetta                8.2        2005
847                    Black Swan                8        2010
848                    Crocodile Dundee                6.5        1986
849                    Crocodile Dundee II                5.5        1988
850                    Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles                4.8        2001
851                    Cliffhanger                6.4        1993
852                    300                7.8        2006
853                    Murder by Decree                7        1979
854                    Sunset Blvd.                8.5        1950
855                    The Deer Hunter                8.2        1978
856                    Paths of Glory                8.5        1957
857                    Das Boot                8.4        1981
858                    All Quiet on the Western Front                8.1        1930
859                    The Pianist                8.5        2002
860                    Unstoppable                6.8        2010
861                    The Uninvited                7.5        1944
862                    The Black Room                7        1935
863                    Isle of the Dead                6.6        1945
864                    Bedlam                6.9        1946
865                    The Black Cat                7.2        1934
866                    The Body Snatcher                7.4        1945
867                    Corridors of Blood                6.5        1958
868                    Black Sabbath                7.2        1963
869                    Once Upon a Time in the West                8.6        1968
870                    The Haunting                7.6        1963
871                    The Innocents                7.9        1961
872                    The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb                5.5        1964
873                    Donnie Darko                8.1        2001
874                    The Devil Rides Out                7.1        1968
875                    The Seventh Victim                7        1943
876                    Universal Soldier: Regeneration                5.2        2009
877                    Command Performance                5.7        2009
878                    The Thing                6.2        2011
879                    Juggernaut                6.6        1974
880                    Transformers: Dark of the Moon                6.3        2011
881                    Trainspotting                8.2        1996
882                    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil                6.6        1997
883                    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans                6.7        2009
884                    The Russia House                6.1        1990
885                    Strangers on a Train                8.1        1951
886                    The Fourth Protocol                6.5        1987
887                    The Falcon and the Snowman                6.8        1985
888                    Green Lantern                5.6        2011
889                    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea                7.2        1954
890                    Gunfight at the O.K. Corral                7.2        1957
891                    Lust for Life                7.4        1956
892                    Ulysses                6.5        1967
893                    The Fury                6.4        1978
894                    The Brotherhood                6        1968
895                    The Arrangement                6.4        1969
896                    The Last Sunset                6.8        1961
897                    The Devil’s Disciple                7.4        1959
898                    Illusion                6.1        2005
899                    Real Men                6.2        1987
900                    The Far Country                7.2        1954
901                    The Naked Spur                7.5        1953
902                    The Spiral Staircase                7.6        1945
903                    Jesse Stone: Sea Change                7.2        2007
904                    Jesse Stone: Thin Ice                7.2        2009
905                    Jesse Stone: Stone Cold                7.2        2005
906                    Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise                7.2        2006
907                    Jesse Stone: Night Passage                7.3        2006
908                    The Spirit of St. Louis                7.2        1957
909                    Horrible Bosses                6.9        2011
910                    In Enemy Hands                6        2004
911                    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs                7.7        1937
912                    Pinocchio                7.5        1940
913                    Dumbo                7.3        1941
914                    The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad                7.1        1949
915                    Cinderella                7.3        1950
916                    Treasure Island                7        1950
917                    Alice in Wonderland                7.4        1951
918                    Peter Pan                7.4        1953
919                    The Sword and the Rose                6.7        1953
920                    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea                7.2        1954
921                    Lady and the Tramp                7.4        1955
922                    Old Yeller                7.3        1957
923                    Sleeping Beauty                7.3        1959
924                    Swiss Family Robinson                7.2        1960
925                    101 Dalmatians                7.2        1961
926                    The Sword in the Stone                7.2        1963
927                    That Darn Cat!                6.7        1965
928                    The Jungle Book                7.6        1967
929                    Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar                6.7        1967
930                    The AristoCats                7.1        1970
931                    Robin Hood                7.6        1973
932                    Escape to Witch Mountain                6.3        1975
933                    Escape to Witch Mountain                6.6        1995
934                    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh                7.6        1977
935                    The Rescuers                6.9        1977
936                    The Rescuers Down Under                6.9        1990
937                    Return from Witch Mountain                5.9        1978
938                    The Fox and the Hound                7.3        1981
939                    The Great Mouse Detective                7.2        1986
940                    Who Framed Roger Rabbit                7.7        1988
941                    The Little Mermaid                7.6        1989
942                    DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp                6.9        1990
943                    Beauty and the Beast                8        1991
944                    Honey I Blew Up the Kid                4.7        1992
945                    The Mighty Ducks                6.4        1992
946                    Aladdin                8        1992
947                    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey                6.9        1993
948                    The Adventures of Huck Finn                6.1        1993
949                    A Far Off Place                6.6        1993
950                    Hocus Pocus                6.6        1993
951                    The Three Musketeers                6.3        1993
952                    Iron Will                6.5        1994
953                    D2: The Mighty Ducks                5.9        1994
954                    The Lion King                8.5        1994
955                    The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride                6.4        1998
956                    Angels in the Outfield                6        1994
957                    The Santa Clause                6.3        1994
958                    The Santa Clause 2                5.5        2002
959                    The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause                4.6        2006
960                    The Return of Jafar                5.9        1994
961                    The Jungle Book                6        1994
962                    A Goofy Movie                6.8        1995
963                    Pocahontas                6.6        1995
964                    Operation Dumbo Drop                4.9        1995
965                    Toy Story                8.3        1995
966                    Toy Story 2                7.9        1999
967                    Toy Story 3                8.4        2010
968                    Aladdin and the King of Thieves                6.4        1996
969                    James and the Giant Peach                6.7        1996
970                    The Hunchback of Notre Dame                6.9        1996
971                    101 Dalmatians                5.6        1996
972                    Hercules                7.2        1997
973                    A Bug’s Life                7.2        1998
974                    Monsters, Inc.                8.1        2001
975                    The Incredibles                8        2004
976                    National Treasure                6.9        2004
977                    National Treasure: Book of Secrets                6.5        2007
978                    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe                6.9        2005
979                    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian                6.6        2008
980                    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader                6.3        2010
981                    Up                8.3        2009
982                    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time                6.6        2010
983                    The Nightmare Before Christmas                8        1993
984                    TRON                6.8        1982
985                    TRON: Legacy                6.8        2010
986                    Matlock                7        1986
987                    The X-Files                8.7        1993
988                    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows                7.5        2011
989                    Sherlock                9.3        2010
990                    Race to Witch Mountain                5.7        2009
991                    Clerks                7.8        1994
992                    Clerks II                7.4        2006
993                    Mallrats                7.2        1995
994                    Chasing Amy                7.4        1997
995                    Dogma                7.4        1999
996                    The Life of Brian                5.2        2002
997                    The Stand                7.3        1994
998                    The Amityville Horror                6.2        1979
999                    The Amityville Horror                6        2005
1000                    Dracula 2000                4.9        2000
1001                    House of Dracula                5.8        1945
1002                    Death Wish II                6        1982
1003                    Death Wish 3                5.9        1985
1004                    Death Wish 4: The Crackdown                5.2        1987
1005                    Death Wish V: The Face of Death                4.7        1994
1006                    Detroit Rock City                6.8        1999
1007                    The Legend                7.3        1993
1008                    The NeverEnding Story                7.4        1984
1009                    The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter                5        1990
1010                    The Neverending Story III                3.1        1994
1011                    The Princess Bride                8.1        1987
1012                    Prometheus                7        2012
1013                    Super Mario Bros.                4        1993
1014                    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze                6        1991
1015                    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III                4.8        1993
1016                    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie                7.3        1994
1017                    Dragonball: Evolution                2.8        2009
1018                    Red River                7.8        1948
1019                    Fail Safe                8        1964
1020                    The Andromeda Strain                7.2        1971
1021                    The Andromeda Strain                6.2        2008
1022                    World Without End                6        1956
1023                    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows                7.5        2011
1024                    Friday the 13th                6.5        1980
1025                    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge                5.3        1985
1026                    Citizen Kane                8.4        1941
1027                    Airport ’77                5.5        1977
1028                    The Flight of the Phoenix                7.6        1965
1029                    Airport 1975                5.5        1974
1030                    The Odd Couple II                6.4        1998
1031                    Charade                8        1963
1032                    Roman Holiday                8.1        1953
1033                    Breakfast at Tiffany’s                7.8        1961
1034                    Operation Petticoat                7.3        1959
1035                    Notorious                8.1        1946
1036                    Destination Tokyo                7.3        1943
1037                    North by Northwest                8.4        1959
1038                    Akira                8.1        1988
1039                    Princess Mononoke                8.4        1997
1040                    Spirited Away                8.6        2001
1041                    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade                7.6        1999
1042                    WALL·E                8.4        2008
1043                    12 Angry Men                8.9        1957
1044                    The Green Mile                8.5        1999
1045                    American Beauty                8.4        1999
1046                    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest                8.7        1975
1047                    Drive                7.8        2011
1048                    Schindler’s List                8.9        1993
1049                    The Artist                8        2011
1050                    Warrior                8.2        2011
1051                    Futureworld                5.9        1976
1052                    Westworld                7.1        1973
1053                    Alphaville                7.2        1965
1054                    The Blob                6.4        1958
1055                    I Married a Monster from Outer Space                6.4        1958
1056                    The Day of the Triffids                6.1        1963
1057                    Day of the Dead                7.2        1985
1058                    Snatch.                8.3        2000
1059                    American Psycho                7.6        2000
1060                    Casino                8.2        1995
1061                    L.A. Confidential                8.3        1997
1062                    The Usual Suspects                8.6        1995
1063                    Memento                8.5        2000
1064                    Scarface                8.3        1983
1065                    Annie Hall                8.1        1977
1066                    Eyes Wide Shut                7.3        1999
1067                    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy                7.1        2011
1068                    Midnight in Paris                7.7        2011
1069                    The Notebook                7.9        2004
1070                    The Butterfly Effect                7.7        2004
1071                    The Hunger Games                7.3        2012
1072                    American Gangster                7.8        2007
1073                    3:10 to Yuma                7.8        2007
1074                    The Hurt Locker                7.6        2008
1075                    District 9                8        2009
1076                    American History X                8.6        1998
1077                    Reservoir Dogs                8.4        1992
1078                    Raging Bull                8.3        1980
1079                    Gladiator                8.5        2000
1080                    Sin City                8.1        2005
1081                    Moneyball                7.6        2011
1082                    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo                7.8        2009
1083                    In Time                6.7        2011
1084                    Bad Boys II                6.5        2003
1085                    Children of Men                7.9        2006
1086                    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels                8.2        1998
1087                    Revolutionary Road                7.3        2008
1088                    Get Carter                7.5        1971
1089                    (500) Days of Summer                7.8        2009
1090                    Being John Malkovich                7.8        1999
1091                    Reign Over Me                7.5        2007
1092                    Identity                7.3        2003
1093                    J. Edgar                6.6        2011
1094                    Juno                7.5        2007
1095                    A Beautiful Mind                8.2        2001
1096                    Mystic River                8        2003
1097                    Big Fish                8        2003
1098                    Layer Cake                7.4        2004
1099                    Safe House                6.8        2012
1100                    Kick-Ass                7.7        2010
1101                    The Ides of March                7.1        2011
1102                    The Muppets                7.2        2011
1103                    All Good Things                6.3        2010
1104                    The Illusionist                7.6        2006
1105                    Superbad                7.6        2007
1106                    Public Enemies                7        2009
1107                    The Hangover Part II                6.5        2011
1108                    Law Abiding Citizen                7.4        2009
1109                    Fracture                7.2        2007
1110                    Brokeback Mountain                7.7        2005
1111                    The Insider                7.9        1999
1112                    Real Steel                7.1        2011
1113                    Equilibrium                7.5        2002
1114                    Groundhog Day                8.1        1993
1115                    There’s Something About Mary                7.1        1998
1116                    Zodiac                7.7        2007
1117                    The Sixth Sense                8.2        1999
1118                    The Pursuit of Happyness                7.9        2006
1119                    Shooter                7.2        2007
1120                    Walk the Line                7.9        2005
1121                    Basic Instinct                6.9        1992
1122                    Meet the Parents                7        2000
1123                    The Breakfast Club                7.9        1985
1124                    Source Code                7.5        2011
1125                    Con Air                6.8        1997
1126                    Lord of War                7.6        2005
1127                    Swordfish                6.5        2001
1128                    The Next Three Days                7.4        2010
1129                    Death at a Funeral                7.4        2007
1130                    Insomnia                7.2        2002
1131                    The Bank Job                7.3        2008
1132                    Bad Boys                6.8        1995
1133                    The Exorcist III                6.3        1990
1134                    The Hindenburg                6.2        1975
1135                    The Cincinnati Kid                7.3        1965
1136                    Le Mans                6.7        1971
1137                    The Sand Pebbles                7.7        1966
1138                    Papillon                8.1        1973
1139                    The Magnificent Seven                7.8        1960
1140                    Cheyenne Autumn                6.9        1964
1141                    My Darling Clementine                7.8        1946
1142                    The Gunfighter                7.7        1950
1143                    Billion Dollar Brain                6.1        1967
1144                    The Eagle Has Landed                6.9        1976
1145                    Sleuth                8.1        1972
1146                    Kidnapped                6.1        1971
1147                    The Man Who Would Be King                7.9        1975
1148                    The Italian Job                7.4        1969
1149                    Battle of Britain                7        1969
1150                    Zulu                7.8        1964
1151                    Congo                5        1995
1152                    Deathtrap                7        1982
1153                    The Quiet American                7.1        2002
1154                    Wrath of the Titans                5.8        2012
1155                    The Avengers                8.1        2012
1156                    Come and See                8.3        1985
1157                    Howl’s Moving Castle                8.2        2004
1158                    Comrade X                6.4        1940
1159                    The Great Train Robbery                7        1979
1160                    Pride & Prejudice                7.8        2005
1161                    Salem’s Lot                6.3        2004
1162                    Pride and Prejudice                9.1        1995
1163                    The Last Legion                5.4        2007
1164                    Bridget Jones’s Diary                6.7        2001
1165                    The English Patient                7.4        1996
1166                    The Prestige                8.5        2006
1167                    Bad Boy Bubby                7.5        1993
1168                    The Apartment                8.3        1960
1169                    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington                8.3        1939
1170                    Miracle on 34th Street                7.9        1947
1171                    On the Waterfront                8.3        1954
1172                    The House of the Devil                6.4        2009
1173                    Bend of the River                7.4        1952
1174                    Night Passage                6.7        1957
1175                    The Rare Breed                6.4        1966
1176                    Catch-22                7.2        1970
1177                    Deliverance                7.8        1972
1178                    The Odessa File                7        1974
1179                    Singin’ in the Rain                8.4        1952
1180                    The Charge of the Light Brigade                7.1        1936
1181                    China Seas                7        1935
1182                    The Adjustment Bureau                7.1        2011
1183                    Contagion                6.7        2011
1184                    Horatio Hornblower: The Duel                8.2        1998
1185                    Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War                8.1        1999
1186                    Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ship                8.2        1998
1187                    Hornblower: Duty                8.1        2003
1188                    Horatio Hornblower 3                8.2        2003
1189                    Hornblower: Mutiny                8.2        2001
1190                    Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil                8        1999
1191                    Horatio Hornblower: Retribution                8.4        2001
1192                    Let Me In                7.2        2010
1193                    Carlito’s Way                7.9        1993
1194                    The Mission                7.5        1986
1195                    Frankie and Johnny                6.7        1991
1196                    Donnie Brasco                7.8        1997
1197                    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind                8.4        2004
1198                    The Dead Zone                7.3        1983
1199                    The Dogs of War                6.3        1980
1200                    The Big Year                6.2        2011
1201                    Shall We Dance                6.1        2004
1202                    Autumn in New York                5.5        2000
1203                    Runaway Bride                5.4        1999
1204                    Final Analysis                5.8        1992
1205                    Sommersby                6.1        1993
1206                    Internal Affairs                6.5        1990
1207                    The Cotton Club                6.5        1984
1208                    Primal Fear                7.7        1996
1209                    An Officer and a Gentleman                7        1982
1210                    The Mothman Prophecies                6.5        2002
1211                    The Guard                7.3        2011
1212                    The General                7.3        1998
1213                    Michael Collins                7.1        1996
1214                    Cedar Rapids                6.3        2011
1215                    School of Rock                7.1        2003
1216                    Torn Curtain                6.7        1966
1217                    Enemy Mine                6.9        1985
1218                    Hunter Prey                5.8        2010
1219                    Say Anything…                7.4        1989
1220                    Stand by Me                8.1        1986
1221                    2012                5.8        2009
1222                    The Raven                6.4        2012
1223                    Dark Passage                7.6        1947
1224                    Somebody Up There Likes Me                7.5        1956
1225                    High Society                7        1956
1226                    High Time                6.2        1960
1227                    The Emperor Waltz                6.2        1948
1228                    Road to Rio                7.3        1947
1229                    Going My Way                7.3        1944
1230                    The Devil at 4 O’Clock                7.1        1961
1231                    Ocean’s 11                6.6        1960
1232                    The Joker Is Wild                7.1        1957
1233                    Not as a Stranger                6.8        1955
1234                    Cool Hand Luke                8.2        1967
1235                    Hombre                7.4        1967
1236                    The Prize                6.8        1963
1237                    The Towering Inferno                6.9        1974
1238                    Harper                7        1966
1239                    Sweet Bird of Youth                7.5        1962
1240                    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo                7.8        2011
1241                    Thunderbird 6                6.3        1968
1242                    The Legend of Hell House                6.9        1973
1243                    Tower Heist                6.2        2011
1244                    Vanishing on 7th Street                4.9        2010
1245                    Gettysburg                7.7        1993
1246                    Arachnophobia                6.3        1990
1247                    Infamous                7.1        2006
1248                    As Good as It Gets                7.8        1997
1249                    Fast Times at Ridgemont High                7.2        1982
1250                    Bull Durham                7.1        1988
1251                    I Married a Witch                7.2        1942
1252                    The Story of Temple Drake                7.2        1933
1253                    The Heiress                8.3        1949
1254                    Dredd                7        2012
1255                    The Haunted Palace                6.8        1963
1256                    Mark of the Vampire                6.3        1935
1257                    Dracula’s Daughter                6.4        1936
1258                    Bride of Frankenstein                7.9        1935
1259                    Son of Frankenstein                7.2        1939
1260                    The Ghost of Frankenstein                6.1        1942
1261                    Mystery of the Wax Museum                6.9        1933
1262                    The Reptile                6.3        1966
1263                    Full Eclipse                5.5        1993
1264                    Dead of Night                7.7        1945
1265                    The Fog                6.8        1980
1266                    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein                7.6        1948
1267                    The Last Man on Earth                7        1964
1268                    The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms                6.7        1953
1269                    Metropolis                8.3        1927
1270                    Glengarry Glen Ross                7.8        1992
1271                    Pride and Prejudice                7.5        1940
1272                    Sullivan’s Travels                8.1        1941
1273                    The Dark Knight Rises                8.5        2012
1274                    A Christmas Carol                7.5        1938
1275                    A Christmas Carol                8.1        1951
1276                    John Carter                6.6        2012
1277                    One Special Night                7.4        1999
1278                    Maverick                7        1994
1279                    Atlas Shrugged: Part I                5.8        2011
1280                    Skyfall                7.8        2012
1281                    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey                8        2012
1282                    Lincoln                7.4        2012
1283                    Looper                7.5        2012
1284                    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1                4.9        2011
1285                    The Rookie                5.8        1990
1286                    Royal Wedding                6.8        1951
1287                    Blue Skies                6.6        1946
1288                    Broadway Melody of 1940                7.4        1940
1289                    Flying Down to Rio                6.7        1933
1290                    The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle                7        1939
1291                    Joyful Noise                5.6        2012
1292                    Pacific Rendezvous                5.6        1942
1293                    The Farmer’s Daughter                7.4        1947
1294                    Captain Blood                7.8        1935
1295                    The Adventures of Robin Hood                8        1938
1296                    They Died with Their Boots On                7.3        1941
1297                    White Heat                8.2        1949
1298                    These Wilder Years                6.7        1956
1299                    Blood on the Sun                6.2        1945
1300                    Yankee Doodle Dandy                7.8        1942
1301                    The Strawberry Blonde                7.4        1941
1302                    Here Comes the Navy                6.5        1934
1303                    Ceiling Zero                6.9        1936
1304                    Angels with Dirty Faces                8        1938
1305                    13 Rue Madeleine                7        1947
1306                    The Roaring Twenties                7.9        1939
1307                    Mister Roberts                7.8        1955
1308                    Jezebel                7.6        1938
1309                    The Woman in Black                6.4        2012
1310                    Kill Your Darlings                6.5        2013
1311                    Gilda                7.8        1946
1312                    The Lady from Shanghai                7.7        1947
1313                    Circus World                6.2        1964
1314                    Blood and Sand                7        1941
1315                    Criminals of the Air                6.1        1937
1316                    Life Begins with Love                4.3        1937
1317                    The Devils                7.8        1971
1318                    The Conqueror Worm                6.9        1968
1319                    Sense and Sensibility                7.7        1995
1320                    Game of Thrones                9.5        2011
1321                    Battleship                5.9        2012
1322                    Battle Los Angeles                5.8        2011
1323                    Paul                7        2011
1324                    Swingers                7.4        1996
1325                    The Dark Half                5.9        1993
1326                    Hold Back the Dawn                7.6        1941
1327                    Chronicle                7.1        2012
1328                    Warm Bodies                6.9        2013
1329                    The Outlaw Josey Wales                7.9        1976
1330                    The Legend of Drunken Master                7.6        1994
1331                    Drunken Master                7.6        1978
1332                    The Last Days of Disco                6.6        1998
1333                    Red vs Blue: Recollection Trilogy                9.1        2008
1334                    Red vs. Blue: Recreation                8.8        2009
1335                    Red vs. Blue: Revelation                9        2010
1336                    Red vs. Blue: Season 10                8.9        2012
1337                    Red vs. Blue Season 9                8        2011
1338                    Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles                8.5        2003
