Europa has more Earth-like properties, including vast ocean deposits and warmer weather than previously thought

NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which is tasked to observe Jupiter is about to reach the planet’s orbit, it is expected to reach the planet in July this year. In sync with the mission, NASA scientists are performing in-depth studies of Jupiter including the planets and satellites surrounding it.

Recent findings suggest that the icy surface of Europa has Earth-like properties which may enable life to exist. But aside from Europa, Saturn’s moon called Titan also posseses Earth-like properties like bodies of water, making it another candidate for hosting alien life forms.

Europa has more Earth-like properties, including vast ocean deposits and warmer weather than previously thought. While Saturn’s Titan also exhibits properties which will enable life forms to thrive according to a report by TechTimes.

For decades, researchers and non-experts alike thought that Mars is the only planet capable of sustaining life aside from Earth. But as technology progressed and as more planets and satellites were studied, their potential to sustain life was discovered as well. The most basic requirement for life to thrive is water.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) suggests that there is a vast ocean underneath the icy surface of Europa which increased its potential to host alien life forms.

Meanwhile, Saturn’s moon, called Titan, is another candidate habitat for alien life forms. Like Europa, Titan also contains water. It is cloaked in hydrocarbons which scientists refer to as haze. The moon is also composed of water and solid mass. The surface is also icy like that of Europa’s but the difference is the high concentration of nitrogen-methane on its atmosphere.

In 2015, the Cassini spacecraft managed to beam back a photo of Titan. NASA was able to observe low-density fog similar to that of the Earth but the fog stays on top of the planet. Titan is also called ‘Earth’s evil twin’ because it is the only celestial body on the solar system with proven rivers, rainfall, seas and even waterfalls according to a report by Daily Mail.

Because of these Earth-like properties both celestial bodies are now being studied and carefully scrutinized. But so far, experts concur that if people are looking for alien life, or another celestial body which may potentially sustain life, they should consider Europa and Titan.

15 Reasons Why People Love To Hate Disney

15. The Disney Vault Is Annoying


Disney has drawn the ire of many adoring fans because it only releases its movies to the public for home consumption for a limited amount of time. They even coined a term for this tactic, “The Disney Vault.” Audiences think this is corporate greed at its ugliest. Disney has a commodity, and they try to build fervor and revenue by only letting the consumer have access to it for a short period. It’s basically the same business model McDonald’s uses with the McRib – and we all know how much everyone hates that. Can you imagine if the Star Wars movies were only sold periodically? That’d be an outrage, right? Well, you can expect it to happen since Disney bought the rights in 2012 to all things Star Wars, from George Lucas for over $4 billion. It’s no wonder why Disney movies have been pirated since VCRs came on the scene in the 1980s.

14. Everyone Is Sick Of Pixar

Remember the first major Pixar movie, Toy Story? It was a cool new type of animation that made you fall in love with Disney all over again, and the story wasn’t half-bad, either. Disney struck gold by tapping into this market, and bought Pixar in 2006 after numerous disagreements with the company about rights and revenue. Steve Jobs and Disney’s then-CEO Michael Eisner, butted heads repeatedly before the deal for the $7 billion acquisition was made. Well, Disney wanted to make sure it got its money worth, so now all they seem to churn out are Pixar movies. Disney is laughing all the way to the bank, because computer-generated animation is less expensive than the typical kind. Cha-ching.
Critics have also complained that Pixar movies lack the simple sophistication of Disney classics like Snow White. For example, Pixar movies have plot problems like having too many buddies in the picture, too many movies have sequels, and storylines that are too linear. Another big criticism is that Pixar movies aren’t children’s movies that adults can tolerate, but that they are really adult movies that children can tolerate.

13. Long Lines At Theme Parks