1339                    Sylvia                6.3        2003
1340                    Django Unchained                8.5        2012
1341                    TekWar: TekLab                5.9        1994
1342                    TekWar: TekJustice                6.3        1994
1343                    TekWar: TekLords                6.2        1994
1344                    TekWar                6.1        1994
1345                    My Week with Marilyn                7        2011
1346                    Take the High Ground!                6.2        1953
1347                    Dial M for Murder                8.2        1954
1348                    1984                7        1956
1349                    Night of the Living Dead                8        1968
1350                    Soylent Green                7.1        1973
1351                    Scanners                6.8        1981
1352                    1984                7.2        1984
1353                    Stage Door                7.9        1937
1354                    Hit Parade of 1941                6.5        1940
1355                    Time Out for Rhythm                6.7        1941
1356                    Jam Session                6.4        1944
1357                    On the Town                7.7        1949
1358                    Oh, Men! Oh, Women!                5.3        1957
1359                    We’re Not Married!                6.4        1952
1360                    Storm Warning                7.2        1951
1361                    Top Hat                7.8        1935
1362                    Swing Time                7.7        1936
1363                    Argo                7.8        2012
1364                    Zero Dark Thirty                7.4        2012
1365                    Airplane!                7.8        1980
1366                    Airplane II: The Sequel                6.1        1982
1367                    Attack the Block                6.6        2011
1368                    The Woman on Pier 13                5.9        1949
1369                    Silver Linings Playbook                7.8        2012
1370                    Les Misérables                7.6        2012
1371                    The Perks of Being a Wallflower                8        2012
1372                    Total Recall                6.3        2012
1373                    Men in Black 3                6.9        2012
1374                    Evil Dead                6.5        2013
1375                    A Good Day to Die Hard                5.3        2013
1376                    The Full Monty                7.2        1997
1377                    Dodsworth                8.2        1936
1378                    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre                8.3        1948
1379                    And Then There Were None                7.6        1945
1380                    The Devil and Daniel Webster                7.8        1941
1381                    The Great Gatsby                6.4        1974
1382                    Father of the Bride                7.3        1950
1383                    Father’s Little Dividend                6.6        1951
1384                    3:10 to Yuma                7.6        1957
1385                    The Great Lie                7.3        1941
1386                    Kitty Foyle                7.1        1940
1387                    Lonesome Ghosts                7.8        1937
1388                    Trick or Treat                7.3        1952
1389                    Pluto’s Judgement Day                7.3        1935
1390                    Mickey’s Rival                6.9        1936
1391                    Mickey’s Elephant                6.9        1936
1392                    Mickey’s Steam Roller                6.7        1934
1393                    Steamboat Willie                7.7        1928
1394                    The Haunted House                7.2        1929
1395                    Mickey’s Parrot                7        1938
1396                    The Nifty Nineties                6.9        1941
1397                    Pluto’s Party                6.5        1952
1398                    Lend a Paw                7        1941
1399                    Mickey’s Birthday Party                6.7        1942
1400                    Symphony Hour                7.7        1942
1401                    Tugboat Mickey                7.3        1940
1402                    The Whalers                7.3        1938
1403                    Mickey’s Surprise Party                6.6        1939
1404                    The Fox Hunt                6.8        1938
1405                    All Together                5.3        1942
1406                    Fantasia                7.8        1940
1407                    Mickey and the Beanstalk                7.7        1947
1408                    The Palm Beach Story                7.7        1942
1409                    Wake of the Red Witch                6.7        1948
1410                    The Trial                7.9        1962
1411                    Always                6.4        1989
1412                    The New World                6.7        2005
1413                    Ball of Fire                7.8        1941
1414                    Double Indemnity                8.4        1944
1415                    The Shop Around the Corner                8.1        1940
1416                    The Caine Mutiny                7.9        1954
1417                    From Here to Eternity                7.8        1953
1418                    Alice in Wonderland                6.6        1933
1419                    Star Trek: Voyager                7.7        1995
1420                    Count Dracula                5.7        1970
1421                    The Three Musketeers                5.8        2011
1422                    Where the Sidewalk Ends                7.7        1950
1423                    The Last Tycoon                6.4        1976
1424                    While the City Sleeps                7        1956
1425                    Taking Chance                7.5        2009
1426                    Star Trek Into Darkness                7.8        2013
1427                    Bad Moon                5.6        1996
1428                    To Catch a Thief                7.5        1955
1429                    Indiscreet                6.9        1958
1430                    Spellbound                7.7        1945
1431                    Run Silent Run Deep                7.4        1958
1432                    Mutiny on the Bounty                7.8        1935
1433                    Boom Town                7.1        1940
1434                    The Actress                6.7        1953
1435                    Broken Lance                7        1954
1436                    Inherit the Wind                8.2        1960
1437                    Adam’s Rib                7.6        1949
1438                    Bad Day at Black Rock                7.8        1955
1439                    Pearl                6.7        1978
1440                    The Bounty                7        1984
1441                    Boogeyman                4.1        2005
1442                    Insidious                6.8        2010
1443                    Heathers                7.3        1988
1444                    The Last Stand                6.4        2013
1445                    Heartbreak Ridge                6.8        1986
1446                    The Eiger Sanction                6.4        1975
1447                    Contraband                6.5        2012
1448                    Tenderness                5.5        2009
1449                    The Spanish Main                6.4        1945
1450                    36 Hours                7.3        1964
1451                    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot                7.1        1974
1452                    The Bourne Legacy                6.7        2012
1453                    Great Expectations                8        1946
1454                    Great Expectations                7.3        1999
1455                    The Damned United                7.6        2009
1456                    Executive Suite                7.4        1954
1457                    Arbitrage                6.6        2012
1458                    The Double                5.9        2011
1459                    Oblivion                7        2013
1460                    Rope                8        1948
1461                    The Night of the Generals                7.4        1967
1462                    The Anderson Tapes                6.4        1971
1463                    Journey 2: The Mysterious Island                5.8        2012
1464                    Stranger Than Fiction                7.6        2006
1465                    Lady Be Good                6.5        1941
1466                    Saboteur                7.2        1942
1467                    Inspector Lewis                7.9        2007
1468                    Tales of Terror                6.9        1962
1469                    Iron Man 3                7.3        2013
1470                    Killer Reality                5.2        2013
1471                    The Bible                7.4        2013
1472                    The Tomb of Ligeia                6.6        1964
1473                    House of Wax                7.1        1953
1474                    Tower of London                6.7        1939
1475                    The Raven                6.7        1963
1476                    Tower of London                6.3        1962
1477                    The Mad Magician                6.4        1954
1478                    Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger                6.3        1977
1479                    The 7th Voyage of Sinbad                7.2        1958
1480                    Jason and the Argonauts                7.4        1963
1481                    Village of the Damned                7.3        1960
1482                    Children of the Damned                6.2        1964
1483                    Diary of a Madman                6.4        1963
1484                    Ender’s Game                6.7        2013
1485                    Mickey’s Christmas Carol                8        1983
1486                    The Masque of the Red Death                7.1        1964
1487                    Pork Chop Hill                7.1        1959
1488                    Men in War                7.4        1957
1489                    Mama                6.2        2013
1490                    It Should Happen to You                7.3        1954
1491                    The Marrying Kind                7        1952
1492                    The Solid Gold Cadillac                7.6        1956
1493                    Bells Are Ringing                7.1        1960
1494                    Killing Kennedy                6        2013
1495                    The Civil War                9.5        1990
1496                    Once an Eagle                8.2        1976
1497                    Man of Steel                7.2        2013
1498                    You Can’t Take It With You                8        1938
1499                    Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles                7.6        1999
1500                    Auntie Mame                8        1958
1501                    David Copperfield                7.8        1999
1502                    David Copperfield                7.6        1935
1503                    Gaslight                7.9        1944
1504                    Beyond Tomorrow                6.7        1940
1505                    The Wolverine                6.7        2013
1506                    Journey to the Center of the Earth                7        1959
1507                    The Last Days of Patton                6.4        1986
1508                    Hugo                7.6        2011
1509                    All Quiet on the Western Front                7.1        1979
1510                    The Great Raid                6.7        2005
1511                    The Sea Wolves                6.3        1980
1512                    Between Heaven and Hell                6.6        1956
1513                    So Proudly We Hail!                7.6        1943
1514                    Battle of the Coral Sea                5.7        1959
1515                    Weekend at Bernie’s                6.3        1989
1516                    My Blue Heaven                6.2        1990
1517                    The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway                7.6        2011
1518                    Stir of Echoes                7        1999
1519                    The Conjuring                7.5        2013
1520                    The Amazing Spider-Man                7.1        2012
1521                    Revenge of the Nerds                6.6        1984
1522                    Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation                3.7        1992
1523                    Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise                4.9        1987
1524                    The Secret of NIMH                7.6        1982
1525                    Kôkaku kidôtai: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society                8        2006
1526                    Castle in the Sky                8.1        1986
1527                    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2                5.6        2012
1528                    Blood+                7.8        2005
1529                    Serial Experiments Lain                8.2        1998
1530                    Outlaw Star                7.9        1998
1531                    Darker Than Black                8.1        2007
1532                    Spice and Wolf                8.1        2008
1533                    Black Lagoon                8.2        2006
1534                    Ghost Hunt                8        2005
1535                    Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom                7.9        2009
1536                    Steins;Gate                8.8        2011
1537                    Ergo Proxy                8.1        2006
1538                    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya                8.1        2006
1539                    Arsenic and Old Lace                8.1        1944
1540                    Mr. Lucky                7.2        1943
1541                    The Philadelphia Story                8.1        1940
1542                    The Bishop’s Wife                7.6        1947
1543                    Suspicion                7.5        1941
1544                    Garfield                4.9        2004
1545                    An Affair to Remember                7.6        1957
1546                    Monkey Business                7        1952
1547                    Anastasia                7.1        1997
1548                    Anastasia                7.2        1956
1549                    The Lion in Winter                8.2        1968
1550                    The Canterville Ghost                7        1944
1551                    Sunrise at Campobello                7.1        1960
1552                    The Red Baron                6.3        2008
1553                    Blood on the Moon                6.9        1948
1554                    The Soloist                6.7        2009
1555                    The Remains of the Day                7.9        1993
1556                    Moon Over Miami                7        1941
1557                    Courage of Lassie                6.3        1946
1558                    The Bells of St. Mary’s                7.5        1945
1559                    Blade II                6.7        2002
1560                    Blade: Trinity                5.9        2004
1561                    Walk Don’t Run                6.7        1966
1562                    My Cousin Vinny                7.5        1992
1563                    The Karate Kid                7.2        1984
1564                    Riddick                6.4        2013
1565                    Watchers                5.2        1988
1566                    Demon Seed                6.3        1977
1567                    The Frozen Ground                6.4        2013
1568                    The Wolf of Wall Street                8.2        2013
1569                    The Place Beyond the Pines                7.3        2012
1570                    Young Mr. Lincoln                7.7        1939
1571                    The Host                5.9        2013
1572                    Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet                7.5        1940
1573                    My Sister Eileen                7.1        1942
1574                    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug                7.9        2013
1575                    Foreign Correspondent                7.6        1940
1576                    Now, Voyager                8.1        1942
1577                    Way Down East                8        1920
1578                    West Point                8        1927
1579                    Bullet to the Head                5.7        2012
1580                    Alex Cross                5.1        2012
1581                    Along Came a Spider                6.3        2001
1582                    Kiss the Girls                6.6        1997
1583                    Topper                7.4        1937
1584                    Wilson                7        1944
1585                    The Haunted                6.5        1991
1586                    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir                7.9        1947
1587                    Lifeforce                6.1        1985
1588                    Nothing Left to Fear                4.4        2013
1589                    Stake Land                6.5        2010
1590                    Sex and the Single Girl                6.5        1964
1591                    Wild and Wonderful                6.4        1964
1592                    The Great Race                7.2        1965
1593                    Need for Speed                6.6        2014
1594                    Broken City                6.2        2013
1595                    Slither                6.5        2006
1596                    A Summer Place                7        1959
1597                    42                7.5        2013
1598                    The Good Witch                7.1        2008
1599                    The Good Witch’s Garden                7.2        2009
1600                    The Good Witch’s Gift                7.4        2010
1601                    The Good Witch’s Family                7.1        2011
1602                    The Good Witch’s Destiny                7.3        2013
1603                    The Good Witch’s Charm                7.1        2012
1604                    How to Marry a Millionaire                7        1953
1605                    Bus Stop                6.7        1956
1606                    Sabrina                7.7        1954
1607                    A Passage to India                7.4        1984
1608                    Night Skies                4.7        2007
1609                    Murder, My Sweet                7.6        1944
1610                    High Sierra                7.6        1941
1611                    Little Women                7.3        1949
1612                    Little Women                7.3        1994
1613                    His Girl Friday                8        1940
1614                    Meet Me in St. Louis                7.7        1944
1615                    The King and I                7.5        1956
1616                    Way Out West                7.8        1937
1617                    Hollywood Party                6.3        1934
1618                    The Devil’s Brother                7.1        1933
1619                    Jitterbugs                6.4        1943
1620                    The Flying Deuces                6.9        1939
1621                    Sons of the Desert                7.8        1933
1622                    The Music Box                8.1        1932
1623                    Count Dracula                7.7        1977
1624                    Inside Man                7.6        2006
1625                    Antwone Fisher                7.3        2002
1626                    Joyeux Noel                7.8        2005
1627                    Road to Utopia                7.6        1945
1628                    Star Spangled Rhythm                6.8        1942
1629                    The Ghost Breakers                7.3        1940
1630                    The Princess and the Pirate                7        1944
1631                    My Favorite Brunette                6.9        1947
1632                    My Favorite Blonde                7.2        1942
1633                    Never Say Die                6.9        1939
1634                    Road to Zanzibar                7.2        1941
1635                    Fierce Creatures                6.3        1997
1636                    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire                7.6        2013
1637                    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug                7.9        2013
1638                    King of Kings                7.1        1961
1639                    The Glass Slipper                6.4        1955
1640                    White House Down                6.4        2013
1641                    Lone Survivor                7.6        2013
1642                    Now You See Me                7.3        2013
1643                    Gigi                6.9        1958
1644                    Father Goose                7.4        1964
1645                    An American in Paris                7.2        1951
1646                    Daddy Long Legs                6.8        1955
1647                    The Hunter                6.8        2011
1648                    Bridge of Dragons                4.6        1999
1649                    Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning                5        2012
1650                    The Expendables 2                6.7        2012
1651                    The Expendables                6.5        2010
1652                    Missionary Man                5.1        2007
1653                    Direct Contact                4.3        2009
1654                    Icarus                5.2        2010
1655                    With a Song in My Heart                7        1952
1656                    The Snows of Kilimanjaro                6.3        1952
1657                    Fatso                6.2        1980
1658                    Gentleman’s Agreement                7.4        1947
1659                    It Could Happen to You                6.3        1994
1660                    My Brilliant Career                7.4        1979
1661                    Picnic at Hanging Rock                7.6        1975
1662                    The Fighter                7.9        2010
1663                    Traffic                7.6        2000
1664                    The World’s End                7        2013
1665                    The Song of Bernadette                7.7        1943
1666                    The Dawn Patrol                7.6        1938
1667                    The Tarnished Angels                7.3        1957
1668                    How to Train Your Dragon 2                7.9        2014
1669                    X-Men: Days of Future Past                8.1        2014
1670                    Mutiny on the Bounty                7.2        1962
1671                    The Last Winter                5.6        2006
1672                    Guys and Dolls                7.3        1955
1673                    The Brave                6.5        1997
1674                    The Missouri Breaks                6.6        1976
1675                    The Nightcomers                6.1        1971
1676                    Reflections in a Golden Eye                7        1967
1677                    The Appaloosa                6.3        1966
1678                    Insidious: Chapter 2                6.6        2013
1679                    Lone Survivor                7.6        2013
1680                    The Big O                7.6        1999
1681                    Soul Eater                8        2008
1682                    Woman of the Year                7.3        1942
1683                    Keeper of the Flame                6.8        1942
1684                    Pat and Mike                7        1952
1685                    Summertime                7.5        1955
1686                    The Rainmaker                7.1        1956
1687                    Suddenly, Last Summer                7.7        1959
1688                    Long Day’s Journey Into Night                7.8        1962
1689                    Breaking Away                7.7        1979
1690                    Super 8                7.1        2011
1691                    Gallipoli                7.5        1981
1692                    The Wings of Eagles                6.8        1957
1693                    21                6.8        2008
1694                    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter                5.9        2012
1695                    Young Man with a Horn                7.2        1950
1696                    Out of the Past                8.1        1947
1697                    The Hook                6.6        1963
1698                    The Seventh Cross                7.4        1944
1699                    Heroes for Sale                7.7        1933
1700                    Waterloo Bridge                7.8        1940
1701                    Ivanhoe                6.9        1952
1702                    Return of the Gunfighter                6.4        1967
1703                    Bataan                7        1943
1704                    Margin Call                7.1        2011
1705                    Hard Eight                7.3        1996
1706                    The Year of Living Dangerously                7.2        1982
1707                    Cat’s Eye                6.2        1985
1708                    Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI                5.9        1986
1709                    Motel Hell                6        1980
1710                    The Three Musketeers                7.3        1973
1711                    The Return of the Musketeers                6        1989
1712                    People Will Talk                7.5        1951
1713                    Room for One More                7.2        1952
1714                    Dream Wife                6        1953
1715                    Gunga Din                7.5        1939
1716                    Without Reservations                6.6        1946
1717                    Tomorrow Is Forever                7.5        1946
1718                    The Awful Truth                8        1937
1719                    Holiday                7.9        1938
1720                    Sailor Moon S                7.9        1994
1721                    Sailor Moon                7.7        1995
1722                    Sailor Moon Super S                8.2        1995
1723                    Fast & Furious 6                7.2        2013
1724                    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie                5.9        2014
1725                    The Mouse That Roared                7        1959
1726                    Tora! Tora! Tora!                7.5        1970
1727                    Buffalo Soldiers                6.3        1997
1728                    Seinfeld                8.9        1989
1729                    Friends                9        1994
1730                    Home Improvement                7.2        1991
1731                    Unsolved Mysteries                8.3        1987
1732                    Murder, She Wrote                6.8        1984
1733                    Dragon Ball Z                8.9        1996
1734                    Clarissa Explains It All                7.3        1991
1735                    The Adventures of Pete & Pete                8.4        1992
1736                    The Secret World of Alex Mack                7.8        1994
1737                    All That                7.5        1994
1738                    Are You Afraid of the Dark?                8.3        1990
1739                    Godzilla                6.5        2014
1740                    Doctor X                6.5        1932
1741                    Portrait of Jennie                7.8        1948
1742                    Scent of a Woman                8        1992
1743                    Hearts in Atlantis                6.9        2001
1744                    Needful Things                6.2        1993
1745                    The Homesman                6.6        2014
1746                    To Have and Have Not                8        1944
1747                    The Big Sleep                8.1        1946
1748                    Key Largo                7.9        1948
1749                    Thank Your Lucky Stars                7.3        1943
1750                    Action in the North Atlantic                7        1943
1751                    That Certain Woman                6.9        1937
1752                    Watch on the Rhine                7.4        1943
1753                    Juarez                7.3        1939
1754                    Ex-Lady                7        1933
1755                    The Verdict                7.2        1946
1756                    Bridge to Terabithia                7.2        2007
1757                    Bambi                7.4        1942
1758                    Ratatouille                8        2007
1759                    Chicken Little                5.8        2005
1760                    Freaky Friday                6.1        2003
1761                    Re-Animator                7.3        1985
1762                    Martin                7.2        1977
1763                    The Cabin in the Woods                7        2012
1764                    Peeping Tom                7.8        1960
1765                    The Night of the Hunter                8.1        1955
1766                    Knights of the Round Table                6.3        1953
1767                    The Omen                5.5        2006
1768                    Back from Eternity                6.5        1956
1769                    Five Came Back                7.1        1939
1770                    The Time of Their Lives                8        1946
1771                    Africa Screams                6.5        1949
1772                    Jack and the Beanstalk                6.1        1952
1773                    Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion                6.8        1950
1774                    Abbott and Costello Go to Mars                6.5        1953
1775                    Dance with Me, Henry                6.3        1956
1776                    Shadow of a Doubt                8        1943
1777                    Edge of Tomorrow                7.9        2014
1778                    Pandora and the Flying Dutchman                7.1        1951
1779                    The White Cliffs of Dover                7.1        1944
1780                    The Hucksters                6.7        1947
1781                    The Killers                7.9        1946
1782                    Singapore                6.5        1947
1783                    The Bribe                6.7        1949
1784                    Sunday Punch                5.9        1942
1785                    H.M. Pulham, Esq.                7.1        1941
1786                    Two Girls and a Sailor                6.8        1944
1787                    Baccano!                8.5        2007
1788                    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion                9.1        2008
1789                    Haibane renmei                8.3        2002
1790                    Hellsing                8.1        2001
1791                    Kino’s Journey                8.5        2003
1792                    Mobile Suit Gundam 00                8.2        2007
1793                    Gekijouban Kidou senshi Gandamu 00: A wakening of the trailblazer                6.8        2010
1794                    Mobile Suit Gundam UC                8.1        2010
1795                    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time                7.9        2006
1796                    N.H.K ni yôkoso!                8.5        2006
1797                    When They Cry                8.3        2006
1798                    Fruits Basket                8.2        2001
1799                    Dragon Ball                8.7        1999
1800                    Samurai 7                7.8        2004
1801                    Psycho-Pass                8.4        2012
1802                    Girl Revolution Utena                8.4        1997
1803                    The Others                7.6        2001
1804                    The House That Dripped Blood                6.6        1971
1805                    Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors                6.7        1965
1806                    From Beyond the Grave                6.8        1974
1807                    Strait-Jacket                6.8        1964
1808                    Twice-Told Tales                6.7        1963
1809                    The Killers                7.1        1964
1810                    The Big Heat                8        1953
1811                    In a Lonely Place                8        1950
1812                    The Woman in the Window                7.8        1944
1813                    Criss Cross                7.5        1949
1814                    Brute Force                7.7        1947
1815                    Kiss of Death                7.5        1947
1816                    The Angriest Man in Brooklyn                5.7        2014
1817                    Runner Runner                5.6        2013
1818                    A Star Is Born                7.8        1954
1819                    Byzantium                6.5        2012
1820                    Ancient Aliens                7.4        2009
1821                    The Kid from Brooklyn                6.8        1946
1822                    The Court Jester                8        1955
1823                    A Song Is Born                7.1        1948
1824                    Hans Christian Andersen                6.9        1952
1825                    Frozen                7.6        2013
1826                    Lonely Are the Brave                7.7        1962
1827                    Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo                7.5        1944
1828                    A Midsummer Night’s Dream                7.1        1935
1829                    Tin Man                7.2        2007
1830                    Ring of Bright Water                7.2        1969
1831                    A Yank in the R.A.F.                6.5        1941
1832                    Don’t Look Now                7.4        1973
1833                    In the Good Old Summertime                7.2        1949
1834                    The Real St. Nick                6        2012
1835                    The Negotiator                7.3        1998
1836                    The Interview                6.7        2014
1837                    Cover Girl                6.9        1944
1838                    In Harm’s Way                7.3        1965
1839                    The Big Kahuna                6.7        1999
1840                    Divergent                6.8        2014
1841                    Outrageous Fortune                6        1987
1842                    Dune                6.6        1984
1843                    Gunman’s Walk                7        1958
1844                    The Chase                7.3        1966
1845                    Last Tango in Paris                7.2        1972
1846                    The Night of the Following Day                6.2        1968
1847                    The Freshman                6.5        1990
1848                    The Young Lions                7.3        1958
1849                    The Fugitive Kind                7.2        1960
1850                    War and Peace                6.8        1956
1851                    War & Peace                8.3        1972
1852                    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet                7.6        2013
1853                    Blue Jasmine                7.3        2013
1854                    The Chicken Chronicles                5.2        1977
1855                    The Grass Is Greener                6.6        1960
1856                    That Touch of Mink                6.7        1962
1857                    Breakthrough                4.9        1979
1858                    The Big Sleep                5.7        1978
1859                    The Friends of Eddie Coyle                7.6        1973
1860                    The Winston Affair                6.6        1964
1861                    Cape Fear                7.8        1962
1862                    The Sundowners                7.3        1960
1863                    The Enemy Below                7.6        1957
1864                    Man with the Gun                6.7        1955
1865                    Wuthering Heights                7.7        1939
1866                    Wuthering Heights                7.7        2009
1867                    Easy Rider                7.4        1969
1868                    Five Easy Pieces                7.5        1970
1869                    Carnal Knowledge                7        1971
1870                    The Passenger                7.7        1975
1871                    Ruggles of Red Gap                7.8        1935
1872                    JFK                8        1991
1873                    Ninja Scroll                7.9        1993
1874                    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust                7.8        2000
1875                    Berserk                8.7        1997
1876                    Dragon Ball GT                7.2        1996
1877                    Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn                8.2        1995
1878                    Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge                7.5        1991
1879                    Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler                7.6        1992
1880                    Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound                7.4        1993
1881                    Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan                7        1993
1882                    Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon                7.9        1995
1883                    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods                7.3        2013
1884                    Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might                7.2        1990
1885                    Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest                7.1        1990
1886                    Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug                6.9        1991
1887                    Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13                7.6        1992
1888                    Night of the Lepus                4        1972
1889                    The Visitor                4.7        1979
1890                    Darby O’Gill and the Little People                7.2        1959
1891                    Finian’s Rainbow                6.2        1968
1892                    The Wages of Fear                8.2        1953
1893                    Fury                7.9        1936
1894                    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World                7.6        1963
1895                    Without Love                6.8        1945
1896                    Sweet Smell of Success                8.2        1957
1897                    Dead End                7.5        1937
1898                    The Count of Monte Cristo                7.7        1934
1899                    The Ghost Goes West                6.8        1935
1900                    They Met in Bombay                6.5        1941
1901                    Thousands Cheer                6.4        1943
1902                    Park Row                7.4        1952
1903                    42nd Street                7.7        1933
1904                    Berkeley Square                6.6        1933
1905                    5th Ave Girl                6.9        1939
1906                    Thoroughly Modern Millie                7        1967
1907                    A Fish Called Wanda                7.6        1988
1908                    Life of Brian                8.1        1979
1909                    And Now for Something Completely Different                7.7        1971
1910                    Pulp                6.1        1972
1911                    Mona Lisa                7.4        1986
1912                    Into the Storm                5.8        2014
1913                    The Prisoner of Zenda                7.8        1937
1914                    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies                7.5        2014
1915                    Thank You for Smoking                7.6        2005
1916                    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt                7        1956
1917                    Spring Reunion                5.7        1957
1918                    The Omen                7.6        1976
1919                    The Wicker Man                7.6        1973
1920                    Taste the Blood of Dracula                6.4        1970
1921                    Pit and the Pendulum                7.1        1961
1922                    The Theory of Everything                7.7        2014
1923                    The Imitation Game                8.1        2014
1924                    San Francisco                7.3        1936
1925                    Klute                7.2        1971
1926                    Barabbas                7        1961
1927                    One Foot in Heaven                7.1        1941
1928                    Return from the Sea                6.3        1954
1929                    I Was an American Spy                6.6        1951
1930                    Rome Adventure                6.5        1962
1931                    Wayne’s World                7        1992
1932                    Wayne’s World 2                6.1        1993
1933                    Tommy Boy                7        1995
1934                    The Enforcer                6.6        1995
1935                    Angel on My Shoulder                6.9        1946
1936                    After the Fox                6.5        1966
1937                    Test Pilot                6.9        1938
1938                    The Wild Life                6        1984
1939                    The Killer                7.9        1989
1940                    A Better Tomorrow                7.6        1986
1941                    Hard Boiled                7.9        1992
1942                    Infernal Affairs                8.1        2002
1943                    Infernal Affairs 2                7.4        2003
1944                    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon                7.9        2000
1945                    Hero                7.9        2002
1946                    House of Flying Daggers                7.6        2004
1947                    Ip Man                8.1        2008
1948                    Fist of Legend                7.6        1994
1949                    The Legend II                7.1        1993
1950                    The New Legend of Shaolin                6.3        1994
1951                    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor                5.2        2008
1952                    Mr. Deeds                5.8        2002
1953                    Happiness Ahead                6.7        1934
1954                    Journey to the Far Side of the Sun                6.4        1969
1955                    Mirage                7.5        1965
1956                    Quigley Down Under                6.8        1990
1957                    The Bride Came C.O.D.                7.1        1941
1958                    Love Me or Leave Me                7.3        1955
1959                    Man of a Thousand Faces                7.2        1957
1960                    On Moonlight Bay                7.1        1951
1961                    Bringing Up Baby                8        1938
1962                    Eureka Seven: Ao                7.1        2012
1963                    Fright Night                6.4        2011
1964                    Men of Honor                7.2        2000
1965                    Monty Python’s Flying Circus                8.9        1969
1966                    D.O.A.                7.4        1950
1967                    Super Bowl XXX                7.1        1996
1968                    Super Bowl XLV                7.4        2011
1969                    Super Bowl XXXVII                6.8        2003
1970                    Super Bowl XLI                7.4        2007
1971                    Super Bowl XXXI                7.4        1997
1972                    Super Bowl XL                6.7        2006
1973                    Super Bowl XLIX                8.1        2015
1974                    Super Bowl XXXIX                5.9        2005
1975                    Super Bowl XXXVI                7.8        2002
1976                    Super Bowl XLIII                8.1        2009
1977                    Super Bowl XLVI                7.8        2012
1978                    Super Bowl XXXIII                6.8        1999
1979                    Super Bowl XXXII                7.8        1998
1980                    Super Bowl XLIV                7.7        2010
1981                    Super Bowl XLVII                7.2        2013
1982                    Super Bowl XXXVIII                7.3        2004
1983                    Super Bowl XXXIV                7.7        2000
1984                    Super Bowl XLII                8.3        2008
1985                    Super Bowl XXXV                6.2        2001
1986                    Super Bowl XXVII                6.7        1993
1987                    Super Bowl XXVIII                6.9        1994
1988                    Super Bowl XLVIII                5.9        2014
1989                    2014 World Series                7.9        2014
1990                    2004 World Series                6.8        2004
1991                    2001 World Series                8.3        2001
1992                    1997 World Series                6.9        1997
1993                    2003 World Series                        2003
1994                    2011 World Series                8.1        2011
1995                    2010 World Series                7        2010
1996                    1995 World Series                8.3        1995
1997                    1996 World Series                6.2        1996
1998                    2012 World Series                6        2012
1999                    2013 World Series                7.4        2013
2000                    2009 World Series                        2009
2001                    2008 World Series                        2008
2002                    2005 World Series                        2005
2003                    1989 World Series                7.1        1989
2004                    2002 World Series                8        2002
2005                    2000 Official World Series                7.5        2000
2006                    The Shield                8.8        2002
2007                    Kaleido Star                7.9        2003
2008                    Kiss Me Deadly                7.7        1955
2009                    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House                7.4        1948
2010                    How Green Was My Valley                7.8        1941
2011                    Baby Face                7.6        1933
2012                    The Lady Eve                8        1941
2013                    Love Me Tender                6.2        1956
2014                    Jailhouse Rock                6.5        1957
2015                    Viva Las Vegas                6.3        1964
2016                    Live a Little, Love a Little                5.8        1968
2017                    Fun in Acapulco                5.8        1963
2018                    Wag the Dog                7.1        1997
2019                    Suicide Kings                7        1997
2020                    Kung Fu Panda                7.6        2008
2021                    Kung Fu Panda 2                7.3        2011
2022                    The Tale of Despereaux                6.1        2008
2023                    I Am Legend                7.2        2007
2024                    Hancock                6.4        2008
2025                    The Big House                7.2        1930
2026                    Walk on the Wild Side                6.8        1962
2027                    Roustabout                5.9        1964
2028                    Jeopardy                6.8        1953
2029                    Clash by Night                7.1        1952
2030                    What’s the Matter with Helen?                6.4        1971
2031                    Dark Shadows                6.2        2012
2032                    Edward Scissorhands                8        1990
2033                    The Devil’s Daughter                6.2        1973
2034                    The Grand Budapest Hotel                8.1        2014
2035                    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse                4.9        2010
2036                    The Twilight Saga: New Moon                4.6        2009
2037                    Twilight                5.2        2008
2038                    Now Is Good                7.2        2012
2039                    Queen Christina                7.9        1933
2040                    Home from the Hill                7.5        1960
2041                    The Good Guys and the Bad Guys                6.1        1969
2042                    Stage Fright                7.1        1950
2043                    Imitation of Life                7.9        1959
2044                    Gidget                6.7        1959
2045                    Pocketful of Miracles                7.3        1961
2046                    Stella Dallas                7.5        1937
2047                    Purple Noon                7.8        1960
2048                    Miss Sadie Thompson                6        1953
2049                    Love Affair                7.4        1939
2050                    Dark Victory                7.6        1939
2051                    My Favorite Wife                7.4        1940
2052                    Bigger Than Life                7.6        1956
2053                    First Men in the Moon                6.7        1964
2054                    In Order of Disappearance                7.2        2014
2055                    The Last of Sheila                7.4        1973
2056                    Chimes at Midnight                8        1965
2057                    Othello                7.8        1952
2058                    Macbeth                7.5        1948
2059                    Macbeth                7.5        1971
2060                    3 Godfathers                7.2        1948
2061                    Rio Grande                7.3        1950
2062                    Rio Lobo                6.8        1970
2063                    McQ                6.2        1974
2064                    Cahill U.S. Marshal                6.5        1973
2065                    The Train Robbers                6.4        1973
2066                    The Cowboys                7.4        1972
2067                    Big Jake                7.2        1971
2068                    Chisum                6.9        1970
2069                    Showdown                5.9        1973
2070                    In Old Chicago                6.9        1937
2071                    How to Steal a Million                7.6        1966
2072                    Love in the Afternoon                7.3        1957
2073                    In the Mouth of Madness                7.2        1994
2074                    Scaramouche                7.7        1952
2075                    Ike: Countdown to D-Day                7.2        2004
2076                    American Sniper                7.3        2014
2077                    Boyhood                8        2014
2078                    Friday                7.3        1995
2079                    Sahara                7.6        1943
2080                    The Stranger                7.4        1946
2081                    The Late Show                7.1        1977
2082                    Texhnolyze                7.8        2003
2083                    Time After Time                7.2        1979
2084                    The Railway Man                7.1        2013
2085                    The Scarlet Pimpernel                7.7        1982
2086                    Saratoga                6.5        1937
2087                    Bullitt                7.5        1968
2088                    The Getaway                7.5        1972
2089                    Bicentennial Man                6.8        1999
2090                    Mean Streets                7.4        1973
2091                    Road to Singapore                7.1        1940
2092                    The Road to Hong Kong                6.6        1962
2093                    The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell                5.7        1968
2094                    The Facts of Life                6.5        1960
2095                    Casanova’s Big Night                6.8        1954
2096                    Off Limits                6.2        1952
2097                    Here Come the Girls                6.1        1953
2098                    Road to Bali                6.8        1952
2099                    Holiday Inn                7.6        1942
2100                    The Gay Divorcee                7.6        1934
2101                    Ice Station Zebra                6.6        1968
2102                    The Judge                7.4        2014
2103                    I’m No Angel                7        1933
2104                    I Spit on Your Grave                6.3        2010
2105                    I See a Dark Stranger                7.1        1946
2106                    The Private Life of Don Juan                6.4        1934
2107                    Hills of Home                6.7        1948
2108                    Challenge to Lassie                6.2        1949
2109                    Lassie                6.7        2005
2110                    Lassie                5.8        1994
2111                    Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog                7.4        1961
2112                    San Andreas                6.2        2015
2113                    Insidious: Chapter 3                6.2        2015
2114                    Mad Max: Fury Road                8.2        2015
2115                    Land of the Lost                5.3        2009
2116                    Horror Express                6.6        1972
2117                    Life with Father                7.3        1947
2118                    Here Comes Mr. Jordan                7.7        1941
2119                    Nobody Lives Forever                7        1946
2120                    The More the Merrier                8        1943
2121                    Georgy Girl                6.9        1966
2122                    Good-bye, My Lady                7.3        1956
2123                    Tangled                7.8        2010
2124                    Despicable Me                7.7        2010
2125                    Monsters University                7.4        2013
2126                    Cars                7.2        2006
2127                    The Quatermass Xperiment                6.8        1955
2128                    The Four Musketeers: Milady’s Revenge                7.1        1974
2129                    22 Jump Street                7.1        2014
2130                    21 Jump Street                7.2        2012
2131                    The Mask of Dimitrios                7.2        1944
2132                    Possessed                7.2        1947
2133                    The Cat Returns                7.3        2002
2134                    Kiki’s Delivery Service                7.9        1989
2135                    My Neighbor Totoro                8.3        1988
2136                    Gone with the Wind                8.2        1939
2137                    The Wolf Man                7.4        1941
2138                    Modern Times                8.6        1936
2139                    The African Queen                7.9        1951
2140                    Mary Poppins                7.8        1964
2141                    Point Blank                7.4        1967
2142                    The West                8.4        1996
2143                    The Dust Bowl                8.1        2012
2144                    Prohibition                8.2        2011
2145                    Gone Girl                8.2        2014
2146                    Guardians of the Galaxy                8.1        2014
2147                    Kingsman: The Secret Service                7.8        2014
2148                    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1                6.8        2014
2149                    Captain America: The Winter Soldier                7.8        2014
2150                    Olympus Has Fallen                6.5        2013
2151                    The Great Gatsby                7.3        2013
2152                    Thor: The Dark World                7.1        2013
2153                    This Is the End                6.7        2013
2154                    Elysium                6.7        2013
2155                    Cloud Atlas                7.5        2012
2156                    Snow White and the Huntsman                6.1        2012
2157                    American Reunion                6.8        2012
2158                    Megamind                7.3        2010
2159                    Edge of Darkness                6.6        2010
2160                    1776                7.6        1972
2161                    Hellboy                6.8        2004
2162                    Friday Night Lights                7.3        2004
2163                    Finding Neverland                7.8        2004
2164                    Secret Window                6.6        2004
2165                    Shark Tale                6        2004
2166                    Kung Fu Hustle                7.8        2004
2167                    You Don’t Mess with the Zohan                5.5        2008
2168                    Hellboy II: The Golden Army                7        2008
2169                    Changeling                7.8        2008
2170                    W.                6.4        2008
2171                    Star Trek                8        2009
2172                    Julie & Julia                7        2009
2173                    The 40-Year-Old Virgin                7.2        2005
2174                    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory                6.7        2005
2175                    Jarhead                7.1        2005
2176                    Constantine                6.9        2005
2177                    Doom                5.2        2005
2178                    Sweet Home Alabama                6.1        2002
2179                    Lilo & Stitch                7.2        2002
2180                    The Count of Monte Cristo                7.7        2002
2181                    The Time Machine                5.9        2002
2182                    Dog Soldiers                6.9        2002
2183                    Eight Crazy Nights                5.4        2002
2184                    Mulholland Dr.                8        2001
2185                    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider                5.7        2001
2186                    Behind Enemy Lines                6.4        2001
2187                    Spy Game                7        2001
2188                    Cats & Dogs                5.2        2001
2189                    Idiocracy                6.5        2006
2190                    Silent Hill                6.6        2006
2191                    The Pink Panther                5.6        2006
2192                    The Beach                6.6        2000
2193                    Little Nicky                5.3        2000
2194                    102 Dalmatians                4.8        2000
2195                    The Shawshank Redemption                9.3        1994
2196                    Pulp Fiction                8.9        1994
2197                    Clear and Present Danger                6.9        1994
2198                    The American President                6.8        1995
2199                    Casper                6        1995
2200                    A Little Princess                7.7        1995
2201                    First Knight                5.9        1995
2202                    Johnny Mnemonic                5.5        1995
2203                    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York                6.5        1992
2204                    Malcolm X                7.7        1992
2205                    Beethoven                5.5        1992
2206                    FernGully: The Last Rainforest                6.4        1992
2207                    Sister Act                6.2        1992
2208                    Medicine Man                5.9        1992
2209                    Dutch                6.4        1991
2210                    Hot Shots!                6.7        1991
2211                    The Doors                7.2        1991
2212                    Goodfellas                8.7        1990
2213                    Dances with Wolves                8        1990
2214                    Home Alone                7.4        1990
2215                    Pretty Woman                6.9        1990
2216                    Predator 2                6.2        1990
2217                    Problem Child                5.2        1990
2218                    Problem Child 2                4.4        1991
2219                    Blank Check                5.1        1994
2220                    Child’s Play 2                5.7        1990
2221                    Hamlet                6.8        1990
2222                    Driving Miss Daisy                7.4        1989
2223                    Sex, Lies, and Videotape                7.2        1989
2224                    UHF                7        1989
2225                    Funny Farm                6.1        1988
2226                    The Gate                5.9        1987
2227                    The Frog Prince                6.9        1986
2228                    The Jewel of the Nile                6        1985
2229                    Silverado                7.2        1985
2230                    Police Story                7.6        1985
2231                    The Journey                7        1959
2232                    The Giver                6.5        2014
2233                    The Maze Runner                6.8        2014
2234                    Brannigan                6.1        1975
2235                    This Happy Breed                7.3        1944
2236                    The Train                7.9        1964
2237                    Giant                7.7        1956
2238                    Lover Come Back                7.3        1961
2239                    Strange Bedfellows                6        1965
2240                    Horizons West                6.2        1952
2241                    The Lawless Breed                6.3        1953
2242                    All That Heaven Allows                7.7        1955
2243                    The Taming of the Shrew                7.2        1967
2244                    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?                8.1        1966
2245                    Beau Brummell                6.4        1954
2246                    Elephant Walk                6.3        1954
2247                    National Velvet                7.4        1944
2248                    Lassie Come Home                7.2        1943
2249                    The Last Hurrah                7.5        1958
2250                    Kansas City Confidential                7.4        1952
2251                    Since You Went Away                7.6        1944
2252                    Cleopatra                6.9        1934
2253                    The Third Man                8.3        1949
2254                    The Barkleys of Broadway                7        1949
2255                    Shall We Dance                7.6        1937
2256                    The Thin Man                8.1        1934
2257                    After the Thin Man                7.7        1936
2258                    Another Thin Man                7.5        1939
2259                    Shadow of the Thin Man                7.3        1941
2260                    My Man Godfrey                8.1        1936
2261                    Emperor                6.5        2012
2262                    Jurassic World                7.2        2015
2263                    Avengers: Age of Ultron                7.7        2015
2264                    The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer                7.3        1947
2265                    Vengeance Valley                6        1951
2266                    Atlantic City                7.4        1980
2267                    Funny Face                7.1        1957
2268                    A Thousand and One Nights                6        1945
2269                    The Thief of Bagdad                7.6        1940
2270                    The Big Store                6.6        1941
2271                    Go West                6.9        1940
2272                    A Girl in Every Port                5.3        1952
2273                    Abe Lincoln in Illinois                7.4        1940
2274                    The Lusty Men                7.6        1952
2275                    Ted 2                6.5        2015
2276                    Get Shorty                6.9        1995
2277                    How Sweet It Is!                6        1968
2278                    The Sorcerers                6.4        1967
2279                    The Lair of the White Worm                5.8        1988
2280                    Silk Stockings                6.9        1957
2281                    The Secret Garden                7.5        1949
2282                    The Crossing Guard                6.4        1995
2283                    The Man from Laramie                7.4        1955
2284                    Flirting with Disaster                6.8        1996
2285                    Born to Dance                6.8        1936
2286                    Honeymoon for Three                6.1        1941
2287                    No Time for Comedy                6.4        1940
2288                    Eyes Without a Face                7.8        1960
2289                    Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte                7.7        1964
2290                    Into the Woods                6        2014
2291                    The Man Who Came to Dinner                7.7        1942
2292                    American Heart                6.7        1992
2293                    Dark Alibi                7.2        1946
2294                    The Jade Mask                6.9        1945
2295                    Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat                7.1        1944
2296                    Charlie Chan in the Secret Service                6.9        1944
2297                    Murder Over New York                7.5        1940
2298                    Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum                7.6        1940
2299                    Charlie Chan at Treasure Island                7.7        1939
2300                    Charlie Chan in Panama                7.7        1940
2301                    Castle in the Desert                7.6        1942
2302                    Charlie Chan in Rio                7.5        1941
2303                    Shanghai Chest                6.5        1948
2304                    The Sky Dragon                7.1        1949
2305                    Westward Passage                5.6        1932
2306                    Young Bride                6.4        1932
2307                    Little Lord Fauntleroy                7.3        1936
2308                    The Hoax                6.7        2006
2309                    10 to Midnight                6.2        1983
2310                    The Evil That Men Do                5.9        1984
2311                    Messenger of Death                5.5        1988
2312                    Limelight                8.1        1952
2313                    A Tale of Two Cities                7.9        1935
2314                    Stairway to Heaven                8.1        1946
2315                    Romeo + Juliet                6.8        1996
2316                    ‘I Know Where I’m Going!’                7.7        1945
2317                    The Good Earth                7.8        1937
2318                    The Creeping Flesh                6.3        1973
2319                    The Hoodlum Saint                6.2        1946
2320                    East Side, West Side                6.9        1949
2321                    The Curse of the Cat People                7        1944
2322                    Cat People                7.4        1942
2323                    The Letter                7.7        1940
2324                    The Odd Couple                7.7        1968
2325                    Planes, Trains & Automobiles                7.6        1987
2326                    Taken 3                6        2014
2327                    Before Winter Comes                5.9        1969
2328                    Friday the 13th Part 2                6        1981
2329                    Friday the 13th Part III                5.7        1982
2330                    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter                5.9        1984
2331                    Friday the 13th: A New Beginning                4.7        1985

Top Nintendo 64 games

Iggy’s Wrekin’ Balls
Kicking off the list we have this odd 2.5D racing game that has you racing a variety of balls around courses of loops and ramps. The only game I can think of to compare it to is the SNES title Uniracers, except here you have a grapple hook to use instead of a focus on doing tricks. The game is a lot of frantic fun on multiplayer with four friends, but the single player experience can be a little lacking at times.
Mace: The Dark Age
This is a 3D fighting game from Midway, the creators of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Mace is a weapons-based fighter which plays like a mixture of Mortal Kombat, and Soul Edge. Its a general combo-based 3D fighter with some nice graphics, competent gameplay, and crowd-pleasing finishing moves.
NHL 99′
Smooth Ice Hockey game with good controls, good multiplayer, and lots of fighting. NHL 99 is based on the foundation of the earlier Playstation game NHL 98, but with the gameplay tweaked, graphics improved, and a few of the programming issues ironed out.
Dr Mario 64
N64 update of the popular NES puzzle game. The aim of Dr Mario is simply to eradicate virus’, you do this by placing capsules of the same colour adjacent to them. This iteration is similar to the original, but includes a bunch of new modes. The game is to play fun alone, but the new 4-player mode is the addition that most stands out.
V-Rally 99′
This is actually a belated port of the Playstation’s first V-Rally game, which was an arcade style rally game in the vein of Sega Rally (rather than one focused on realism). V-Rally was a fun game which offered tons of content and longevity. This port has some alterations to the courses, and some minor tweaks here and there, but overall comes off as inferior to the original in the graphics and audio department. All in all its a valid choice for fans of driving games, but the tradeoffs with the Playstation original make it somewhat a mixed bag.
Gauntlet Legends
Here we have another excellent 4-player title, this time its an arcade port of a hack n’ slash dungeon crawler RPG, sequel to the 80s classic, Gauntlet. Gauntlet Legends has you moving through the levels killing monsters, using spells, and leveling up. The main gameplay draw here is the teamwork, and camaraderie of bringing your friends along for the adventure, Its a fun, but brainless title. The N64 version is a good port of the original, much better than the Playstation version (which only supports 2-players), but weaker than the later Dreamcast release, which included elements from the sequel.
Nuclear Strike
This is another great release in the “Strike” series of games, a series which started out during the 16-bit era with the release of the popular Desert Strike. Nuclear Strike continues the gameplay style of its predecessors, with you flying around the stages trying to complete objectives and generally just blowing stuff up, its generally just a fun action focused game. This one also has you controlling a selection of other vehicles, such as Tanks and hovercrafts to give some variety.
F1 World Grand Prix 2
Definitely one of the better formula 1 games on the market at the time, F1 World Grand Prix is a polished N64 exclusive. The game looks great, handles extremely well, and does a very good job of recreating the depth and precision of the racing sport.
Command & Conquer
A very late port of one of the most important real time strategy games ever made, a title which created huge waves on its original release. C & C has you mining minerals, building up your base, and creating troops to fight against the enemy, its a system pioneered in the earlier game Dune II, but tweaked, and popularised here, which went on to inspire countless other games (Warcraft, Starcraft, KKND etc). To make up for the late arrival this version’s graphics have been redone in full 3D, and there’s some new N64 specific missions. Unfortunately the lack of mouse control hurts the game a little (as always for console strategy games), and there’s no multiplayer support, but its still a fun, in-depth, and interesting game with some decent additions.
Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine
Here’s a Tomb Raider-esque action adventure game from Lucasarts. The game has you playing as Indi as he jumps and climbs his way through the levels searching for artifacts, it looks good and plays pretty well too. When originally coming to the PC, Infernal Machine was a clunky, hard to control, and buggy game, luckily however when it came to porting the game to N64 Lucasarts decided to bring in genius German game developers Factor 5 (makers of the Rogue Squadron series) for the job. Factor 5 tightened up and overhauled the controls and pretty much added a new layer of polish to everything, even including some new graphical effects! Overall a very playable Tomb Raider alternative.

The New Tetris
I know, Tetris is Tetris no matter what system its come for, but credit where its due the game is a puzzle classic that pretty much has to be mentioned. The New Tetris keeps the gameplay of the series intact, whilst improving the presentation and adding a few new modes of its own (one notable addition being the new, extremely fun 4-player battle mode). All in all its a great version of one of the most elegantly designed games in the history of the industry.
NFL Quarterback Club 99′
American Football game from the developers of the Turok series. The Quarterback Club series focuses on realism, depth (with a lot of work put into the AI) and graphical fidelity, with the hi resolution graphics of the series very much standing out at the time. This 99′ addition of the game tightened up the gameplay over earlier releases.
Extreme G
Futuristic racing game where you ride bikes through rollercoaster-esque tracks picking up weapons and firing off rockets and such. Extreme G is a little rough around the edges, starting off a bit overwhelming, but it has an exhilarating illusion of speed, a lot of atmosphere, and is a rewarding experience for anyone wanting to take the time to master it. The game is obviously inspired by the popular Wipeout series, but it has a very different dystopian-inspired feel to it, and the tracks have more of a vertical, topsy-turvy bent to their design.
Duke Nukem 64
This is a good port of the classic first person corridor shooter. Duke built on the formula laid down by Doom by adding a lot of interactivity and humour to the genre, whilst also being a little more ambitious with the level design. This version of the game plays very well, but unfortunately is censored (the original could be pretty raunchy at times), and was a little dated by the time it was ported to N64 (GoldenEye was already out by this stage). On the plus side though is the excellent addition of a splitscreen co-op mode, and a very respectable 4-player deathmatch feature (neither of which made it into the other console versions). Other quirks worth mentioning are some new weapons, some layout changes, and some new 3D models for some elements.
Top Gear Rally
Early rally game which might not look amazing, but has fun, well rounded gameplay, well designed tracks, and good arcade style handling. For its time Top Gear Rally had a notable amount of content and options, ranging from car colour customisation, to changing weather and a variety of different modes. The creators obviously put a lot of work into this, whilst still making sure to get it out on time, its a polished racer which entertains but doesn’t astound.
Doom 64
This is a cool N64 exclusive Doom game. Doom 64 plays very much like earlier games in the series, you basically search for keys to open up areas whilst shooting some nasty looking monsters, but here they’ve also added some puzzles to the levels to make it a little more interesting. The graphics of Doom 64 are very much improved, with new, more frightening monster designs, and a lot of spooky lighting effects to keep you at the edge of your seat. At the time reviewers criticised Doom 64 for its use of “dated” 2D sprite enemies, but honestly these days without the shadow of “progress” to worry about, the thing which is most noticeable is how smooth and fast the whole thing runs in comparison to a lot of other N64 first person shooters.
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
This is a quirky, fun boxing game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The controls here are well thought out, giving you all the necessary moves, it plays fluidly, and the inclusion of super moves help to make the game stand out against other boxing titles.
Battle Tanx: Global Assault
Vehicular combat game which has you driving around in tanks. Another tremendous multiplayer experience for the N64, Global Assault has fantastic control, a good variety of weapons and different tanks, and a lot of different modes to play in, including a Co-Op campaign mode to go along with the usual Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. The single player here is a little weak, and can get repetitive after a while, but is fun enough in short bursts, its all about the multiplayer where Battle Tanx is concerned. Note, the Playstation game is not really the same game, it has completely different maps and story, and is a much weaker game.
This was an important early first person shooter for the N64, not only did it show up during the system’s early game drought, it also showed that the console could cater to the more adult gamers out there. The game is a comic book adaptation that has you searching for artifacts and coming up against a variety of Dinosaurs. Turok is a little dated in comparison to some of the later first person shooters on N64, there’s a lot of close fogging cutting down your viewing distance, and jumping sections can be tricky (make sure you get into a habit of staring down at the ground when you jump), but its big strengths are still as apparent as they were when the game arrived. Turok is a fast, smooth game. Running through the environments jumping and climbing has a great feel, its much more kinetic and lifelike than anything found in its console contemporaries. The extra work the developers did on the animation here also helped to make the world more immersive, and gave the weapons a bit more kick.
Hybrid Heaven
One of the few worthwhile RPGs on the N64, Hybrid Heaven has you making your way through an alien base trying to thwart a conspiracy to take over the Earth. The game is a mixture of exploration, and the sort of simple puzzle solving you’d find in an action adventure game. The battle system here is an interesting, 360 degrees real-time affair which kind of plays like a prototype to the system in Vagrant Story. You shuffle around the areas in real time choosing different melee attacks, and defence options. Each limb actually gains experience independently. Overall its a competent RPG, the setting can be a little bland at times, but the game plays well, with a lot of unique elements, and the plot is fairly developed and entertaining.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6
Tactical strategy/shooter where you have to kit out a team of counter-terrorist operatives and then plan out and supply them with orders to complete your mission. The game is both an in-depth, realistic, stealthy action game, and complex strategy all in one, with you switching between first person shooter style action one moment, and giving orders the next. A tense and unique N64 experience.
All Star Baseball 2000
Iguana Entertainment (the makers of the Turok series) really stepped up their game with the 2000 edition of their N64 Baseball series. Here Iguana tweaked the gameplay, included many more options, and improved the already impressive graphics to create an intuitive, highly polished Baseball game.
Pokemon Puzzle League
Unfortunately there were never really any true Pokemon games made for the N64 (a fact made even more annoying when taking into account the RPG drought the console had). Out of the cash-in’s this Pokemon themed sequel to the SNES classic Tetris Attack is by far the best, being built on the foundation of what was already a great game, just now with Pikachu’s face plastered all over it. The Tetris Attack games are puzzlers where the aim is to arrange blocks into three of the same by swapping them with their neighbour, the gameplay here is as fun it ever was, and there’s a bunch of new gameplay modes added here too.
Snowboard Kids
Fun multiplayer orientated racer that plays like Mario Kart on ice (those wanting a serious snowborder should look to 1080 instead). Snowboard Kids has you sliding down mountains picking up colour-coded power-ups which are red (projectile weapons), or blue (various items such as shields). You can hold one of each at a time. The graphics are a little ropey, and single-player is nothing special, but the gameplay has a lot of its own nuances (most attacks can be evaded with skill for instance), and the balance and handicapping make for exciting competition, with the multiplayer mode often reaching sky high Mario Kart 64 levels of fun (in this one area I actually prefer it to Diddy Kong Racing). Definitely one to check out for party play with a bunch of good friends.
Quake 64
After the huge success that was Doom, developers Id Software decided to go Medieval for their highly publicised successor, Quake. Quake is a corridor first person shooter where the aim is pretty simple, kill monsters and find keys to open doors. The game is just exciting, gory, brainless, fun. Monsters are grotesque and do their best to make you jump out of your seat in fear, and the atmosphere is thick, creepy, and feels almost Clive Barker inspired. The N64 port is good but not great, the texturing is simplified and indistinct (make sure you turn off filtering in the options), but the game is fast and smooth, and its water and sky effects were improved from the PC original.
Duck Dodgers
This is an excellent 3D platformer from Paradigm, the developers of Pilotwings 64. Duck Dodgers is a very fun title that has you running through all the platform game staples in a search for Atoms. Level design is put together very well, there are a lot of very fun items to use and puzzles to solve throughout the game, and the style and humour of the original cartoons is very much recreated. So if its so great, why’s it in #75? Well, there are a few elements that aren’t that polished, the camera for instance can be a pain (I’d recommend putting it on manual), and the framerate can be choppy (it gets better as the game progresses though). All in all though its a great game that fans of 3D platformers should try out, and a must buy for any fans of the cartoon.
Enjoyable, but tough first person shooter that’s reminiscent of the old PC game Descent (kind of plays like Doom, but in a craft that flies instead of being on foot). When you get the hang of controlling the craft Its an engrossing game with a lot of smooth shooting action, and a good 4-player deathmatch mode. What some may not realise is this isn’t strictly a port, as the N64 game actually has completely different levels to the PC original, and the Playstation port (which should be avoided).
Top Gear Overdrive
This is a nice, fast, arcade style racer for the N64 with great atmosphere, a lot of style, and Grungy rock music that complements everything perfectly. The game gives you over-the-top crashes, blazing boost pick-ups, and loads of shortcuts to learn. Outside of that it looks great with the Expansion Pak, and has good 4-player support.
International Superstar Soccer 98′
For me this was simply one of the best footy games of the time. ISS 98′ is a fast, smooth, and responsive title with loads of moves and intuitive gameplay. The game dominated the competition until the appearance of ISS Pro Evolution on the Playstation.
Fighter’s Destiny
What a strange, unique 3D fighting game! This seems to have more in common with the karate games of old than it’s peers of the time. There’s not really a health bar here, you can win a round in one move just by completing a throw, or pulling off a special, but everything here revolves around gaining points. You need 7 points to win the match, and throwing will only give you 2 points, whilst dazing someone and then doing a finisher will give you 4 points, so all in all it balances out. Due to the nature of 1-hit-wins, matches between skilled opponents regularly turn into tense stand-offs between players each looking for an opening so they can decisively beat their opponent. The game is not for traditional fighting fans, but those looking for something different may find they appreciate it.

Yoshi’s Story
Simple platforming sequel staring Yoshi as he navigates platforming stages searching for fruit. Yoshi’s Story is a bit disappointing in comparison to its predecessor on SNES, but its still a game full of charm that contains the hallmarks of classic Mario platforming, with loads of fiendish jumps and memorable boss fights. Where the game falls down most is its longevity, its a little too easy overall, especially if you only play the preliminary levels (getting enough hearts in each stage opens up a load of optional, harder levels to play), but its still very fun while it lasts.
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer
Take the futuristic racing game Wipeout and make it easier and more accessible and you get an idea of Episode 1 Racer. Ep1 goes with wide courses and low penalty for edge scraping, the game’s main mechanic is a boost system whereby you have to charge (by pushing up) for a certain amount of time and then let go and accelerate, this allows you to move at higher speed until you touch an edge (or blow up from overheating!). The game starts off a little too easy, but things pick up quickly and reveal a challenging game with excellent presentation, good amounts of content, and great courses.
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
Exclusive Duke Nukem game made by ever reliable UK developer Eurocom. With this game Eurocom decided to go with a 3rd person view and an emphasis on straight-forward shooting action. The series went through the transition fairly well, with the new view allowing for some new jumping sections and a higher emphasis on taking cover and such. The game is a good length, and is packed with items and equipment to learn and use (the gas mask is especially useful). Overall one of the better Duke Nukem episodes.
Mario Golf
A fun Golf game made by Camelot, a company known for their popular Hot Shots Golf series on Playstation (to be honest Mario Golf practically is a Hot Shots Golf game, just with Nintendo’s famous characters in it). The game is accessible, and easy to get into, but still has the kind of depth required for a Golf game, with wind direction, and weather conditions playing an active part.
Harvest Moon
This is a very addictive simulation game where you have to run a farm, make friends, get married and have children and such. The game is honestly a lot more fun than it sounds, its infused with a whole load of charm and is always giving you new things to keep you busy and thoroughly entertained.
Rogue Squadron
This is the first game in the popular series of Star Wars-themed Mission-based shooters from Factor 5. The game has you piloting a variety of aircraft shooting down enemies, protecting allies, and tying up walkers. Most of the elements apparent in later games were already well established here, with the game offering a lot of fun and excitement, but I’ve dropped the game a few places in favour of its pseudo-sequel Battle For Naboo, which has aged a little better in my opinion.
Space Station Silicon Valley
One of the more interesting puzzle games on the N64, Space Station has you playing as a computer chip which can attach itself to animals to solve puzzles and complete objectives (each animal has different abilities). Its a quirky game with a lot of charm but can be a little slow paced at times and has a somewhat flawed difficulty curve. Best suited to those who like to take their time and work their way through problems as opposed to those looking for quick action and excitement.
Hydro Thunder
Watercraft racing game where you collect power-ups to fill up a boost gauge, and search for short-cuts. Hydro Thunder is a fun, attractive looking arcade port with excellent handling and controls. The game was available on most consoles of the time, with the PS1 version being slightly weaker and the Dreamcast version being better, but this was the only one with a 4-player split-screen option, and its a great example of what the N64 can accomplish when put in the right hands (ie Eurocom).
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offence
Sequel to the original Vigilante 8 game (which was also on N64). This is essentially a Twisted Metal style game, with the aim being to drive a variety of vehicles around arena’s dispatching your opponents. The game is a lot of brainless fun, with devastating weapons and big explosions being the order of the day, and a cool 70s vibe playing throughout. This is a good port of the game, the music isn’t quite as good as the Playstation version, but the graphics and control have been tweaked and there’s now some excellent 4-player split-screen support.
Mortal Kombat 4
With Mortal Kombat 4 Midway attempted to bring the fighting series into the 3D era whilst also trying to take it back to its classic, mystical roots. The 3D here is more of a cosmetic addition overall, with the game mostly playing a lot like Mortal Kombat 3, but with some new dodge and weapon mechanics, as well as a more concerted attempt at character balancing for tournament play. Whilst the gameplay has more in common with the third Mortal Kombat game, the style of the first two Mortal Kombats makes a welcome return here, with the game filled with malevolent looking dungeons and arenas. Overall this has to be the best 3D fighting game on N64, its not top tier for its generation, but its still a worthy, fun play for fighting game fans.

Starcraft 64
Take Command and Conquer, then build on it with more options, better graphics, a higher emphasis on story, and more tactical polish, with three very different, very balanced factions to choose from and you get an idea of Starcraft. The game is a real time strategy where you have to mine minerals for cash and then use it to build up your base and army, with the ultimate goal of defeating your opponents. Starcraft was a highly respected, beloved title on the PC. This N64 port (the only console version the game received) is good, but like most RTS console ports suffers from the lack of mouse and keyboard controls, it does however include a pretty cool 2-player split screen mode, and the additional Brood War Expansion. If the game was cheaper I would wholeheartedly recommend it for all strategy fans, but unfortunately this sells for quite a bit on Ebay so to be honest its probably one for die-hard N64 fans only.
NBA Courtside 2
This is a Nintendo published Basketball game that was known back at the time for its advanced computer AI and high resolution graphics. The game is fun, polished, has a lot of moves and options, and looks great. A worthy addition to any sports fan’s library.
Mario Party
Multiplayer focused collection of mini-games held together by a board-game styled map. The aim here is to navigate the map trying to collect stars, other stars are awarded at the end of the game for players who win the most mini-games, or fulfill other various objectives. With a bunch of friends joining in the Mario Party series is a lot of fun, and good for wasting inordinate amounts of time. The mini-games are varied and entertaining, and there are a lot of other quirks to keep the competition fierce and close. Single-player is a dire borefest so only grab the game if you think you can get multiple players together, each of the games in the series are barely any different to the last (even to this day) so pick up whichever you find that’s cheapest.
Quake II
Fast, action packed first person shooter sequel to the original Quake. Big guns, gore, and grotesque monsters are the order of the day here, with you blasting your way across alien worlds, bases, and space stations. Quake II on the N64 is not actually strictly a port of the PC game, like Forsaken 64 its more of a new game made by re-mixing stages of the original, so there’s a lot of familiar content here but the area layouts are different (and are now distinct, separate levels), on top of that GoldenEye-style level objectives had been added in. Overall the game is admittedly a little dated, with the aiming feeling a little imprecise at times, but there’s a lot of good stuff here, and the 4-player deathmatch is also of a high quality.
Worms Armageddon
Turn-based strategy game where the aim is to use your team of worms to wipe out all the other teams on the map using a variety of wacky weapons. The game is on just about every system out there, and is quite rightly considered a multiplayer classic. This is a good version that’s well worth picking up, but I can’t really fully recommend the game to US fans unless its found cheap, as its simply not worth the ludicrous prices it sadly sells for these days.
Top Gear Rally 2
This is only a sequel to the first game in name only, its actually made by a completely different company and has a very different gameplay style and atmosphere, focusing more on realistic graphics and effects, and damage & repair elements. Its an excellent sim(ish) rally racing game with good controls, a great feel, a lot of content, and some fun and fluid sliding action.
Operation Winback
Operation Winback is a 3rd person shooting game similar in some respects to Syphon Filter, but with a lot of stealthy Metal Gear Solid style elements that give it more of an espionage feel (going out all guns blazing like you would in something like Syphon Filter will get you killed, fast). The game actually introduced some fundamental gameplay mechanics to the genre, such as the ability to take cover behind any object (which has become a staple of 3rd person shooters), and is somewhat un-appreciated, but its not without its flaws (mainly its difficulty curve). Still, it provides an excellent adventure, with an above average plot, lots of action, and some well-ahead-of-their-time controls.
Mystical Ninja 64
An awesome 3D action adventure game starring one of Konami’s fan favourite characters, Goemon. Mystical Ninja has you exploring Goemon’s world, navigating its overworld, and beating its dungeons to pick up new abilities required to proceed in your quest. Its the sort of thing you expect from a 3D action adventure game really, except with tons of surreal, wacky humour (the main antagonist’s evil plan is to turn everyone in Japan into dancers!), and the odd stage here and there where you jump into a huge mech (which has its own introductory song!). The gameplay here has a lot of focus on platforming and melee combat, so its a little more action oriented than, say, the Zelda games. Overall its a totally mad, fun, and accessible adventure outing, and those who love wacky nonsensical Japanese humour should definitely check the game out.
This is a very nice arcade style racer with a well judged difficulty curve, and nice colourful environments with jaw-dropping visuals filled with lots of detail and small touches. The game gives you good, arcade style control, memorable courses, and other features such as differing weather conditions, pit stops, and tuning options. Its generally a sunny, lightweight, enjoyable game which looks great and is fun to play. This is by far the best version of the game out there, even the Dreamcast version managed to be inferior! with many bugs, graphical tradeoffs, and a general unfinished feeling bringing that particular version down a lot.
Turok: Rage Wars
Rage Wars is basically a mixture of Turok 2 and the then popular arena based fps games of the time such as Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. There’s no real story mode involved here, the game is completely focused on deathmatch play whether its being experienced in singleplayer or multi, with the aim simply being to navigate the maps killing everything in sight. There are a lot of advantages to doing it this way, the main of which is the fact that the framerate and graphics here are polished to perfection on multiplayer mode, and that the developers were given the time to focus on crafting interesting levels filled with places to hide and take people by surprise. Outside of the two main modes there are some co-op options, and a nice variety of extra game types. As a multiplayer FPS this is easily the main competition for Rareware’s incredible releases on the N64, with Rage Wars admirably managing to hold its own.

Rakuga Kids
One of the genre’s the N64 struggled with was fighting games, luckily Konami’s Rakuga Kids (unreleased in the US) just about fills the classic 2D fighter void. Rakuga Kids essentially plays like a Konami version of Capcom’s X-men: Children of the Atom arcade game. The game has all the usual Street Fighter II quarter turn and combos’, but with newer gameplay mechanics like high jumps and aerial raves bringing it more into line with its contemporaries. Its not quite up to the standards of Capcom’s classic offerings but it has a few of its own gameplay mechanics that mix things up a little (such as the super moves being split into offense, defense, or combo’s), and the game actually has an awful lot of charm too. I would recommend the game be played at 60hz (the PAL version doesn’t seem to be optimised) as it plays a little too slow otherwise.
Micro Machines 64
Updated 2.5D version of the Mega Drive classic that had you racing miniature cars through huge real world environments (such as breakfast, or Snooker tables, garden paths etc). This is actually a port of the Playstation game Micro Machines V3, which included huge numbers of tracks and a variety of different vehicles (including tanks and such), and updated the graphics to polygons. As a port this is a good one, they added a number of turbo settings to make the game faster, and a couple of extra modes, whilst there are very few noticeable tradeoffs.
This is a very cool, and innovative (though a little rough around the edges) puzzle game that successfully brings back the ball rolling mechanics from the classic Marble Madness and combines it with 5th generation 3D platformer sensibilities. In the game you play as a glove that can walk around, jump, and ground pound, but also attach to, and manipulate a rubber ball which needs to be taken to the end of the stage through rolling, throwing, and bouncing. Its a smart game, and in many ways looks as though it influenced some of Sega’s later games, such as Billy Hatcher, and Super Monkey Ball, causing a sort of short-lived renaissance of new Marble Madness descendents. Avoid the Playstation version, its an rushed port with inferior graphics, a lower framerate, simplified levels, and a slightly more frustrating camera.
Puyo Puyo Sun 64
Always one of the better Tetris style games to come out, the Puyo Puyo series featured an excellent core system which ended up working very well for combo-ing and competitive play. The game has you matching coloured blobs to remove them from the field before they build up and kill you, if you set the blobs up to create chain reactions as they’re removed you can send them to your opponent as garbage to get in their way. Puyo Puyo plays as well as any other game in the series, and features updated graphics and sound as its pros
San Francisco Rush 2049
With the third game in the San Francisco series Atari eschewed any kind of pretence of realism and went straight for over the top futuristic action. This was a masterstroke and this change, coupled with a general honing of the gameplay provided a game that was a huge improvement over its predecessors. The racer has a big focus on elaborate short-cuts, and over-the-top crashes, expect loads of close calls and cork-screws through the air as you careen through the imaginative futuristic city courses.
Goemon’s Great Adventure
The second Goemon game on the N64 went back to the classic 2D formula of the earlier SNES games (except now with a new 2.5D look), and actually stands as one of the best of these action-packed Goemon games ever released. The game is a fast action-adventure title that has you slashing and jumping through fiendish stages avoiding hazards and dispatching the multitude of enemies blocking your way. The classic 2D action is well done, and challenging, there’s a 2-player co-op feature (and a hidden 4-player one), and the music is catchy and memorable.
Ingenious puzzle game from the Pickford brothers, whom some may remember for the SNES game Plok, or their earlier ZX Spectrum titles (Feud, Zub etc). The game has you building up a land mass in order to hold water, if the water leaks over the sides a meter builds up and you die when its full. It sounds simple, but as you progress more and more depth shows through as new elements show up which need to be carefully balanced, such as ice, and keeping the land mass’ height low so as to avoid earthquakes (there are also a whole range of ways to multiply your points which I wont go into here). At first the game is a little unwieldy, but once you’ve gotten used to placing the pieces it becomes a very, very addictive, fun, and frenetic game.
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
With their first Castlevania game on N64 Konami had to make quite a few concessions to get it released on time, so whilst good it was still far from what they’d originally conceived, with some unpolished controls and camera implementation bringing it down a bit. Legacy of Darkness for all intents and purposes is a special edition of that first game, with improvements to the graphics, revisions to some of the levels, tightened camera and controls, and two entirely new character campaigns added to the two original ones. Overall this comes much closer to Konami’s original goal, bringing Castlevania into a full 3D action adventure set-up of puzzles, combat, platforming, and memorable set-pieces. Writers of the time criticised Konami for rehashing the game at full price, saying this should’ve been the original release in the first place (a fair enough criticism), but these days it simply stands as the more complete version of the game for those who don’t already own the good, but flawed original.
WWF No Mercy
Aki did a great job transferring the sport of wrestling to gaming form here, creating an excellent, and fun fighting engine, and including a lot of cool features such as the ability to create your own wrestler (improved for this installment) and 4-player modes. Outside of the gameplay, the graphics here are very good, all in all they’ve done a great job of recreating the look and feel of the show. Even today No Mercy is still often touted as being one of the greatest Wrestling games ever created, and for good reason.
Star Wars: Battle for Naboo
This plays like a pseudo-sequel to Factor 5’s earlier game, Rogue Squadron, except this time using the prequel licence (making it a branch off of sorts I guess). Battle For Naboo, like its predecessor has you piloting a variety of craft trying to fulfill specific mission objectives whilst shooting down enemy vehicles along the way. The main change here is that unlike Rogue Squadron, which was primarily about flying dogfights, Battle for Naboo adds in a lot of new ground based missions. The graphics and sound here are phenomenal, and not only improve on the earlier game, but actually stand as some of the most impressive on N64, with an excellent draw distance, level of detail, and near CD quality music! Where the gameplay is concerned I’d say this is also a little more polished over Rogue Squadron, it feels easier to get into and less frustrating.

Donkey Kong 64
Praised at the time for its huge scope and technical prowess DK64 tends to garner a little more of a mixed reaction these days. Donkey Kong 64 is a work of pure excess, the idea that more is always better. The game includes many times the number of items to find than Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, pretty much everything that can be collected, has to be. Some say the game is simply too big, personally I think the problem is more one of pacing, there’s just not enough levels here to fit all this stuff into, you end up getting bogged down searching the same levels over and over instead of moving forwards and seeing new things to keep you interested. On the other side though, there is a lot to like here, many of the challenges are as fun as you’d expect from Rare, the environments are cool and well designed, and its certainly technically excellent too (in fact DK64s greatest strength over its siblings Conker, and Banjo Tooie remains is graphics and smooth framerate). Overall its long and bloated, but for those who love these kinds of games and just have to collect every last thing this will probably be mana from heaven.
Bust a Move 99/Puzzle Bobble 3
This is a revamped version of the 3rd Bust-A-Move game. The game is a puzzle classic which has you shooting coloured bubbles at clumps of same coloured bubbles to burst them and hopefully clear the screen. The gameplay here is as great as it was in earlier iterations of the series, with the added extra here of an excellent 4-player battle mode (which is a rare feature for the series). Overall its a very polished, and well-ported version of what was a classic arcade game.
World Driver Championship
Whilst the N64 library is packed with many of the best racing games of its time, realism in the genre is not really the system’s strong point. World Driver Championship is the main challenger representing this side of the genre, luckily its a good game, and manages to be one of the most graphically impressive titles of its generation. The game starts off a little slow, with some of the early cars not having the best handling, but give it some time and everything starts to fall into place revealing a very playable, challenging, in-depth, and enjoyable racing experience to get stuck into.
Treasure ended up making a total of three games in for the N64 and as can be expected of a company with such pedigree, all of then ended up pretty much being stone cold classics. Bangai-O is a very unique, frantic, and generally over-the-top shmup that has you piloting a hovering mech through a bunch of different stages shooting anything that moves. The game controls well, with you being able to fire in any direction and move independently, and it never stops being exciting and totally engrossing.
Wipeout 64
It was a long time coming, but when the popular futuristic racing series did eventually make it to the N64 it was worth the wait. Wipeout 64 may not have been the greatest Wipeout of its generation, but its definitely the most under-appreciated one. Whilst rarely mentioned, this is actually very competitive with the Playstation classics, containing all of their rewarding gameplay, and stylish art design. Wipeout 64 is essentially a re-jigged amalgamation of the first Wipeout game, and Wipeout 2098, containing altered courses from both games that have been changed to emphasise speed, and have new environment artwork. The re jigged stages look fantastic, and very different to the originals, new analogue controls give you a glorious feeling of precision in movement, there’s an excellent new challenge mode (great addition), and this is also the only game in the series to feature a 4-player split-screen mode.
The World is Not Enough
GoldenEye was a hard game to follow, but it has to be said that Eurocom actually did a pretty good job here as TWINE is certainly one of the more criminally overlooked first person shooters of its generation (note that this game is an N64 exclusive, the PS1 game is completely different, and inferior). The game closely follows the gameplay mechanics of GoldenEye, giving you a load of mission based stages requiring shooting skills, stealth, and general espionage inspired gameplay gimmicks. In my opinion the single player experience of TWINE has actually dated much better than many other fps titles on N64, mainly due to Eurocom’s focus on getting the game running smoothly with a good framerate and clean, detailed graphics. Levels tend to be more consistent here than in GoldenEye, but obviously its all very derivative, and the multiplayer is unfortunately inferior. Ironically many years later Eurocom actually went on to make the remake of GoldenEye on the Wii. Fans of Rare, and Free Radical’s fps titles should definitely check this out.
Beetle Adventure Racing
Easily one of the best arcade style racers on the N64, Beetle Adventure Racing focuses on uncomplicated fun, and colourful, imaginative courses filled with secrets to discover. The game is infused with a quirky, non-serious vibe, with you racing through courses populated with things like Dinosaurs & UFO’s, and careening off ski jumps. There’s a lot of content here to keep racing fans busy (including a 4-player battle mode), and due to its offbeat nature its actually aged quite well.
Jet Force Gemini
Another memorable game from Rare, Jet Force Gemini is a 3rd person shooter reminiscent of games like MDK and Body Harvest, except with Rare’s usual humour and cartoon styling apparent in spades. The game is mainly focused on gung-ho action, with you amassing loads of fun, overpowered weaponry to deal death and destruction to your enemies, but there’s also ample adventuring elements, and other secondary mission objectives to keep you involved along the way.
Pilot Wings
Pilotwings was a beautifully realised N64 launch title which has you flying different aircrafts (including Auto-Gyro’s, hand-glider’s, and jet packs) around islands fulfilling a range of mission objectives. This sequel to the SNES original was made by Paradigm, who had previously been a company specialising in designing commercial flight sims for the US department of defence (amongst others). Nintendo contracted them to develop the game, and they subsequently shifted their projects towards gaming, going on to develop some other interesting, and underrated titles, such as the aforementioned Beetle Adventure Racing, and Duck Dodgers. I’d say Pilotwings remains their greatest release though, a very singular, unique, and carefree experience.
Mario Tennis
The best of Mario’s sports outings, Mario Tennis has you playing some very fun, arcade focused Tennis with famous characters from the Mario franchise. The game has all the required elements you’d expect from a good Tennis game, with good controls, a variety of different shots, and multiple court types. It also has some Mario themed game modes which are a lot of fun, such as one which has you using items a la Mario Kart. All in all a very admirable, and fun Mario outing which is great to play both alone and with friends.

Mischief Makers
Treasure make another appearance here, this time to deliver what has to be the systems best 2D platformer. Mischief Makers is a unique, and interesting game that’s full of ideas, humour, and some of the most memorable boss battles ever conceived. The game focuses on the mechanic of manipulating objects by shaking, throwing, and pulling, this, added to the sheer variety of levels really makes the title a breath of fresh air for the genre. All in all just the sort of fun you’d expect from Treasure.
Rocket: Robot on Wheels
Here’s another objective based 3D platformer a la Mario 64, this time from newly formed developer Sucker Punch (who went on to make the excellent Sly Cooper games). Unlike some of the other pretenders to the throne, the developers here really tried to think outside the box, creating a game filled to the brim with puzzles that are clever, and innovative, and a general design that is smart and imaginative. Definitely one of the lessor known “must plays” of the N64, Rocket even manages to give Banjo, and Mario a run for their money.
Shadow Man
This is an excellent action adventure game throwing you into a fully formed world of grim horror, violence, and intrigue (think of the Ocarina of Time with blood, gore, chains, and axe wielding maniacs!). Like most action adventure games this is non-linear, with your character having to explore hell (the literal one) collecting lost souls to increase his health and open up areas, as well as accumulating new moves along the way. The game is fairly tough, with little hand-holding along the way (make sure you get a copy with a map), but its a well crafted game for those who like to fully explore, and get completely immersed in their games. A word of caution, avoid the horribly rushed Playstation port, its a bit of a mess unfortunately (the Dreamcast version on the other hand is excellent).
I don’t think anyone really expected this licence game to turn out quite as good as it did, but the great platforming action (that included all of Spider-man’s signature moves), and inclusion of cool stealth elements, all held together with high quality programming created a real winner in the sea of licensed dross (Superman 64 anyone?). The porters did a very good job here, with the graphics maybe looking a little better than in the PS1 version, and the only real omission being the lack of FMV (but to be totally honest that actually kind of sucked on the PS1 anyway).
Body Harvest
One of the most ambitious games of its generation, Body Harvest was DMA’s (the company who would go on to be Rockstar North) first foray into the 3D open world sandbox genre, and was the spiritual precursor to the famous Grand Theft Auto III. Body Harvest had a very tumultuous release. It was originally planned as a launch title, but the original publisher, Nintendo kept sending it back on the grounds of it being too violent. Eventually Nintendo dropped it entirely and DMA had to search for a new publisher, the game ended up getting released two years late! Body Harvest, at its heart is a 3rd person shoot-em-up that has you trying to stop an alien “harvest” of the human race, you go back and forth through time shooting the bug-like aliens and trying to shut down their human-mulching operations. The thing that makes it so original is the sheer freedom of choice involved, you get to explore the huge levels however you feel, procuring a multitude of cars, tanks, boats, and even aeroplanes to fulfil your objective. Outside of that though, the game is full of good puzzles, fun weapons to use, and whilst not that graphically great, has a lot of atmosphere, with a sinister, sometimes melancholy feel to it. Body Harvest takes time to get going, and is quite a tough game due to some very spread-out save points, as such its probably a game for adept players who want something challenging, casual players may find it frustrating.
Turok 2
Another stand-out first person shooter for the N64, Iguana Entertainment (the spiritual predecessor to Nintendo’s Retro Studios) made a lot of changes to this sequel from their earlier hit, with numerous changes to both gameplay, and general theme. Turok 2 was packed with big, non-linear levels to explore, some of the coolest weapons ever to grace an FPS, memorable set-pieces (such as riding on the back of an armoured Triceratops), impressive graphics, and loads of over-the-top gore. The game is slow to start, and has a high difficulty level, but perseverance pays off and reveals a meaty adventure with lots of serious FPS action. Turok 2 is a little dated by today’s standards, with an unreliable framerate often causing problems (stick to Letterbox Mode), but even now it remains a unique and worthwhile gameplay experience on N64.
Excite Bike 64
Coming very late in the N64s lifespan, Excite Bike shot out of nowhere and managed to be one of the finest dirt bike racing games of its time. The game carries on Nintendo’s high pedigree of polished, in depth terrain- focused racers, competing very favourably with the likes of Wave Race and 1080. Like those two classics Excite Bike contains an excellent physics model, and intuitive controls that leave a lot of room for mastery, and finesse. Its a shame so few people got to play the game as sadly most had moved on to newer consoles by the time it was released.
Ogre Battle 64
Unfortunately, unlike it predecessor the SNES, the N64 always struggled to provide RPG fans with enough games to play. Happily, when Ogre Battle 64 arrived it didn’t disappoint the genre starved N64 fans, and the game serves as the system’s primary serious RPG. Ogre Battle’s gameplay is focused on tactics, it gives you large numbers of units and classes each with a variety of uses and strengths, and the main crux of the gameplay is in growing and managing these units into an effective army through careful formation positioning, general experience accumulation, and purchasing weaponry and armour. The game has a lot of content, is very long, and has an in-depth plot which branches off to provide multiple different endings.
Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding 2
This is a good port of the Playstation classic. The Tony Hawks games essentially have you placed in an environment with a set of objectives, such as reaching certain points thresholds by doing tricks, or collecting certain objects etc. The games are very rewarding to practice and learn, with tons of moves and opportunity for flair. This port is well done, the sound quality is slightly lower than the PS1 game, but the graphics are smoother, and there’s a new additional area.
Mario Kart 64
The Mario Kart series has to be one of the premier multiplayer game experiences ever devised, and the N64 iteration happens to be my favourite of them all. For anyone who’s not familiar with the series, players race around courses vying for first place whilst picking up a variety of weapons to mess with their opponents. Mario Kart 64 has some of the most memorable courses of the series, with a well balanced selection of choices available, ranging from simpler courses such as Luigi’s Raceway, all the way up to tricky ones like Banshee’s Boardwalk, or the hectic mirror mode of Toad’s Turnpike, there’s even some out and out odd ones like the anonymous, multi-pathed Yoshi’s Valley to add variety. MK64 also doesn’t baby the player as much as subsequent releases, with each course promoting a plethora of tactical thinking, as well as many containing decisive shortcuts. It was a hard decision for me to leave this out of the top 20, but in the end I just can’t overlook the poor single-player mode, which feels like an afterthought to the (admittedly) amazing, and timeless 4-player experience.

Ridge Racer 64
I’d have to say this is the system’s best arcade style racer. Ridge Racer 64 isn’t really a true port of any of the earlier games, Nintendo’s NST division (also responsible for the later GameCube racers 1080 Avalanche and Wave Race: Blue Storm) pretty much created this game from the ground up themselves, merely taking the course layouts from Ridge Racer, and Ridge Racer Revolution. Ridge Racer 64 plays in a very different manner to those games, feeling a little more over-the-top and bombastic, with much more ludicrous (and fun) drift mechanics, and a more clean, almost bordering on cartoony art style, it sometimes feels like the love child of Ridge Racer and Sega’s Daytona. On top of the old courses you get an excellent brand new area (Desert) with three more exclusive courses. In the battle of the Ridge Racers I’d have to say that the PS1s Type 4 is the better game, but honestly this is such a different experience that there’s no reason to choose one over the other, Type 4 was focused on unlockables and content, whilst this is a more challenging game which aims at a more traditional difficulty curve.
Blast Corps
What a genius concept for a puzzle game! a truck containing nuclear missiles is out of control and you have to clear a path for it using an assortment of vehicles (including giant robots) before it crashes. This game really manages to build up the tense action, and stands as one of the more original titles in the N64’s library.
1080 Snowboarding
1080 was one of the most important, if not the most important snowboarding game of the so called 5th generation. Most of the other snowboarding games of this period were very lightweight on physics, 1080 on the other hand went to town on making sure that the physics, handling, and general feel of the board were just right, really trying to recreate the feeling of traveling over different types of snow. Its a rewarding game that requires a lot of careful precision, having much more of a sim-ish feel than its later GameCube sequel.
Resident Evil 2
Before this arrived I don’t think anyone would’ve believed such an accurate port of Resident Evil 2 could be possible. The game was very much designed around the strengths of the PS1 and CD format, so fitting all that data onto a cartridge had to be a real feat of design. Resident Evil 2 was one of the premier survival horror games of its generation, it has you making your way though a city shooting at zombies and solving puzzles, making sure to conserve ammo and health along the way. The N64 port handles itself very well, the fmv quality is lower here than in the PS1 version, but some of the areas have had a resolution increase (expansion pak required), and the game now has surround sound, overall its around par with the PS1 version but with tradeoffs.
Rayman 2
It’s all well and good jumping around solving puzzles and collecting stars and such but sometimes you just want an uncomplicated, enjoyable platform romp, and that’s exactly what Rayman 2 delivers. The game is just full to the brim with classic, straightforward 3D jumping action, and the new gameplay mechanics (such as the awesome grappling hook) really add to the experience and help to make sure you’re never less than fully engrossed. This N64 version was one of the original releases (this and the PC version came out first), it holds up very well (much better than the PS1), and pushes the hardware, but the later Dreamcast version was admittedly a little better.
Star Fox 64
This is an inspired update of the SNES classic. Star Fox is a rail shooter that has you piloting a variety of vehicles, from spaceships, to tanks and submarines along a set path blowing up everything that stands in your way. The game plays beautifully, with inspired, memorable boss battles, and level designs that never become repetitive. Replayability is also high due to the inclusion of an addictive combo-based medal system whereby you can acquire medals by hitting certain points thresholds for each level (points go up if you blow up multiple enemies with each shot), as reward for hitting these targets you unlock extra modes, such as the fun (but lightweight) 4-player battle mode included with the game.
Banjo Kazooie
With Banjo Kazooie Rare took what was laid down in Mario 64 and built on that foundation, adding an interesting 2-in-1 character design (later used in the Ratchet and Clank series), more focus on proper characterisation, with Banjo and Kazooie really having personalities of their own, and a presentation that was well beyond that of that launch title classic. So why is it lower? the decisive factor for me is the lack of clues in BK, its a small point but I find you tend to get stuck a little more often here than in in Mario 64.
F-Zero X
Whilst not looking like the most attractive of racers for its time, what F-Zero X lacks in the graphics department it more than makes up for in the adrenaline fueled white-knuckle speed department, and the lack of graphical detail helps to keep that speed running at a super smooth framerate. Track designs here are inspired, with loads of tubes and corkscrews to race on, and through, the music is great, and there’s loads of content and modes to keep racing fans happy. Another first class racer from Nintendo.
Everybody knows about GoldenEye, probably the N64’s biggest killer app of the time (the game was just so far ahead of every other console FPS out there that it ruled the roost for years!). This milestone release amazed gamers with it’s stealthy gameplay and multitude of different weapons and features, not to mention the massive amount of replayability it had in the form of an addictive 4-player splitscreen deathmatch mode (a feature that had been previously nonexistent). These days however I find the game a little bit dated due to a few weak level designs, and some dodgy enemy AI, and its also my belief that its unofficial sequel, Perfect Dark, had a lot of major improvements made to what was pioneered here, I’ve dropped it a few places due to these reasons.
Wave Race
Here’s yet another racing classic for N64, cementing just how strong the system was for that particular genre. Wave Race was a truly amazing game when originally released, in no small part due to the undeniably brilliant (for the time) water effects, which added a new depth to the control and feel of the game, but also due to some extremely well-judged gameplay, and an enduring sunny, summer vibe that shines through. Definitely one of my personal favourites in the racing genre.

Super Smash Bros
I’m going to say it, Smash Bros was probably the most important fighting game to appear since Street Fighter 2. Coming completely out of the blue with a totally unique, amazingly fun and well judged battle system (kinda’ based on sumo of all things), Nintendo crafted the supreme 4-player fighting game experience. Smash Bros has you choosing from a variety of Nintendo stalwarts, ranging from Mario and Donkey Kong, to Link and Samus, you bounce around the brilliant arenas fighting, wearing each opponent down until you can deliver a coup de grace knocking them out of bounds. The start of what has to be one of the greatest multiplayer gaming series’ ever created, N64 didn’t have many good fighters, but at least here it had one of the best.
Diddy Kong Racing
With DKR Rare looked at Super Mario Kart, and Mario Kart 64 and went to town on trying to create a better game. Here we have a very different 1-player experience to the afterthought that was seen in MK64, there’s more tracks, an overworld hub to explore, a variety of challenges, and even true boss fights against a bunch of memorable opponents. On top of the Kart racing Rare even added two other vehicles to use which really add to the game’s variety, a plane to fly around in, and a hovercraft for water stages. Just as soon as you think you’ve got a handle on the game it throws you into Wave Race style courses with their own water physics! Honestly its almost like you get three different games in one here, and that’s not even taking into account the variety of other multiplayer modes on offer. As mentioned earlier where it comes to multiplayer shenanigans MK64 definitely has this beaten, but in the single-player Kart racing stakes this is pretty much unbeatable.
Banjo Tooie
This sequel to the beloved Banjo Kazooie built upon the foundation of the excellent original game by putting much more focus on well written dialogue and creating a more interesting plot, resulting in a humourous, and more engrossing overall experience. Tooie is packed with many more ideas and puzzles than the original, there are some excellent new boss fights, and a more ambitious, fully formed attempt at an overworld. Thankfully it doesn’t get bogged down like Rare’s other release from the same period, Donkey Kong 64, its just much pacier and better retains a sense of wonder throughout.
Majora’s Mask
Much darker and more downbeat than it’s N64 sibling, Majora’s Mask managed to squeeze even more out of the 64′ with even better graphics this time around (with what is, in my opinion far superior art design), and also added in many cool new ideas of its own. Majora’s Mask’s gameplay revolves around a three day system. Time moves forward as you play and at the end of the third day the world ends, forcing you to return to the first day again (hopefully having achieved something concrete that will aid you in your quest), many puzzles also require you to do certain things on certain days, which adds to the complexity. In regards to atmosphere, and plot, this game is second to none, the game doesn’t have as many dungeons as Ocarina, but the side quests are fun, and memorable, and the whole world, and the people living in it are very fleshed out. You really feel as though you’re watching the final days of peoples lives play out before the end. Why is the game lower than Ocarina? personally, for me, in straight comparison this is the better game, but I can’t overlook the fact that this blatantly re-uses a helluva lot from Ocarina, and Ocarina was the big originator, so for that reason I’ve put this lower, just by a hair’s breadth.
Paper Mario
Paper Mario takes pride and place as the best RPG on the N64. Though the N64 isn’t really known for its RPGs, Paper Mario is a very high quality one, the battle system looks fairly simple on the outside, and is very easy for beginners to pick up, but its a lot of fun and there’s a bunch of tactics for older gamers to discover here. The battle system is based on using the most effective moves, and timing your button presses to make attacks and defense more effective, badges can also be discovered and equipped which give a variety of different abilities and effects. The graphics are bright, and jolly, the story is fun, and unlike a lot of traditional RPGs you get to do loads of puzzles throughout the dungeons to keep your brain on its toes (think Zelda), this factor, as well as the lack of random encounters make the game very easy to pick up and play, making it a title that should definitely be checked out by both RPG fans, and non-fans alike.
Perfect Dark
Rare built on their earlier FPS classic GoldenEye in virtually every respect here, and then threw in more options and extras than anyone could’ve ever imagined. Not only was the whole campaign mode that little bit more consistently brilliant, with well balanced, graphically superior stages containing tons of stealth and action, but the whole thing could now be played in co-op (make sure the screen’s split vertically) and counter-op as well, and added to that was a co-op mission mode that was nearly another complete game on its own. On the multiplayer front there were tons of different modes, new levels, guns (as well as many of the old classics from GoldenEye making a welcome return) and AI bots to play with. The new Sci-Fi theme allowed for much more imagination, and resulted in guns and environments that were much more memorable and unique. Outside of that Rare threw it loads of stat counters, and extra game options as a bonus. Simply phenomenal.
Sin and Punishment
Sin and Punishment has you controlling two rebel heroes as they plough through reams of monsters and soldiers. The game is a rail shooter, so you move along a set path, only really needing to focus on bullet dodging and aiming. Here you also get a close quarters melee attack, and can rebound powerful enemy shots to do more damage. The title is among the best action games of its generation, with excellent controls, a great, over-the-top plot, and some of the most memorable set-pieces ever to grace a game. The audio here is first rate, with brilliant voice acting (which is all in English I might add), and very high quality music. All these elements add up to make Sin and Punishment one of the best rail shooters ever created. Treasure at their very best.
Super Mario 64
Who out there can say they weren’t astounded when they first saw this game in action? Mario 64 brought new levels of control and immersion to the 3D platformer, here you were free to explore the fully realised world, you could creep, jog, or run through the stages (due to the well implemented analogue controls), and had at your disposal a myriad of different jumps and maneuvers crafted to fit every occasion. Levels here were well designed, fun to explore and see, and were filled with variety and ideas (Who can forget the first time they took to the skies with the flying cap?). Easily one of the most influential games ever made.
Ocarina of Time
After Mario 64 set the bar for what you could do with a 3D environment, Ocarina managed to raise the bar even higher, bringing a much more cohesive experience. Gone were the thinly veiled teleporters of Peach’s Castle, to be replaced with a full 3D overworld littered with dungeons and villages to explore. I’m not quite as enamoured with this game as many people are (I find some of the art design and plot to be lacking), but it can’t be argued that Ocarina has some of the most carefully designed, and polished gameplay of its time. Each dungeon has been honed to perfection, and they all manage to be both consistently clever, and intuitive. The game’s fighting system (whereby you can target enemies and maneuver around them) is elegant, and well thought out, allowing for dynamic and exciting battles. Overall Ocarina more than deserves its reputation as one of the best releases of its generation. In regards to later ports, the original gold cartridge N64 version is the only one that is uncensored, all subsequent releases had the red blood removed, as well as the Islamic chanting which took place in the Fire Temple stage.
Conker’s Bad Fur Day
A huge, enjoyable romp through pastiches of everyone’s favourite movies, Conker’s is my clear choice for best game on the N64. This game brought everything Rare had learnt about making platformers together to create a big, highly ambitious game filled with variety and fun. There’s a memorable plot (which might not have been the most cohesive, but managed to be totally engrossing and consistently funny), some of the best graphics to be seen on the system, and a mass of excellent multiplayer modes thrown in for good measure. On a technical level Conker leaves most other N64 games in the dust, including voice acting with lip synching, amazing levels of textures (which was one of the 64’s biggest technical limitations) and dynamic shadowing. Even now I struggle to think of any game out there quite like it.

Top 100 dreamcast games

Sword of the Berserk
Starting the list we have this hack n’ slash brawler based on the violent Manga by Kentaro Miura. Its a simplistic action game where you hack your your way through the levels with your huge, oversized sword. The game is quite short, having a lot of emphasis on storyline and cut scenes (which are written by the Manga author himself). Probably best suited to fans of old-school beat-em-ups or of the Manga itself.
SWWS: Euro Edition
There weren’t many good Football games on the Dreamcast, but this one is pretty respectable. Confusingly SWWS is actually the successor to the World League Soccer (Michael Owen) series of games rebranded as a Worldwide Soccer title, so it has few similarities to the classic Sega Saturn titles, but its fun nevertheless. Avoid the earlier non “Euro Edition” version as its noticeably inferior.
4 Wheel Thunder
This was an exclusive game made for Dreamcast in Midway’s “Thunder” series of racers. Gameplay in the series revolves around you boosting by picking up capsules littered throughout the levels. The games also have a lot of emphasis on learning the best routes and shortcuts. This one has you driving Monster Trucks over a range of indoor and outdoor environments, its a solid, though challenging racer with a good number of tracks and options.
Super Magnetic Neo
Here we have a tricky platform game similar in style to the earlier Crash Bandicoots games. You run and jump through the long, winding 3D stages, ride animals, and do the occasional 2D platforming section. The main thing which sets this game apart is its magnetism mechanic. In the game you can swap between two different colours, if you’re the same colour as an object it attracts you (for rope swings for example), whilst if you’re the opposite colour it repels you, allowing you to bounce around the stages. You need to change on the fly, and changing to the wrong colour usually results in death! its a fun game if you can get your head around it but may frustrate if you can’t.
A good version of the 4-player remote-controlled racer from the PC. Revolt plays kind of like a Kart racer, with you picking up a selection of weapons to sabotage your opponents as you race through the oversized environments. Its a fun game with quite a bit to do and see (there’s a pretty good Track Editor, a stunt mode where you collect stars etc). The game was downported to PS1 and N64 but this version is obviously a lot closer to the original PC game.
Dino Crisis
The survival horror genre is very well represented on Dreamcast, in fact so well represented is it that I had to spend some time trying to work out which games I wanted to make the list and which I just had to cut. In the end I chose Dino Crisis to represent in the bottom ten, sure its a PS1 port, but with its cleaner visuals and more stable graphics its unarguably the best console version of the game available (unlike Resident Evil 3 for instance, which is arguably better on GameCube), and the gameplay and voice acting are a little more polished than the Dreamcast’s own decent survival horror title, Carrier. The game itself is basically like Resident Evil with Dinosaurs (and at this stage that comparison is so overused its become a cliche), you explore a big facility solving puzzles and evading Dinosaurs whilst conserving ammo. The puzzles here are well done, and are actually a little different in execution to those of the Resident Evil games, and there’s a lot of memorable set-pieces and events.
A solid action RPG that has you searching the globe for magical Orbs that are necessary to triumph over evil and rescue your kidnapped wife. The story here isn’t that inspired to be honest, but luckily the dialogue between characters is very well done and whoever produced the music did a real first rate job, helping to give the title a lot of atmosphere and mood. The gameplay here is fairly simple, but good, it would’ve strongly benefited from a co-op mode but unfortunately there isn’t one.
Stupid Invaders
Stupid Invaders is a humourous point and click adventure game ported from the PC. In the game you explore, pick up and merge items, and solve puzzles (usually rewarding you with cut scenes). The story of the game surrounds a group of aliens stranded on Earth who are being terrorised by a lunatic. The graphics and art design are nice and the game is quite funny, there’s a lot of instant deaths but you can save at any time so save often.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
One of the lessor known Capcom fighters but don’t let that dissuade you. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a 2D fighter based on the popular Manga of the same name. Other than the usual stuff the main gameplay mechanic here revolves around the “Stand” button. This button usually calls forth an Avatar of the player and changes your stance and move set, but requires Stand gauge energy to sustain. Like all Capcom fighters the game is well constructed, has excellent art design and graphics, and the stand gauge manages to add a little variety to the gameplay.
This cinematic survival horror game garnered mixed reviews at the time but in retrospect is one of the more memorable titles of the era, including some fairly surprising content. The game has you playing as Laura, a woman who’s airliner has crashed in the Canadian wilderness. She and the other survivors find that the area they are in is infested with strange plant-like monsters that take the form of humans, Laura sets out to discover what’s going on. The gameplay is varied, there’s both 1st and 3rd person exploration sections, random battles where you gain experience points (these play kinda’ like lightgun games), lots of simplistic puzzles to solve, an a lot of emphasis on cut scenes. Its a flawed game, and not all that long either, but is definitely an interesting title to check out.

Gundam Side Story
Strategic shooter based on the popular license. This has you giving orders to a team of mech’s whilst you attempt to complete a range of mission objectives. Overall its a polished game with good presentation and lots of blasting action.
Tokyo Extreme Racer 2
In this series of racing games you freely drive around a large city looking for other racers to compete against. Essentially you have a list of the local racing gangs and their members and have to find then, beat them and knock them off the checklist, opening up more of the city along the way. The game has a lot of customisation options for the car, with shops and money etc and has a good pickup-and-play vibe. This sequel represents a big improvement on the original.
Worms World Party
Turn-based strategy game where your team of Worms need to wipe out the competition using a variety of wacky weapons. The game was originally online but I believe this has long since ceased. Worms World Party Is much like all the other Worms games really, except with better graphics and a few more options, being that the Worms series are multiplayer classics that’s really not that much of a issue though.
Wacky Races
A respectable Kart racer in the vein of the ultra popular Mario Kart series which uses the very apt Wacky Races cartoon license. Thankfully the game tries a lot of its own things, and as such deviates from Mario Kart enough to make it notable in its own right. Here at the start of each race you get to allocate three different moves, the moves range from homing attacks, to shields, boosts, and flight (as well as others), you collect coins along the route to pay to use these moves. This set-up lends some strategy to the game, as some courses may have shortcuts made easier by using the flight ability for instance, whilst others may benefit from boosting. The game is actually pretty good, there’s tons of content and a very comprehensive single-player mode, it was made by the company that went on to produce the Sega Allstars Racing series.
Enhanced port of Treasure’s Japan-only N64 shooter. The game has you flying around the stages blasting enemies with 360 degree aiming, you get to swap between and homing missiles and bouncing lasers, and there are some minor puzzle elements here and there along the way. The Dreamcast version has much better backgrounds, and less slowdown than the N64 game, as well as having some additional gameplay tweaks, and being that this version was released everywhere its also translated. The translation is kind of nonsensical for the most part, fans of Engrish will probably love it though.
Sega Marine Fishing
An excellent Fishing game ported from Sega’s arcade machine that uses the Dreamcast’s dedicated Fishing controller for extra authenticity. Basically the game works like this, you place the bait, shake the controller to lure in the fish, pull up the controller to snag them, and use the reel to pull them in. It might not sound great on paper but in practice its good fun.
Bust A Move 4
Long-running puzzle series where the aim is to shoot and match up balls of a same colour to clear the screen before it fills. This version has some extra modes and options, its not really much different to other Bust-A-Move games but is still a lot of fun.
F1 World Gran Prix II
Comprehensive Formula 1 racing game with all the stuff you’d expect from the genre, such as various weather conditions, a good pit crew, and well done physics and handling (for the time) and all held together by some nice, detailed graphics. Overall a respectable and polished racer.
King of Fighters 2002
One of the best King of Fighters games and a huge improvement over the previous year’s effort. King of Fighters 2002 gives you a huge character roster of old and new favourites from the history of the series, and returns to the classic gameplay of old, ditching the “Striker” system and replacing it with some new Desperation moves.
A 4-player RPG which plays kind of like Asteroids with experience points and shops, set in an explorable galaxy of planets and deep space. You start off on your home planet, and its here that you pick up mission objectives and plot points during the course of the game. The multiplayer is lots of fun, but less so the single-player.

The second major release in the Grand Theft Auto series provided various improvements to graphics and gameplay whilst keeping the basic structure of the popular original. The game has you driving around the streets completing missions whilst avoiding cops and gaining respect from the local gangs. In comparison to later games in the series these earlier games feel very different, at this stage Its all a lot more straight-forward, arcadey and action-focused, with a lot more of a pick-up-and-play feel. The Dreamcast version is closer to the PC game in visuals and represents a big improvement over the PS1 port in regards to lighting and effects.
Tech Romancer
This oddly titled game is a 3D fighter from genre stalwarts Capcom, one of their more under appreciated titles. The game has you playing as a variety of Gundam-style mechs each with their own selection of weapons and moves. On top of the usual staples you can pick up and use items found on the ground that have defensive and offensive applications, as well as having access to a finishing move which can outright kill an opponent who’s on low health. Definitely worth checking out for fans of both fighters, and big destructive mech’s
Vanishing Point
Good looking arcade racer for the Dreamcast that starts off tricky with some of the earlier cars but soon pulls you in. The game is made up of a selection of championships set up for each car, completing races opens up new cars which in turn have their own championships to play through. This set-up forces you to get good with all the different cars, and keeps the game from becoming monotonous as you can’t just pick one car for the whole game. Outside of the main modes the game also has some pretty cool extra’s, such as the fun Stunt Mode that has you completing a variety of different challenges. Vanishing Point was originally designed for Dreamcast, but was later down ported to the PS1, avoid that version.
Red Dog
This one pleasantly surprised me, its from Argonaut, the team who created the Super FX chip for the SNES. Red Dog is an action game which has you controlling a tank, the game gives you a machine gun shot, as well as rockets which work in a similar manner to rail shooters (you hold the button and sweep the cursor across multiple enemies, let go and it fires off a volley of homing missiles). The interesting element of the gameplay here though is a reflective shield, if you can bring it up in time it will reflect enemy shots back to their source, and mastering this move is crucial to progressing. Some respectable graphics and nice boss fights also help to make it worth checking out.
Whilst the first NHL2K game on the Dreamcast was solid, it didn’t quite live up to its siblings in quality, this however changed with the 2002 edition which represented a huge improvement. The AI here has been improved, the controls are deep, and the game is smooth and responsive. A great game for Ice Hockey fans.
Castle Shikigami II
One of the later official games released for the system (2004), Castle Shikigami is an excellent vertically scrolling shooter and a must for fans of the genre. Here the main gameplay mechanic involves purposefully cutting it close when evading the bullets, as when you are close to touching a bullet your firepower is hugely increased and you can gain more points. Its a graphically impressive game with nice aesthetics and a lot of replayability when striving for score.
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Tactical first person shooter where you need to come up with a plan and direct a whole squad through the various missions. Unlike the first Rainbow Six on Dreamcast this supports the much-needed Mouse and Keyboard controls, creating a much more in-depth experience.
Maken X
Under appreciated First Person Adventure from the Atlus team most known for creating the Shin Megami Tensei series (and it shows). The game has you sword fighting in a first person perspective, allowing you to both block and rebound shots back at enemies (if you get the timing right). During the course of the game you can choose to take control of different characters, each of which have different strength and weaknesses and each of which lead you down different branching pathways. Unfortunately the localisation team made rather a mess of the game for its western release, its poorly translated and dubbed, has a lot of censorship, and has even been made harder, with the localisers removing health packs and adding health penalties for using certain moves! The US/Euro version definitely loses something, but is still worth checking out. The Japanese version isn’t too difficult to play through as the menu’s include a lot of English, but you won’t know what’s going on in the story.
Graphically impressive Basketball game from Sega and Visual Concepts which admirably lives up to the high pedigree of the the rest of their 2K series of sports games.
Sega Rally 2
Sequel to Sega’s beloved arcade racing game that adds a lot more tracks, options, and modes. Sega Rally 2 is very much an arcade game at heart so don’t expect an ultra realistic experience here, this game is all about sliding around corners at high speed and racing against the clock. The port to Dreamcast is respectable but visually disappointing (which is why it dropped a lot of placing’s), its an early release and it shows still manages to be a lot of fun

Lack of Love
A very strange import game from the people who would go on to make Chibi Robo for the GameCube. In the game you play as a life form that is trying to survive and evolve, you do this by helping other creatures with their problems by using four different actions (speak, attack, sleep, and urinate), pressing the start button shows you which animals to focus on. Its a high-concept game that requires patience as there’s rarely any obvious clues to follow, you just need to observe these creatures to try to get an idea of what they need from you, as such getting stuck is quite common. Definitely one for diehard game fans who like to try something different.
Demolition Racer: No Exit
This is a very enhanced update of the earlier PS1 game Demolition Racer. No Exit is a racing game built around destruction (its made by some of the same people who worked on the Destruction Derby series). Coming first here only gives you a points multiplier, its the points themselves that you need to win each race, and its smashing cars and causing pile-ups that afford you said points. So you essentially hang back gaining points off your opponents until the last lap, and then make a rush for 1st place. Its a novel idea that gives the game a nice level of originality and makes for some exhilarating races and action.
Cool Cool Toon
Import-only rhythm action game from SNK where you hold the analogue stick in specific directions whilst pressing buttons in rhythm to the beat. Its a good game with a lot of catchy tunes and nice aesthetics and backgrounds and is also one of the few titles to support Samba De Amigo’s Maraca controller (though its still a lot of fun with or without it).
Record of Lodoss War
This is a great hack n’ slash Diablo-style RPG based on the popular Anime. Whilst the story unfolds you essentially run through the dungeons hacking at the hordes of monsters and recruiting AI-controlled party members to help. The deeper part of the gameplay involves searching out and collecting runes, these runes can be combined with the equipment for various effects and stat boosts. Its a good RPG for fans of the more western-styled RPGs but may disappoint those looking for a more familiar, cinematic JRPG.
Mr Driller
Puzzle game from Namco where you need to drill through the ground, being careful not to get crushed by falling rocks. The main element of the gameplay here is to not just survive, but to work out the best way to collect all of the air as you make your way down, maximising points, and its this element that adds longevity to the experience. The Dreamcast port is higher resolution, and slightly higher colour than the PS1 game, but unfortunately that’s about it for extras.
Creepy Action-Adventure game based on the comic book from Valiant. The game has you traveling through the underworld searching for Dark Souls, once collected these souls power-up the character and allow access to previously blocked areas. Its an atmospheric game with good puzzles and a memorable setting. Out of all the ports this is the best console version of the game available, better than the respectable N64 version (which has worse sound and framerate), and leagues ahead of the poor, rushed PS1 version.
Cannon Spike
No-nonsense 2-player top-down shooter from Psikyo and Capcom that stars a variety of their characters, (Mega Man, Cammy, Arthur from Ghost’s n’ Goblins etc). You get 360 degree firing with a target-lock, a screen clearing move to get out of dangerous situations, melee moves and a powered up attack. For the most part its simply all about dodging bullets and destroying bosses. A polished and fun arcade game.
Elemental Gimmick Gear
2D Action Adventure that’s in the vein of earlier Zelda titles, except with 3D boss fights. In the game you play as a stranger who was found long ago in suspended animation inside a strange mech-suit, after a long period of sleep you suddenly wake up with total amnesia. As mentioned earlier the game plays like earlier Zelda games, you explore, you find health upgrades and new equipment and gain new abilities to progress. You get a punch move, as well as a very useful spin attack which uses up energy. Its a well made game that’s a good example of its type, with good aesthetics, music and art design, unfortunately though the translation work here is poor, its not so bad that it detracts too much from the gameplay but it’s noticeable.
A first person shooter from Sega that is similar to Deathmatch fps games like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament (though really its very much its own thing). The game doesn’t really focus on weaponry much and is mainly about power-ups, straight action, and collecting coins. In the game you get a point for each kill, but another can be gained by picking up a coin that’s dropped after the kill. The cramped, layered design of the levels facilitates a lot of last minute coin steals from other players, thereby lending the game a slightly different feel to the other first person shooters out there. Outtrigger looks good, plays well in 4-player and runs extremely well, with the framerate staying consistent. There are a plethora of control options, with “D1” representing the standard Dreamcast FPS controls.
Acclaimed series of American Football games that introduced on the Dreamcast to high praise. NFL2k games represented the high point of the time in the sport, with great gameplay, graphics, and impressive (for the time) AI. The game is full of excellent options including a lot for player customisation, and the Dreamcast version has support for VMU play calling, so you can choose tactics without your opponent knowing.

Resident Evil 2
Classic survival horror game where you explore a city overrun with Zombies whilst solving puzzles and trying to avoid a gruesome death. You get multiple characters to play this time around and the plot is more interesting, with voice-acting that’s much improved since the first game (which was so bad it was funny a lot of the time). Sure this is just a PS1 port, but that game was one of the best on Playstation, and this is the best port, featuring higher quality FMV’s over the later Game Cube release, as well as more options and a VMU health display, which was a nice touch.
Soldier of Fortune
In the absence of a proper release of Half Life (near finished copies can be downloaded but the game was never officially released) I’d say this provides the best FPS campaign on Dreamcast. Soldier of Fortune is a no-nonsense shooter that was known at the time for its attempt at doing area-specific gore. The game has an emphasis on action, with you rushing through the levels dealing death and destruction. Soldier of Fortune isn’t going to blow you away, but its polished, looks reasonable and plays well, and like all the best FPS games on Dreamcast benefits a lot from Mouse and Keyboard support.
Hydro Thunder
Hydro Thunder is a water racing game in the vein of Wave Race ported from the arcades. Like 4 Wheel Thunder the game is part of the “thunder” series of racers, where you collect capsules which give you energy to boost for a short period of time. Hydro Thunder actually looks pretty nice for an earlier title and plays well, with many shortcuts to discover and a good amount of re playability.
Guilty Gear X
Accessible 2D fighting game from Arc System Works that has some awesome graphics and art design. Guilty Gear X is a likeable, very combo-heavy fighter that’s easy to pick up and play but isn’t too shallow either. The Dreamcast version is pretty much arcade perfect.
Ill bleed
A quirky survival horror game that almost defies description! Ill bleed has all of the usual aspects you’d expect of the genre, puzzle solving, item management, and combat, but tries to do its own thing in other areas which results in a memorable experience. The game is set in an evil theme park that’s broken up into levels, with each level being a pastiche of a horror film staple (crazed killers out for revenge after the death of a loved one, evil dolls, mannequins, Remorse worms etc etc its all here). In most levels is hidden something called a “Horror Monitor” this device warns you of danger spots, and can be used to mark them down thereby rendering them harmless. Where the title shines is in its offbeat nature, whether you’re trying to help an evil cake find the perfect topping, of shooting at a ring-dropping demon version of Sonic the Hedgehog there’s never a dull moment! Ill bleed is not for everyone though, there’s certainly the odd misstep with the gameplay and some dodgy execution here and there, but personally I find it a flawed gem.
Rush 2049
Futuristic racer from Atari and Midway ported from their popular coin-op. The game has you racing through cities at high speed searching for elaborate short-cuts and flying off ramps into huge jumps. Midway did a very good job with the Dreamcast conversion, it looks great and has contains a lot of modes and extras, including an excellent 4-player battle mode.
Cosmic Smash
Import-only arcade port that plays kind of like a Tennis game mixed with Breakout. You hit the ball back and forth trying to destroy blocks, sometimes the blocks move, and sometimes they are obstructed by indestructible blocks, each stage has a time limit and when the time runs out its game over. The game is quite bare bones as an arcade port, but is fun, accessible, and has re playability.
Mars Matrix
A bullet hell shooter from Capcom, Mars Matrix covers the screen with almost ornate patterns of bullets for you to navigate through. The game gives you a normal shot as well as a Shotgun short-range blast, and allows you to grab the enemy bullets and throw them back (the longer you hold the bullets for, the longer the time for the next charge up will take so its worth grabbing and throwing them quickly). As usual Capcom provide a polished and well-crafted game.
Puzzle Fighter 2: Matching Service
Popular block-falling puzzle game with a Capcom Fighting game theme. Here you need to match the blocks up with the corresponding trigger to clear them, and as usual setting up combo’s hurts your opponents even more. This is like the earlier release for Saturn and PS1, but with some nice additional modes that mix things up a bit, and an online feature that’s unfortunately no longer functional.
Virtual Fighter 3tb
Early Dreamcast 3D fighter (a launch title in Japan) from the popular series. Like earlier games in the series, Virtual Fighter 3 is a technical fighter that rewards mastery. New additions here include sloping, uneven ground for the arenas, as well as the option of a team battle. Its a good game, but does sometimes show its status as a launch title and is strongly superceded by later games like Soul Caliber.

Sega GT
Sega GT was Sega’s big attempt at a Gran Turismo competitor, overall its certainly no Gran Turismo but i’d say its a mostly successful endeavor in the genre. The game gives you lots of cars, good handling, and a plethora of options. Its a very respectable release and doesn’t look too shabby either.
Confidential Mission
This is a great lightgun shooter with a very James Bond-esque theme. Its a balanced game, it looks pretty good, and it throws in enough other elements (such as objectives which lead to branching paths) to make it stand out as one of the better lightgun games of the time. On top of the main mode you get a lot of extra content here including a bunch of cool minigames and variants to try.
Bomberman Online
Criminally overlooked, no-nonsense bomberman game with surprisingly high production values and lovely presentation. In these games you have to place bombs to blow up your opponents whilst being careful not to die yourself, a perfect, and timeless concept for multiplayer shenanigans. Bomberman Online focus’ completely on this multiplayer element, there’s no half-assed attempt at a campaign mode here, just a big tournament of rounds with boss fights (much like the 16-bit games). Thankfully The designers didn’t completely rest on their laurels though, there’s loads of new modes here each of which put a new spin on the classic gameplay and complement the range of older maps well. The game is no longer online, but still plays fantastically offline.
Under Defeat
Polished vertical scrolling shooter where you can direct your fire to the right and left and lock your aim in place by holding the fire button down. Other than the aiming system the game gives you a helper that you can release by pressing the fire button when a bar to the side of the screen fills, this helper comes in a range of different types, and can be changed by picking up the relevant power-up. The game has very nice graphics and a huge amount of attention to detail, with very nice animation (watch as the trees on the ground react to the explosions around them for instance). A very good Dreamcast shooter.
A challenging 3rd person shooter and sequel to Shiny’s popular earlier PC title. This time its Bioware doing the development duties and thankfully they don’t disappoint. The gameplay here has a lot of different aspects to it, the main character, Kurt’s levels consist of running, gunning, sniping and throwing grenades and such, Dr Hawkin’s levels are mainly platforming and puzzle solving, and a robotic Dog with a jetpack named Max provides short range gunplay. Its a tough game with a lot of twitch gameplay that’s aimed at hardcore shooter fans so expect to do levels multiple times before you get them right. A later PS2 version arrived with an easier difficulty curve, but had inferior controls and graphics (resolution, lighting, filtering).
Zero Gunner 2
Another excellent Shoot-em-up from the arcades flawlessly ported to Dreamcast. Zero Gunner is an action-packed shooter that gives you full 360 degree rotation to deal with enemies that rush you from all directions. Great bosses, great graphics, and whilst hard at first the 360 degree movement works flawlessly with practice and is a very fun gameplay mechanic.
Puyo Puyo Fever

Another excellent addition in the puzzle series, Puyo Puyo Fever keeps all classic gameplay of the earlier games whilst adding in some new gameplay elements here and there such as the frenetic “Fever” mode to increase the tension and keep the game fresh. The Puyo Puyo games are a series of block-falling puzzlers, you have to match up Puyo’s of a similar colour to clear them from the screen before they pile up and kill you, setting up a domino effect dumps more junk on your opponent. Other than the gameplay changes this goes for a new 2.5D look, with nice animation and some pleasant revolving background effects.
Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
Beautiful 2D fighter from SNK that is often considered to be amongst the greatest fighting games they’ve ever produced. The game looks fantastic and plays well, dumping the plane switching mechanic of its forebears and putting more focus on feint moves as well as a “Just Defend” move which is similar to the parry move in Street Fighter III (if you push back at the exact moment of contact here you do a block which gains you a little health). Avoid the western release of the game if possible as the localisation created issues with the game’s sound.
Tony Hawks 2
Enhanced port of the classic Playstation skateboarding game. Essentially you have to ride around exploring the environments completing objectives and racking up points by doing a variety of tricks, its a unique and addictive concept. This version has improved graphics for the Dreamcast but isn’t exactly pushing the system so I dropped it a few places, make no mistake though its a phenomenal game and a lot of fun.
Daytona 2001
Pseudo sequel/remake of the classic sega arcade game. Daytona 2001 contains graphically revamped versions of all the courses from both the original Daytona and CE, as well as three new race tracks designed specifically for this game and a bunch more modes and features. For those unfamiliar with the series, Daytona is a racer with an emphasis on speed and over-the-top powerslides (done by quickly changing gears), its a bombastic game which requires a helluva lot of practice to fully master but is very rewarding to learn. Excellent with a steering wheel.

Stealthy action-adventure game that was billed as an answer to Metal gear Solid but came out just a little too late, only just getting a Euro release for Dreamcast. The game is pretty impressive for its time, with nice graphics and a big open world for you to travel around to get from mission to mission. Gameplay has you solving puzzles, getting involved in gunfights, stealthing lackeys (admittedly sometimes doesn’t work as well as it should), and riding around on a Motorbike. The storyline is pretty good, with a lot of tongue-in-cheek satire and fake adverts (similar to the original Robocop movie) and there’s many memorable set-pieces too. A good PS2 port is available with only a few minor downgrades to shadow effects and control as its only real detriment.
Ecco: Defender of the Future
After a long hiatus Ecco the Dolphin returned to gaming, and this time in full 3D. This is a challenging action-adventure game where you swim through the ocean exploring, solving puzzles and helping sea-creatures whilst traveling back and forth through time and to alternate future’s in an effort to deal with “The Foe”. The game has great graphics and is thick with atmosphere, its tricky to get a handle on at first but after some initial effort it grabs you in and you’ll want to reach the next area to see what happens. There’s actually a PS2 port also available which was made easier and more straightforward, those who tend to get lost in these types of games may be better off with that version to be totally honest.
Ooga Booga
Underrated 4-player title that stands as easily one of the best party games on the system. The game has you collecting fruit which can be used as projectiles or to take control of Totem poles littered around the levels (they basically act as your own personal guard towers). You get a melee attack, and are also able to commandeer animals such as wild boars or birds to help you lay the smack-down on your enemies. Outside of the main mode you get others, such as the equally brilliant “Boar Polo” that has you knocking a boulder through the opponents goal. The game has a weak-ish single-player, but the multiplayer is great fun, and the game is packed full of humour and charm.
Project Justice: Rival Schools 2
Capcom’s manic and colourful sequel to their earlier 3D fighting game for Arcade and original Playstation, Rival Schools. The game plays a little like their “Vs” series, but in 3D, with you able to pull off aerial raves and call in back-up during the match from your two teammates in reserve. Its accessible, and over-the-top fun.
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Here’s a nice racing game from Sega which manages to aim for realism whilst still retaining that classic Sega Arcade game look and atmosphere. The game looks great and has an inordinate amount of attention to detail in the cars and the way they handle. A slightly graphically downgraded version is also available for the PS2.
Good looking Spaceship game ported from the PC by the people who made the acclaimed Wing Commander series. Here you fly around following (and giving) orders, taking part in dogfights, and/or protecting defenseless ships from attack. The storyline changes as you progress and there are many branching pathways to see based on how well you do. The controls here are very complicated but work adequately well with practice and make for some exciting dogfights. Starlancer also has an online multiplayer component which plays well, and its actually one of the few titles which still works online today even after all these years!
Rayman 2
Port of the classic 3D platformer that had you jumping and grappling your way through the levels with Rayman, solving minor puzzles and riding around on rockets. This Dreamcast version is often considered the best version of the game available, sporting a rock-solid framerate and some improved texturing and additional environments over the PC version. An excellent example of how to make a 3D sequel to a 2D game.
Toy Commander
Quirky Mission-based game that has you controlling a huge variety of different toy vehicles, ranging from land-based tanks and jeeps to airplanes, bi-planes and helicopters amongst many others. You control these toys around a house completing a variety of novel missions such as dropping sugar into a cup or dealing with a rampaging monsters in Rabbit-costumes. The game also has a very good 4-player dogfight mode that gives you full choice of all the vehicles and a number of different modes.
Typing of the Dead
Sega coming out with yet another madcap idea for the dreamcast, here they have converted their well-loved lightgun shooter House of the dead 2 into an entirely different game that makes full use of the keyboard peripheral. In the game the usual Zombies lumber towards you, but now they each have a sentence hovering over them, you need to type the sentence out before they reach you to dispatch the Zombie. The concept actually makes for a very fun, intense, and original experience, all whilst improving your typing ability!
Soul Reaver
Another classic game from the PS1 generation that’s been improved for Dreamcast. Soul Reaver is an imaginative and moody action adventure game which has you playing as the recently reincarnated vampire Raziel trying to get revenge on those who wronged him. The gameplay has you exploring the world gaining new abilities which allow you access to new areas, the combat is well done, with a lot of fun elements (you can throw the Vampire’s into direct sunlight or carry them and impale them on spikes for instance), its full of well thought out puzzles and the storyline is interesting and well directed. This version sports improved graphics over the PC game, with slight improvements to texturing and polygon count, as such its the best version of the game available.

Border Down
This definitely has to be the best of the officially released horizontally scrolling shmups on Dreamcast, and by no small margin. Each level here has three slightly different versions (or borders), and every time you die you get booted down to a lower version of the level, drop off the bottom border and the game is over. As standard you get given a rapid fire shot (hold the button down) or a slower homing shot (press button) and its wise to swap between both moves regularly, outside of that you get the usual power-ups and some intense boss fights.
Test Drive Le Mans
Precise, sim-ish racer from Melbourne House that’s packed full of attention to detail (you can even do the full 24hour race in real-time!). Le Mans is a well crafted game with some of the best graphics on the Dreamcast, with clean visuals and excellent reflection effects and filtering (reportedly being the only game to use the hardware’s Anisotropic Filtering). A later PS2 port was also made but had a few graphical downgrades so if you have both systems go for the Dreamcast.
Capcom Vs SNK 2
Feature-rich 2D fighter from Capcom that has their main characters taking on those of rival fighting company SNK. The main gameplay inclusion here is the ability to choose from a large variety of “Grooves”, you get different abilities depending on which groove you choose, so with one Groove you may be allowed to block in mid-air for instance, but not parry, whilst a different Groove will give you custom combos or a different type of Super. The game is one of the more impressive looking fighters on Dreamcast due to incorporating 3D backgrounds, and is pretty much arcade perfect due to the Dreamcast sharing hardware with the original arcade machine the game was from. Out of the ports the PS2 version is also very good, but less so the later GameCube and XBox versions.
Space Channel 5
Quirky rhythm action game where you try to keep in time with the onscreen prompts. The game has you playing a space reporter Ooh La La as she tries to save the station from aliens by taking part in a dance-off!
Unreal Tournament
An excellent first person shooter ported from the PC, and yet another excellent reason to invest in the Dreamcast’s mouse and keyboard peripherals. The game is a very well balanced multiplayer deathmatch focused title, and its easy to see why it became so big on the PC. You get a lot of quirky weapons here, each with their own tricks and tactics, and a lot of balanced stage layouts (the Dreamcast port especially has stacks of maps). The online component of the game unfortunately no longer functions, but there’s a good 4-player split-screen mode available and whilst some stages have lower-ish frame rates there are just so many stages that do run well (Damnation, Loathing, Paladin, Flux, Depot, Sector 9, Core etc, etc), that you’re never short of smooth levels to choose from.
House of the Dead 2
Classic lightgun game that’s a stalwart in arcade parlours the world over. Basically a town is overrun with zombies and its your job to clean up the place. The gameplay is the usual light-gun fare, the Zombies lumber towards you while you desperately try to put them down with a headshot, civilians with death-wishes jump out in front of you at inopportune moments and spout mildly risque-sounding Engrish, and the bosses are big and exciting to battle. Definitely one of the most important and popular Lightgun games out there, and the Dreamcast port has some nice extras too.
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
Dash around the environments shooting off volleys of shots, taking cover and charging into hand to hand melee’s in this 2-player Mech combat “Vs” game from Sega. Its a complex, intense game that’s best played with the elaborate “Twin Stick’s” controller it was designed for, but can be played reasonably well on a pad. Supports split-screen and Link-Up
Fur Fighters
Large and imaginative platforming and shooting game from Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, the Club) that’s in the vein of Rareware’s N64 titles like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Jet Force Gemini. The game has you exploring the large environments searching for kidnapped babies. You get multiple different characters with different abilities and have to swap between them during the levels to progress (babies can also only be rescued by characters of the same species). Its just generally a smart, funny game that gives you lots to do and see. A later PS2 port is also available that had some added novelties (the most notable of which was voice acting), but was downgraded in pretty much all other areas (notably texturing, resolution, load times, controls, and draw distance), so I’d say its probably best to stick to the Dreamcast version.
Street Fighter III
It was a long time coming but when Street Fighter III finally did turn up it did it with style and panache. The main addition here over the earlier games is a system of parrying which allows you to take no damage if you push forwards at the moment an attack connects (as opposed to just blocking which still causes you some damage). The art design here is phenomenal, with the game being full of great backgrounds and fitting music. The Dreamcast actually had all three of the major iterations of the game released on it, with “Double Impact” including the first two versions, and “Third Strike” getting a standalone release. Third Strike is the more popular version, but Double Impact has its own look and feel and is very well ported so its also worth checking out. Final note, the DC version of Third Strike is based on a later, less popular revision of the Arcade machine that is rarely played in tournaments, so if you’re looking to go out and play the game competitively you may be better off with one of the other ports.
Sonic Adventure
Whilst Sonic Adventure is probably one of the more dated of the games on the list (hence placing just outside the top 20), this launch title remains a very fun (though occasionally troublesome) experience full of hefty amounts of ideas, and some very imaginative level designs. The game gives you an overworld to explore, the platforming is dynamic and exciting and there’s even a variety of different characters to use. The sheer scale and spectacle of this game running back in 1999 cannot be understated, it was mindblowing, there was nothing quite like it out there with this level of speed and exuberance.

Phantasy Star Online
Ambitious attempt by Sega at creating an online console RPG. The gameplay revolves around forming a party of characters to take on the various dungeons as a team, whilst gaining experience and discovering and buying new items. The battle system is active and real-time, you simply run around the levels hacking, shooting, and casting spells, each attack has multiple strength levels and timing is important for combos. There’s a lot of optimisation options here with a character editor tool as well as a decent number of different classes and races to choose from each with different strengths. Unfortunately these days whilst possible to play the game online its a bit of a pain as all of the official servers have long since closed down, leaving you only unofficial options, the game can be played offline but without the social aspects it loses something.
Dead or Alive 2

Fast-paced 3D fighting game from Tecmo with a system based around countering as its main gameplay mechanic. The game is fast, fluid, and well animated (ahem), it has the usual emphasis on combos and moves but does it all well and looks fantastic.
Quake III
Here is a very nice port of the fast and furious PC classic. The game looks excellent, runs well, and has all the required features such as Mouse and Keyboard support (a must if you want to play the game properly), 4-player split screen support, and even online deathmatch (which happily, like Starlancer is actually still functioning!). The game is a violent and intense first person shooter that is focused mainly on deathmatch, the arena’s are well designed and the imaginative weapons are an absolute joy to use.
Virtua Tennis 2
Fun and accessible arcade Tennis game from Sega with an emphasis on being pick-up-and-play. The Virtua Tennis series are pretty much the most beloved series of Tennis games out there, perfectly straddling the line between realism and fun, whilst providing a lot of options longevity.
Grandia II
Sequel to the classic Saturn and Playstation RPG. Grandia II puts the game in full 3D and gives you a new cast of Geohounds (mercs) and Priestesses to meet. The RPG has a unique and clever combat system that’s turn-based, but has the characters moving about in real-time by themselves, which leads to a focus on timing in addition to the usual RPG tactics. In comparison to the DC’s other famous RPG, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia feels a little linear and straightforward, with Skies being the better game to explore, but I’d say Grandia is the one with the better battle system. The game was later ported to PS2 but avoid this version, unfortunately it was a buggy rush-job.
Powerstone 2
Awesome, underrated 4-player fighting game from Capcom. In Powerstone 2, players run around 3D environments fighting, and picking up and using weapons or vehicles whilst searching for the titular Power Stones. When three Power Stones are collected you are transformed into a more powerful form for a short period and given devastating moves. The game makes for an excellent party game, with its changing, evolving Smash Bros-esque stages keeping the gameplay tense and exciting while the Power Stones keep things interesting.
Samba De Amigo

Samba De Amigo is a bright and fun rhythm action game with good music and visuals that oozes with charm. The game comes with some special Maraca controllers which you have to wave and shake about at specified points to the rhythm of the music.
Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Frenetic 2D fighting game that pits the most popular characters of the two companies against each other. Marvel Vs Capcom follows the basic mold of most Capcom fighters such as Street Fighter, but is generally much more loose and over-the-top. The game pits two teams of three against each other, with the player being allowed to switch characters mid-fight, as well as call for help. MvC fights are anarchic, with huge screen-filling tag-team attacks, big combos, and aerial raves. The amount of content here is good, with lots to do and many characters to unlock. Many ports exist, but the Dreamcast version is the best of its time because (like Capcom Vs SNK 2) the game is from the same arcade machine that has similar hardware.
Crazy Taxi

Another weird and well-executed concept from Sega. Crazy Taxi has you playing a Taxi Driver trying to ferry passengers around a big city, as soon as you pick them up you’re racing against the clock to get them to their destination as fast as possible and refill the timer. The game gives you a variety of different techniques to master, such as boosts and skids, and is very addictive, like many Sega games it just has that pick-up-and-play feel down to a tee. Out of the versions I’d say this is the best, with the GameCube coming very close, later ports lose licensed elements.

Hugely ambitious game for its era, Shenmue reportedly had one of the largest development budgets of all time at release, and by no small margin! The game is about Ryo Hazuki’s search for his father’s killer, and is essentially like a sand-box game, giving you full reign to explore your home town at your leisure. Gameplay mainly revolves around information gathering, 3D fighting, completing mini-games, and taking part in quick-time events. The game is very cinematic, and attempts to really immerse the player in its world, allowing you to work, buy trivial items, or even hang out at the local arcades playing full version’s of Sega classics like Space Harrier and Hang-On. Out of the two Shenmue games on Dreamcast I decided to rate this one lower, but they are very different games with different strengths, the first Shenmue being more homely & personal in comparison to its louder and more bombastic sequel.

Sonic Adventure 2

Excellent sequel that was a lot more polished than its predecessor. Like the original this has you playing with multiple characters, with the main campaign being split between three different game types; Sonic’s high speed platform stages, Knuckles’ exploration stages, and Tails’ shooting and platforming levels. All three modes are fun (though there are certainly a couple of duds), with Sonic’s twisty, turning paths, gravity changes, set-pieces and rail grinding creating a lot of exhilaration, and Knuckles’ big open, atmospheric levels being memorable to explore (meteor herd and the Mario Galaxy-reminiscent Mad Space being the standouts here). The game has lots of replay value as you’re graded on your competence and given nice extras for full A-Ranks, and there’s also a plethora of fun multiplayer options and even a “Virtual Pet” mode that has you raising and leveling up the game’s cute “Chaos” creatures. A good GameCube port of the game is also available, but there’s some tradeoffs between the two versions (GameCube has higher polygon counts but worse lighting, more multiplayer race maps but downgraded Chao gardens etc).
Metropolis Street Racer

Brilliant racing game that is pretty much the prequel to the highly rated Project Gotham Racing series. The game has you racing around tracks based on London, Tokyo and San Francisco, but the big difference here is its incorporation of a system based around “kudos”. Essentially you not only have to win races, but you have to win them with style by taking risks, skidding around corners, and avoiding collisions. Whilst very similar to the later PGR titles MSR still retains some personality of its own, its a harder game for one, and its soundtrack from Sega Stalwart Richard Jacques gives it a very different, bright and breezy atmosphere. Other features such as a real time clock that changes the time of day in the game based on what the actual real-world time is are also welcome, and likeable ideas.
Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Getting the eagerly anticipated “next gen” Resident Evil game was a real coup for Sega at the time, with the game creating its fair share of hype. Happily it didn’t disappoint, Code Veronica was the longest and most ambitious of the older Resident Evil games. It was a huge undertaking, with lots of emphasis on storyline and tons to do, cinematics were impressive for the time and the game represented the series’ first foray into true 3D backgrounds as opposed to the earlier 2D backgrounds. For anyone searching for a meaty adventure to sink their teeth into.

Very clever vertical shmup from Treasure where your ship can swap between two different colours at the press of a button; you can absorb enemy bullets of the matching colour whilst the opposite colour will kill you. This leads to some nifty navigation and colour swapping to make it through the tougher sections of the game and is a cool idea that breaths some new life into the genre. Outside of the gameplay mechanics we have the usual hallmarks of the genre, lots of action, lots of dodging, lots of set-pieces, and memorable boss fights, all complimented with great art design that creates an epic feel.
Chu Chu Rocket

This definitely has to be one of the best, and most elegantly designed puzzle games of its era. The key to a good puzzle game is in creating a simple and accessible concept with layers, and Chu Chu Rocket achieves this effortlessly. The game has you leading mice to your base by placing three arrows on the ground at a time (during the puzzles there are often other limitations), whilst making sure to lead cats away from your base (and preferably into your opponents bases). Every now and then a rule change will occur forcing you to adapt to the new status quo. The 4-player here makes for an excellent party game, with friends vying for top place, re-routing each others careful planning, and disposing of cats in enemy bases.
Skies of Arcadia

The Dreamcast didn’t have a hell of a lot of RPGs during its short lifespan, but luckily this excellent steampunk RPG from Sega’s Overworks team (the makers of the Phantasy Star games) was a real standout in its day. Skies has you playing as a band of pirates who fly airships to and from floating islands. The game’s battle system is respectable, giving you both on-foot battles and memorable, large-scale ship to ship battles, but its the exploration elements and excellent dungeon designs and clever puzzles that are the real success story. As usual presentation and storyline are also top notch, with likeable characters and well done music.
Jet Set Radio

This is a very stylish platform game which has you forming your own gang of graffiti artists and then competing with rival gangs in tagging the city. At the beginning of each area you are given a map showing various points, the aim is to reach these points and spray out some art whilst avoiding police and keeping stocked up on spray cans. The game is a ton of fun, is a unique experience, and helped to popularise Cell-Shading with its superb art design and presentation.

Yet another Dreamcast game with beautiful art design where you can really feel the love and attention to detail that the developers have heaped onto it. I’m not going to try to ramble on about “synesthesia” here, so I’ll just say that this is a brilliantly artistic rail shooter that combines audio and video perfectly to create an exciting, imaginative, and unique experience. Every true fan of gaming should try this game out at some point.
Soul Calibur

One of the most stunning games of its time, Namco went the extra mile with this critically acclaimed arcade port from their Soul Blade fighting series. The game has you fighting 1 on 1 with melee weapons in a 3D arena, like all such games you need to learn each character’s specific combo’s and work out the best tactics. Not only did Namco improve the graphics here from the arcade version, but they really packed this with content and extras, there’s an astonishing amount of modes available, characters to unlock, and things to do here.
Shenmue II

After the groundbreaking Shenmue Sega came back with this, an even more big and ambitious game. Shenmue II eschews the more laid back hometown of the first game and throws you into a huge, bustling city full of crime and intrigue, with gangs and opportunistic individuals around every corner. The main gameplay here is similar to the original, being largely about information gathering, mini-games, 3D fighting and quick-time events, but it feels more focused, and does a better job of pushing you in the direction you need to go (which could be considered a good or bad thing depending on the player I guess). Like its predecessor the game really excels at immersing the player in its world, and characters.